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Overwatch Blizzard mashup skins 2

Here's my second set of Overwatch skin designs, this time featuring the Diablo series! Up next: Warcraft!
From left to right:
Roadhog - The Butcher (Diablo, Diablo III)
Reaper - Malthael (Diablo III: Reaper of Souls)
Mercy - Auriel (Diablo series)
Tracer - Demon Hunter (Diablo III)
Zarya - Barbarian (Diablo II, Diablo III)

Update: To everyone commenting on the similarity to the newly-released skins, no, Blizzard didn't steal the idea from me and it's all just a happy coincidence lol, kudos to them for giving the fans what they want.
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OnyxBlock's avatar
Mercy looks awesome
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
The Malthael skin for Reaper seems very feasible. ^^  It certainly would suit him, as would the Auriel skin for Mercy.
Megabro5's avatar
now they made Sombra as Demon hunter with similar outfit, grats
Anti-Cellman's avatar
I really like how you drew Reaper as Malthael. So awesome in so many levels. :XD:
Please tell me that the reason (some) of these skins are in the game is because Artists saw this guy.
2/5 ain't bad.
That mercy auriel mash up tho!
MilianFlyS's avatar
Hello! I LOVE your designs. Would it be okay if I made the Mercy into a cosplay?
wildcard24's avatar
Thanks, and sure, go on right ahead!=)
MilianFlyS's avatar
Wonderful! I'll make to tag you in the finished pictures 
Valdeq's avatar
Malthael Reaper is the best one
BeastDragon's avatar
Dude you predicted that road hog skin :0
anobouzu's avatar
Now they NEED to make Malthael Reaper and Auriel Mercy....dun care about Tracer, she has too many skins XD
PitZagafull's avatar
THEY DID IT! THEY MADE THESE SKINS! I hope they took your thought and made it a reality!
Aura321's avatar
They actually made the Zarya and Roadhog skin!!! :) :D :) :D
NeroRavenheart's avatar
they better make a malthael skin for reaper. they made an oni-demon looking thing as an epic... they better make malthael as a legendary skin for him. i think they will tho. your designs fit so well tbh.
Riolux12345's avatar
This is freaking amazing. It's a true shame that at least one of those characters is confirmed to get a far less cooler skin (That being Reaper), but I PRAY that Mercy and Tracer get said skins. (The Roadhog and Zarya skins are confirmed after all)
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Oooooh, I thought I wanted High Templar Zenyatta (I still do) and now I see Auriel Mercy?

Kudos on you for predicting the new skins with such accuracy
mike576's avatar
They need to add that tracer one ASAP 
eel227's avatar
They have to do Auriel mercy PLS.
Look at that Butcher hog and barbarian zarya are actually coming out
SrDem's avatar
how about that:

Roadhog - EXODIA (yu-gi-oh)
Reaper - darth malgus (SW OLD REPUBLIC)
Mercy - LUMINE (Megaman x8)
Tracer -DEADPOOL (Deadpool)
Zarya - HEAVY(TF2)

nah. just kidding
DiaSam1's avatar
Dude, you saw right into the future there with your Roadhog and Zarya concepts! :D
Sheason's avatar
So... do you work at Blizzard now, or something?
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