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List of classic TMNT characters

Season 1
• April Harriett O’Neil (news reporter for Channel 6’s Happy Hour News)
• Vernon Fenwick (host of the Vernon Fenwick Show, April’s camera man, news reporter, editor of Channel 6)
• Bebop (mutant warthog)
• Rocksteady (mutant rhino)
• Scrag (mutant bat, street thug)
• Leonardo (leader of the TMNT)
• Raphael (the wise-cracker)
• Donatello (the genius)
• Michelangelo (the party dude)
• Foot Clan (organization)
o Splinter/Hamato Yoshi (former leader/shidoshi, exiled)
o Oroku Saki/The Shredder (Villainous leader)
• Burne Thompson (Manager of Channel 6)
• Warlord Krang (Warlord of Dimension X, wielder of the Shock Wave)
• Baxter Stockman/Baxter the Fly (inventor of the mousers, mad genius, insane fly mutant)
• General Traag (stone warrior leader)
• Sergeant Granitor (grey stone warrior, aide to Traag)
• The Neutrinos
o Dask (blue/white-haired Neutrino)
o Zak (brown-haired Neutrino)
o Kala (Female Neutrino)

Season 2
• Irma Langinstein (April’s best friend, Channel 6 secretary)
• Tiffany (Burne’s girlfriend)
• Smash (master of the Slash for Cash Dojo)
• The Eye of Zarnov guardian
• Omnipotent Multiprocessing Nexus Sub-universal Sentience (OMNSS)
• Mr. Blodgett (driver for the Channel 6 news van)
• Mortimer (Mr. Blodgett’s cat)
• Alfredo (Irma’s Italian ex-boyfriend)
• The Punk Frogs
o Attila the Frog (mace)
o Genghis Frog (battle axe)
o Rasputin the Mad Frog (bow and arrows)
o Napoleon Bonafrog (whip)
• Anti-Turtle Attack Squad (organization)
o Captain Hoffman (leader)
• Rex-1 (Robot Enforcement Experiment)
• The Cyberpunks (Street Gang)
• Mr. Woo (owner of Woo’s Oriental Palace)

Season 3
• Terrible Turtle (wrestler)
• Clayton Kellerman (loud-mouthed, trash-talking host of On Trial)
• Professor Von Ziflin (discoverer of meteorite with an exaporon isotope core)
• Tony “The Butcher” Vivaldi (mob boss in league with Shredder, owner of “The Meat Rack” nightclub)
• Mr. Shlavotny (owner of the Maltese Hamster and Shlavotny’s All-Night Antiques store)
• Chester (My. Shlavotny’s delivery boy)
• Lefty (The Butcher’s right-hand man)
• Elliot (Irma’s two-timing ex-boyfriend)
• Wolfgang Plink (pizza chef and new topping creator, and owner of Plink’s restaurant)
• Don Turtelli (mob boss)
• Elvis Clones from Mars (Elvis Presley-like aliens that kidnapped Vernon and Burne to mercilessly tickle them)
• Zach (the fourteen-year-old “fifth turtle”)
• Walt (Zach’s older brother)
• Rat King
• Dippy the Diplodocus (diplodocus dinosaur friend of the turtles from the center of the Earth)
• Emperor Allister (emperor of Malacuria from the Malacurian Embassy trying to sell mining rights for the newly discovered Lidium 90)
• Princess Mallory (Emperor Allister’s over-protected daughter)
• Ace Duck (cartoon character)
• MACC/Mobile Armoured Computerized Combatant(invincible, dimension-travelling pacifist robot friend of the turtle’s from the future with a southern accent, temporarily taken control by Krang’s docilator, factory reject)
• John (soap opera character from “John and Marsha”)
• Marsha (soap opera character from “John and Marsha”)
• The giant squid
• Mr. Feiffer (owner of Feiffer’s Jewellery Store)
• Dump 1000 (disposal unit main processor AI, robotrucks commander)
• Gallopolis Turtlelopolis (female sea turtle that is the last known female of her species)
• Vinnie (owner of the Vinnie’s Pizza, the turtle’s favourite pizza restaurant)
• Nikto (Berrata and Klattu’s son)
• Klattu (4-armed pacifist, neat-freak Antararian alien)
• Berrata (Klattu’s wife)  
• Frip the Polarisoid (alien tourist from Polaris)
• Casey Jones (outlaw hero, watches way too many Filthy Harry movies)
• The Mutagen Monster (mutated bulls mixed together)
• Octavius Ogleby (president of Octopus, Inc.)
• Super Rocksteady (cybernetic clone of Rocksteady enhanced by a tenfold)
• Mighty Bebop (cybernetic clone of Bebop enhanced by a tenfold)
• Lotus Blossom (expert Kunoichi for hire, lover of Leonardo, surpassed her masters at 10 years old in skill)
• Monsieur Olaf (owner of the Olaf Perfume Factory, inventor of the scent analyzer)
• Dr. Gillman (marine biologist at Aqua Land responsible for analyzing the genetic code of turtles)
• Shibano Sama (noble Japanese warrior from 1000 years ago, creator of the Foot Clan due to his shrine holding the Tsunami Box and Kojima blade, which would give Hamato Koji, the founder, the means to create it)
• Leatherhead (biggest gator that ever lived in the everglades swamp, mutant Cajun enemy of the Punk Frogs and TMNT)    
• Usagi Yojimbo (ronin from another dimension)
• Lord Bissen (son of the Shogun, enemy of Usagi Yojimbo)
• Baby-San (dragon trapped inside an egg, can only be resealed in egg by swallowing the Flame of Osaka)
• Obanto (owner and runner of the Animal Sanctuary/ FE Animal Society that takes care of Baby-San, Usagi’s master)
• Ms. Agatha Marbles (April’s aunt, detective and super sleuth, hostess of Sleuth on the Loose)
• Don Turtelli (owner of the Island of Turtelli, mob boss, owns a salad dressing company, owner of the Tor)
• Bruce (fat henchman of Turtelli)
• Rodney (black, skinny henchman of Turtelli)
• Kimono Kal (owner of Kal’s Klassy Kimonos, disguise of Donatello’s)
• Emperor Nakamura (Asian emperor with a lost treasure that Aunt Aggie dug up last year)
• Dr. Rufus Winterbottom (creator of chemical additive that supercharges ordinary fuel, scientist of Acme Research)
• Metalhead (powerful turtle android created by Krang, ally of the turtles)
• Turtle Terminator/Android Irma (ultimate robot assassin, able to project life-like hologram disguise)
• Stan (Channel 6 News worker, friend of Vernon’s)
• Caitlin (friend of Zach’s, looks up to April, has technical intelligence similar to Donatello’s)
• Dr. Fishfine (curator of the City Museum that holds the Tortellini Emerald)
• The Great Boldini (famous magician, cousin of Don Turtelli)
• Tony “The Tickler” Turtelli (grandfather of Don Turtelli, former owner of the Tortellini Emerald)
• Lieutenant Fronski (police lieutenant)
• Sergeant O’Flaherty (Scottish-accented police sergeant)
• Bebop and Rocksteady’s Gang
o Lugnut (bald-headed leader)
o High Five (mohawked member)
o Jersey Red (Brooklyn-accented, female muscle)
• The Grybyx (Kala’s pet; turns into a monster if it eats anything, will revert to normal if wet)
• Mr. Ogg (alien from another dimension that eats Hu Yu pottery and can transform objects)
• 483-year-old alien space ship computer (AI friend of Baxter’s)
• Cyclop (AI defense for Fort Charles, a military defense base that protects the only know Trilithium Crystal)

Season 4
• Professor Willard W. Willard (inventor of the molecular intensifier)
• Jocko (Willard’s pet monkey)
• Mr. Tyler (owner of Tyler Toys)
• Kevin Tyler (son of Mr. Tyler)
• Wilbur Weasel (head designer of Tyler Toys and the Tyrano toys)
• Maurice (red-haired lackey of Weasel)
• Dwayne (brown-haired lackey of Weasel)
• The marble army of General Chin Chang from the Ying Dynasty of China
• Professor Higgins (expert on global warming)
• General Yogurt (US Air Force general)
• Mrs. Saki (Shredder’s mother)
• Zenter (King of the Neutrinos)
• Grisla (Queen of the Neutrinos)
• Tribble (Princess of the Neutrinos)
• Lieutenant Montoya (police friend of April’s)
• Monroe Q. Flem (billionaire collector)
• Rosebud (Flem’s pet turtle)
• Edgar (Flem’s bulky bodyguard)
• Clyde (Flem’s skinny manservant)
• Rondo (movie star/Rambo parody)
• Oswald Duran (creator of the Vitalizer)
• Sleazy (cartoon cat)
• Cheezy (cartoon mouse)
• Wild Willy (yellow-shorted alien turtle wrestler)
• Rattin’ Randy (purple-and-white-striped suit turtle alien wrestler)
• The Flying Turtle Necker Bros. (turtle alien wrestler team)
o Hans (orange-suited turtle alien wrestler)
o Fitz (red-suited turtle alien wrestler)
• Rupert (turtle alien salesman
• Dalton Dumpski (city’s energy commissioner)
• Dr. Turtlestein (inventor of the Personal Energy Projector/P.E.P.)
• Howie Hardy (songwriter, pianist, Irma’s lover)
• Phantom of the Floxy Theatre/Eric/Erk (alien shape shifter, tech expert)
• Al (contractor for the Floxy)
• Gadget Man (retired superhero)
• Ben Onlayruse (male news anchor)
• Captain Krulik (owner of Captain Krulik’s Intergalactic Space Circus)
• Grillox (Capt. Krulik’s right-hand mutant)
• Louie (cook of the Posh Pizza)
• Uncle Bob (host of Uncle Bob’s Costume Kiddie Cartoon Show/The Uncle Bob Show)
• Herman J. Mellish (inventor of the solid energy generator)
• Joey (white-haired comedian)
• Shecky (brown-haired comedian who insults his spectators)
• Mr. Bigelow (owner of the House of Ha-Ha)
• The Pickles Peston Gang (mob organization)
o Pinky McFingers (leader)
o Hard Rock McGurk
o Potatoes Hennessey
• Barney Stockman (Baxter Stockman’s twin brother)
• Dr. La Strange (inventor of the Anxietron Ray, scientist of Unbridled Technologies)
• Gorgonzola (amnitronic robot monster)
• McDonald Crump (owner of Pick-A-Peck-O-Pizza chain and beach resorts)
• Mona Lisa (college student of a physics major, mutant salamander)
• Captain Phineas Filch (high-tech pirate, captain of the Kleptofoil, scientist)
• Mutant anemone slaves (Filch’s henchmutants)
• Mrs. Crump
• Donald J. Lofty (founder and CEO of Donald J. Lofty Enterprises, builder of Lofty Tower and Donald Lofty Condos)
• Fenton Q. Hackenbush (developer for Donald J. Lofty Enterprises, builder of the Space Scow, employer of Slash)
• Slash (Bebop’s pet, evil mutant turtle of Dimension X)
• Maestro G. Cleff (disgruntled mad composer)
• Fingers (Cleff’s thin lackey)
• Knuckles (Cleff’s fat lackey)
• Galahad (a rat under Rat King’s control)
• Talbot Breech (short, wannabee captain)
• Claude (Talbot’s pet cat)
• The Zipp (Dimension X alien that eats anything metal, splits in 2 when it eats copper, reunite and get bigger by eating chocolate, and gets smaller by eating Rigidium)
• Professor Lloyd Cycloid (mad inventor of the Cycloid Satellite)
• King Tu-Tu Karmen (ancient Egyptian Pharaoh)
• Chaka Hatchi (ancient powerful magician and leader of the Chaka Hatchi clan)
• Dr. Polidorious (inventor mad scientist of the Evolution Accelerator)
• Ray (fish mutant, adoptive son of Polidorious)
• Cheeseburger Man
• J. Gordon Hungerdunger (the world’s most famous rich Texan and owner of the Malaprop Diamond)
• News Man (Vernon’s alter ego)
• Rhino Man (Rocksteady’s alter ego)
• Mighty Hog (Bebop’s alter ego)
• Bugman/Brick Bradley (insect mutant)
• Dr. Dome (villain)
• Electrozapper (villain)
• Buffy Shellhammer (15-year-old heiress to the Shellhammer fortunes, Chief Executive Officer of Shellhammer Chemical, Michelangelo’s crush)
• Mrs. Kowalcek (April’s downstairs neighbour)
• Pete (Michelangelo’s regular pigeon friend)
• Dr. Jane Goodfellow (zoo vet of the Center Park Zoo, possible love interest of Michelangelo’s)
• Dr. Lesseau (former zoo director, inventor of the mutator laser)
• Brutus (Dr. Lesseau’s head mutant)
• Professor Philo Sopho (head of Sopho U)
• Maxwell (Michelangelo’s pet goldfish)
• Everett Wagstaff (inventor of the Chatty Charmane doll, Transfarmers, and the Little Wonder Junior Assault Weapon toys)
• Big Louis (a mob boss allied to the Shredder)
• Babyface “The Beaver” Cleaver (leader of a rival gang to Big Louis)
• Wally (“The Beaver’s” right-hand man)
• Petro Calzone (owner of Calzone’s pizza parlour chain and the former owner of the Cufflinks of Cathay)
• Tempestra (elemental witch and main villain of Tempestra’s Revenge)
• Rodney van Gelt (rich kid/teen)
• Robot Rats (Rat King’s robot henchmen)
• Android Alligators (Leatherhead’s robot henchmen)
• Mr. Big (short mob boss, owner of  the transmorgraphier)
• Little Huey (Mr. Big’s stupid lackey)
• Oscar (Brooklyn cabbie driver of Oscar’s Cabbie Service)
• Premiere of Vadeem
• Algernon/Algie (British-accented space chameleon friend of Donatello, Professor of Intergalactic U for drivelglats/space tiddlywinks, mind energy manipulator, shape shifter)
• Hiram “Hostile Hiram” Greltch (pig-faced, hostile business man who tried to take over Channel 6)
• Mutant Giant Fly
• Mutant Giant Scorpion
• Mutant Giant Mud Wasp
• Mutant Giant Praying Mantis
• Mutant Giant Ant
• Alpha-1 (super-intelligent android leader of the Foot Soldier robots)
• Scoop Oliver (reporter for the High Falls Gazette)
• Billy Jim Bob McJames (slow-witted alien fanatic country friend of Leonardo’s.
• Dr. Davens (inventor of the vita ray beam gun, agri-genic expert)
• Chicken Little
• Big Bad Wolf
• Three Little Pigs
• Three Men In A Tub (the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker)
• Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk)
• The Giant (from Jack and the Beanstalk)
• Hokum Hare (the hare from The Tortoise and the Hare)
• Reginald (butler of the future TMNT 40 years later)
• Tattoo (tattooed sumo wrestler; normal hamster)
• Kerma (Turtleoid from Shell-Ri-La)
• Groundchuck (mutant bull)
• Dirtbag (mutant mole)
• Chrome Dome (ultra-intelligent and invincible Foot android)
• Herman the Horrible (two-headed robot dragon piloted by Bork and Dwork)
• Bork (hot-headed, violent member of the Shell-Ri-La High Council, Shell-Ri-La jailer)
• Dwork (Calm, collected, diplomatic member of the Shell-Ri-La High Council)

Season 5
• Big Bedelia Badd (Hillbilly criminal)
• Buford Badd (Blonde, Bedelia’s son)
• Bubba Badd (Brunette, Buford’s brother)
• Dr. Keppil (Keppil Research Laboratories owner, inventor of the Power Sizer inventor)
• Donatello Rat (Rat cloned from another rat when Don got his hand in the cloner’s direction)
• Donatello Clone (Don’s superior clone)
• Mr. Riley (University fusion reactor security guard)
• Kojima Brothers (Feudal Japan’s most lethal assassins)
• Lieutenant Kazuo Saki (Tokyo Metropolis Police officer, Oroku Saki/Shredder’s little brother)
• Seymour Guts/Mutagen Man
• Butch O’Reilly (Ace Scientific Company basement security guard)
• Mondo Gecko (Mr. X’s adoptive son)
• Mr. X
• Sluggo (blonde, muscular teen thug)
• Basher (Fat, red-headed teen thug)
• Jerry Spiegel/The Swatter (Bugman comic book writer and artist, super villain that utilizes insects as weapons)
• Julia Schmooze (Editor of Bugman Comics)
• Wally Airhead (Owner of Airhead’s House of Pecs, inventor of Strongium 90, host of Channel 6’s “Pump Yourself Up”)
• Hans (Blonde muscular lackey of Wally Airhead)
• Fitz (Black-skinned muscular lackey of Wally Airhead)
• Garson Grunge/Muckman (Garbage mutant)
• Joe Junkee/Joe Eyeball (Muckman’s mutant partner)
• Frosty the Ice Monster
• Sergeant Rambo/Wingnut (Bat alien, Col. Clout’s second in command)
• Colonel Clout/Screwloose (Mosquito alien, commandant of Ten-Hut Military Camp)
• Eric (Ten-Hut Military Camp attendee)
• Professor Wilhelm “Willy” Vanilli (Famed botanist, founder of the Lady Laverne Lily)
• Laverne Portside (Chairperson of the Flower Lovers Society)
• Ernie (Shopkeeper of Ernie’s All-Night Costume Shop)
• Mad Dog McMutt (Bulldog-like mob boss)
• Dicky Bark, the Woofman (DJ of pirate radio W.O.O.F.)
• Mayor
• Professor Ignatz Mindbender (creator of LEX)
• LEX (Law Enforcement Expediter)
• REXANNE (Rex-1’s girlfriend)
• F-Stop the Polarisoid (Frip’s son)
• Say Cheese the Polarisoid (F-Stop’s twin sister)
• Millimeter the Polarisoid (Frip’s wife)
• Amen Turt-el (mummy)
• Casbah (Sir Pifflecoot’s bodyguard)
• Sir Percival Pifflecoot (Egyptologist)
• Professor Tut (discoverer of the Turtle’s Eye ruby and Amen Turt-el’s sarcophagus)
• The 3 servants of Turt-el
o Abdul (leader)

Season 6
• Cement Man (creature made out of rock created from the Rockalyzer)
• Barney Mushnik (Big Bang Fireworks Company owner)
• Professor Chumley (Magno-Dyne Labs professor, inventor of the Reverse Polarity Magnet/Anti-Magnet)
• Ambassador Murishima (owner of the Sword of Yurikawa)
• Lafayette Le Drone (Weapons collector)
• Dr. Winston Sturdley (scientist from the Top Notch Scientific Corporation, creator of the Sonic Disintegrator)
• Destructor X (space law enforcement officer/executioner)
• Nurma (space pirate)
• Shreeka (Krang’s former partner)
• Foster Fenwick (Vernon’s genius, 11-year-old cousin)
• Milton Frobish III (Milton Frobish II’s son)
• Milton Frobish II (Channel 6 owner)
• Creepy Eddie (Nightmare creature)
• Phantom of the sewers/Bogart Flywheel (creator of the Willy Wombat amnitronics, Higby’s former partner)
• Rufus Higby (Willie Wombat Pizza Pan Theatre owner)
• Willie Wombat (amnitronic)
• Elmo Elephant (amnitronic)
• Cashes Cow (amnitronic)
• Dr. Well (director of Dynamite Labs)
• Professor Vilmont Von Volt
• Princess (Von Volt’s Persian cat)
• Knuckles (Von Volt’s muscular lackey)
• Garth (Von Volt’s fat lackey)
• Mugsy McGuffin (Thief of the Galuby Ruby, small-time mob boss)
• Boris (Mugsy’s right-hand man)
• Clyde (Michelangelo’s pet monkey)
• Polly/Ditto (Mugsy’s former pet parrot, Michelangelo’s pet parrot)
• Ralph (Owner of Ralph’s Ret-A-Pet)
• Mean Green Giant (Prowrestler)
• Speega (tyrannosaurus rex leader of dino group)
• Dr. Otto Von Shrink (owner and head doctor of Von Shrink Institute of Mental Health)
• X-12 (Von Shrink’s right-hand robot)
• Rudolf Cobrato (Snake mutant, snake expert)

Tour in Europe
• Rudy (Austrian Foot Cyborg)
• Dob (male space art stealer and seller)
• Yikum (Dob’s wife and partner)
• Professor Marco (Italian art expert)
• King Arthur
• Queen Guinevere
• Merlin
• Bela (Engineer of Orient Express)
• Fritz (Moustached train conductor of Orient Express)
• Spats Sparkle (ponytailed Dutch Diamond thief, international art thief)
• Dag (Spat’s partner)
• Professor Sven Svenson (geological expert)
• Eric the Red-Eye (son of Thor (phony))
• Jörmundgand (legendary sea worm, robot battleship)
• Professor Moriarty (The most dangerous criminal of 19th Century London)
• Sherlock Holmes
• Professor James Watson
• Inspector Lestrade (inspector of 19th Century Scotland Yard)
Season 7
• Skarg (green Dimension X criminal)
• Dementor (red/orange Dimension X criminal)
• Dregma Brothers (Dimension X criminals)
• Quarx the Star Child
• Drako (Star Child hunter)
• Merrick (Quarx’s father)
• Hamato Koji (Foot Clan Founder, owner of the Nojima Blade and Tsunami Box)
• Oroku Sancho (Shredder’s ancestor)
• Koro (fat ninja)
• Captain Zorax (Triceraton captain)
• Wolf Jackson (shipyard gangster)
• Master Mogo-San (Splinter’s sensei)
• Black Heart Gang (ninja gang)
o Mogo Yoku (government agent, leader, and Mogo-San’s grandson)
o Mr. Crocker (Boss and president of the Mid-City Bank)
• The Mole Squad (gang)
• Doctor Floyd O’Toole
• Bob Collins (Invasion of the Space Turtles character)
• Betty (Invasion of the Space Turtles character)
• Captain Dredd (cyborg space pirate)
• Hunter Drone (Robot space assassins)
• Scumbag (bug mutant)
• Antrax (Krang’s executioner from Dimension X)
• Captain Logos (legendary space pirate)
• Toka (mutant snapping turtle)
• Razar (mutant wolf)
• A.J. Howard (eccentric billionaire, mutant slug)
• Dirk Savage (mercenary, mutant hunter)
• Horatio Stressbar (developer of Combat Land)
• Denton Nulcet (chief robotics engineer of Combat Land)
• Alim Caelacanth (King of Atlantis)
• Malathar (personal servant of the King of Atlantis)
• Hepax Lagamina (royal councillor to Alim)
• Krangazoids (6 Krang clones)
• Weesel (slave merchant)
• Zwerk (Weesel’s little brother)
• Vorx (head of the slave pits)
• Great Chaarg (Dimension X monster)

Season 8
• Berzerko/Drakus (Krang’s greatest weapons engineer, helped Krang design the Technodrome, betrayed by Krang (who also destroyed his Homeworld), inventor of the Annihilator)
• Cyber-drones (Bezerko’s android muscle)
• Dark Water (organization)
o Megavolt/Alex Winter (former agent, ninja gang leader, energy manipulator, test subject of Operation Ultima)
o Colonel Wesley Knight (sub leader)
• H.A.V.O.C./Highly Advanced Varieties Of Creatures (organization)
o OverDrive ( hyperactive cheetah mutant)
o Amok (gruff ram mutant)
o Raptor (hawk mutant)
o Titanus (leader, inventor of the Flux Transformer, the SkyPlatform)
o Seizure (scorpion mutant)
o Magma (stone-based mutant)
o HighBeam (laser vision mutant)
o Synapse (energy mimicry mutant)
o Unnamed ram mutant
• Krakus (Metroplex Police Department cop of the future)
• Commander  Korak (Glaxxon Federation commander, owner of the FireStar)
• Gargon (alien from Dimension X, mutated by Shredder and Krang to test new mutagen)
• Wrecking Crew (space cyborg fighters from Dimension X)

Season 9
• Lord Dregg (Dreggnought commander and conqueror of galaxies, fugitive of the Galactic Patrol, exiled warlord)
• Hi-Tech (Dregg’s former second-in-command)
• The Techno-Gang (Dregg’s brute force of bug-like cyborgs)
o Alpha (leader)
• The Intimidators (new police robots)
• Carter (intelligent college student studying as martial arts under Hamato Yoshi/Splinter, former member of the MA Academy, mutant, inventor of the turboflex)
• Medusa (space mercenary employed to Lord Dregg)
• The Slorr (alien slug hatchling)
• The Replicon (a super weaponized, self-duplicating robot of Dregg’s)
• Jet McCabe (rival martial artist of Carter’s, expelled from MA academy due to being caught cheating by Carter, uses Carter’s stolen turboflex)
• Sleazebug (recruiter/slave merchant for the Pan-Galactic Tournament)
• Karg the Merciless(the martial arts grand master of the galaxy, owner of the Pan-Galactic Tournament gladiators asteroid)
• Chronos, master of time, king of the clock tower/Winston Fripp (former scheduling department worker, city treasury robber, mad time-based villain employed by Dregg)
• Clockwork Warriors (Chronos’s robot drones)
• Landor (male time traveler from future resistance in 20 YEARS)
• Merrik (female time traveler from future resistance 20 YEARS, possible love interest of Raph)
• Carter Android (robotic duplicate of Carter)
• Doomquest (alien Lord of the Darkrealm, wants the Vortex Crystal to release the Darkrealm on Earth)
• Draconus (Doomquest’s aide)

Season 10
• Mung (Dregg’s new second-in-command from Dimension X, inventor of the Microbots)
• Otto Wrecker (member of chop shop ring, known car thief)
• Bat-men (Dregg’s henchmen)
• Globfather (living amoeba Dimension X gangster/mobster employed to Lord Dregg))
• Ronnie Huxley (Professor Huxley’s intelligent son)
• Professor Alvin Huxley (inventor of the protein computer, a machine that can control machines using the human brain)

Characters are (C) Fred Wolf Films and Viacom.

I made this list over the summer break and decided to post it here. Enjoy! ;)

© 2013 - 2021 WildCat7812
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Wow... you did a lot of cartoon watching or a lot of Google searches. Or both.
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I watched every show from that cartoon in a row to list them. (It helps when you've got the Party Bus Complete series set).
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I have that too!! My only issue with it is that there is not really a place to put the little info book that came with it.
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Yeah, I lost it a few times and have to keep the set in my room to prevent my little sister from getting to it, and breaking it.
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Wow this is amazing! :clap:
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holy toledo!!!! can you imagine having to create this many characters from scratch??
awesome job making a list of all of them!
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Dang! that is a lot of characters.
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Holy cow! I can only imagine how much work went into this! Very comprehensive. :jawdrop:
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