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Thank you so much for your kind words!

TEARS :: Big Hero 6 - Hiro Hamada
WildCat-ZA commented on Runner by WildCat-ZA
I never thought of a name for him. Back when I painted this, I think I tried to come up with a name but I never settled on anything. I might have considered calling him "Chase" but that was probably too cheesy.
I will start by trying to summarise your points so that I can reply to each one separately:

1. The LGBTQ+ community doesn't respect other people's opinions and they try to force their own opinions on others.
2. I'm a Christian and scripture says homosexuality is wrong.

Regarding point 1: I think you need to appreciate that holding a negative opinion about LGBTQ+ people is a bit different from holding a negative opinion about most other things. Let's take a political ideology like communism as an example. If you have a negative opinion about communism, you are merely rejecting a set of ideas. Communism is not the fundamental nature of communists. When you reject communism, you aren't rejecting an entire person or an entire group of people. You're just rejecting their ideas.

But a negative opinion on homosexuality is different. If your opinion is that homosexuality is bad, you're essentially saying that a certain group of people are fundamentally bad. Homosexuality is the immutable nature of a homosexual. LGBTQ+ people don't accept the idea that their sexualities are choices. Surely you must be able to understand why LGBTQ+ people get so angry when you express a negative opinion about their sexuality. Your negative opinion is an indictment of a core attribute of their being.

You said that you feel like LGBTQ+ people are "cramming their opinions down your throat" but, actually, they just want your acceptance. They just want people to stop saying that they're "wrong", "bad", "perverted", "ill", "evil", etc. I don't think you can expect LGBTQ+ people 'respect' opinions that attack their core nature.

Everyone has the right to think differently and have a different opinion from other people. However, you must understand that not all opinions are created equal. Some opinions are more outrageous than others. And some opinions are less plausible than others. Consider the opinion of a 'flat-Earther'. You can't really blame people for mocking flat-Earthers and calling them idiots. People who have the opinion that the earth is flat are simply wrong. Of course, they have the right to hold that opinion but they can't expect people to take their opinion seriously. Furthermore, it would be absurd for a flat-Earther to moan that, "The round-Earthers are cramming their opinions down my throat."

Negative opinions about homosexuality are not yet at the same level as flat-Earth opinions but they are moving in that direction. Essentially, you have an opinion that is very hard to justify. The only justifications tend to be religious justifications, which I will address in my response to point 2.

Now, having said all that, I will concede that there are some quite outlandish opinions being voiced by certain segments of the LGBTQ+ population, as well as by some feminists, postmodernists, and transgender activists. The ideas that you saw in that Youtube video sound quite extreme and you shouldn't regard them as the mainstream views within the LGBTQ+ community. Remember: most LGBTQ+ people just want acceptance. Regarding the cake shop example, you can read my thoughts on a similar incident in this Reddit post from a year ago.

Regarding point 2: At this point in time, the only people who tend to condemn LGBTQ+ people are religious people. I've got bad news for you: Religion is the weakest possible justification for any opinion or action. The reason why religious justifications are so weak is that religion is a faith-based enterprise. Most beliefs are formed automatically when people become convinced by seeing evidence. Religious beliefs (faith-based beliefs) are formed without evidence and are effectively a choice. You chose to put your faith in Christianity even though there's no convincing evidence to prove that it's true. What this means is that your belief that homosexuality is wrong is also a choice.

- You chose to believe in Christianity.
- Christianity says that homosexuality is wrong.
- Therefore, you chose to believe that homosexuality is wrong.

I think that's a very weak justification for having a negative opinion about LGBTQ+ matters. In fact, it isn't really a justification at all. It's just an arbitrary choice with no evidence to support it.

I sympathise with you if you were indoctrinated into Christianity from a young age but you're probably old enough now to recognise that your continued allegiance to Christianity is your choice (especially if you're an independent adult).

However, I want to offer a different line of reasoning to you now. Perhaps Christianity doesn't say homosexually is wrong. I briefly discussed this matter with another person in the comments of this journal. They said that, actually, the Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality and that you ought to understand the correct context of certain verses. Therefore, I would encourage you to read the following article for a more thorough exegesis of the relevant passages in the Bible:

The Bible Does Not Condemn Homosexuality
Setting aside pride month for a moment, why don't you support LGBTQ+? I can understand if your lack of support is merely a result of apathy. However, given that you chose to make this somewhat negative comment, I suspect that you're not apathetic about LGBTQ+ matters. Are you opposed to sexualities other than heterosexuality? If so, why?