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Overwatch Blizzard mashup skins

Got the idea online to design some Overwatch skins based on the other Blizzard franchises. Here's the first set (Starcraft)
From left to right: Terran Marine 76, Protoss High Templar Zenyatta, Terran Ghost Widowmaker, and Terran Thor D.Va

Update: changed file to larger resolution

Update: To everyone commenting on the similarity to the newly-released skins, no, Blizzard didn't steal the idea from me and it's all just a happy coincidence lol, kudos to them for giving the fans what they want.
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Drag0n123's avatar

Ptotoss brigitte? Just had that thought looking at this awesome art.

Red-Rum-18's avatar
Moira as Kerrigan?
Kleevern's avatar
Man just think if they added this content in the game I would like even more
john98317's avatar
my personal favorite is soldier and skin

soldier76 as marine is great choice and as thor skin is gonna be epic and awesome!
commanderjonas's avatar
I like Zenyatta in particular :nod:
grievousvsdarkahsoka's avatar
what no zerg?

awwww XD
who would you recommend as what... besides Mercy or Phara as Kerrigan/queen of blades?
Raptorteam-atlas's avatar
Pharah as Kerrigan could work(as physical appearance)
Orisa as an Ultralisk would look great(although she is ranged unit)
Raptorteam-atlas's avatar
Thor D.Va looks epic
CelestialMacaw's avatar
High Templar is fucking epic
ZanarNaryon's avatar
"Gaze into the Khala"
"Embrace Aiur"
"The Khala embraces you"
"There is disquiet in the Void"
"Join with me, brethren" (Ult)
skull1bravo's avatar
High templar? DEUS VULT!!!
ahrimagnus's avatar
high templar zenyatta is so fucking epic.
Thor Dva exist in Heroes of the storm.
Dysantia's avatar
Hah, and now they basically put that D.Va skin in Hots
Xenowarrior92's avatar
however mekka is more like a goliath not a thor...that's tychus 4:D and still I like the idea of goliaths...wonder if we will ever have them 4real not just gaming :)
ulricmorningstar's avatar
they take your good job!
lowleveledclutter's avatar
pretty great illustrations :D other two are amazing too!
Mmm, Zenyatta skin is awesome!
IGotJinxed's avatar
D.Va is a must have for me!Heart Heart 
DeltaCandyman's avatar
High Templar Adjusts is my favorite of them, great work on all of it though.
Veratai's avatar
 that mech is kinda more of a goliath :b thor is a lill too big

anyway, awesome :D
Urn-zak's avatar
For even more OverWatch/StarCraft 2 mashup fun, how about Reinhardt with either the firebat or Marauder? Huh?
Urn-zak's avatar
This is straight up genius! I love it! Each mashup suits the characters perfectly!
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