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Overwatch Blizzard mashup skins 3


Disclaimer: I've never played WoW, but I've played and loved the classic rts games, so I had to brush up on my Warcraft lore for this piece. Man looks like a lot of crazy stuff happened since I followed the series!

Update: To everyone commenting on the similarity to the newly-released skins, no, Blizzard didn't steal the idea from me and it's all just a happy coincidence lol, kudos to them for giving the fans what they want.
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Starwarsfan8's avatar
Looks like you predicted the Junkrat skin months before it came out. Congrats
JayDougArt's avatar
I hope they make the Reinhardt skin happen - would've been perfect for the Blizz world skins
nned the ragnaros reinhardt
Aseika's avatar
world of warcraft enters into overwatch. let the crossover commence!!!! 
StupidCupidMusic's avatar
woah just stunning!
PyroSpeck's avatar
The torbjorn skin made it! congrats!
Awesome! Maybe add Moira as Anduin Wrynn, and Genji could be Varian Wrynn?
eel227's avatar
They did your torb!
omg firelord reindhardt looks awesome i would suck a dick to get that skin in my inbox tbh
beemaister's avatar
Maybe they will add these during WoW's anniversary.
MasterGuns81's avatar
OMG Blizzard MAKE!!!!
DarkCat273's avatar
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ahrimagnus's avatar
holly shit, red Draconian pharah, her father was a dragon and her mother a human, now she use her capacity for protecting life and justice, please blizzard do this.

Firelord rein would be really awesome to see, ( just imagining a flamming brute charging you against a wall . .)
LadyNemini95's avatar
I love this series! Could you do like Symmetra as Tyrande? :D <3
ahrimagnus's avatar
No symmetra would be more like an apothecary, she could give cancer to anybody^^.
heres another skin idea: orisa pit/crypt lord
Urn-zak's avatar
Does anyone else have a need to prostrate themselves before the glory of Firelord Reinhardt?
Xaran-Alamas's avatar
This whole series is awesome :D

Would Ironforge Torbjorn go all Mountain King Avatar stone skinned when he uses Molten Core?
DeltaMasterMind's avatar
These are absolutely awesome!
Ninja-Puppy's avatar led me to here and I love em all!
raulovsky's avatar
me too XD. Awesome works 
Shandris Feather Ana
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