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Dresden Files characters

Currently going through the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher, an urban fantasy series starring Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator operating out of modern day Chicago who deals with cases involving the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, and fights the forces of darkness to protect the innocent and uphold the Laws of Magic. Highly, highly recommended for those looking to get into a series filled with great characters, genuinely intriguing plotlines, and awesome action, not to mention a good deal of wiseassery and snark courtesy of the title character. Planning to do a series of fanart featuring the series' many characters. This is the first, featuring the 'main' cast:
From left to right:
Harry Dresden
Thomas Raith
Karrin Murphy
Molly Carpenter

Update: Added some background graphics and few minor edits.
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I never truly realized how dang short Murphy is. She's shorted then Harry's shoulder!
she was allways described as 5 feet nothing. And in one book Harry had no problem to hold a paintball gun in shooting position over her head while walking behind her
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Which makes it all the more embarrassing when she curb-stomps your ass.
I need to find a duster like the one Harry have... Becasue it looks awesome.
Close but not enought.
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Isn't Molly's hair blue and pink, not blue and green?
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She changes it up a lot!
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Yeah, but the Frankenhooker outfit went with cotton candy blue and pink hair.
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These are really good.  The only issue that i have at all is the fact that Thomas' melee weapon is a kukri, not a scimitar.
That on minor issue aside, Fantastic work over all.

Edit: never mind, i see the kukri on the other hip, and i do remember he has a scimitar as well.
I'd like to see the Dresden Files turned into a series of movies. The TV show was alright, but I think they'd do better as movies, provided they're given the Peter Jackson treatment.
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Harry's inner monologue is one of the best parts and does most of the info-dumps, so they'd have to alter the storytelling method a lot.
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Don't mess with someone who put a troll in a choke-hold BEFORE she learned about the magical world.

That's not from the main books, it's from the short story prequel:
I remember that...wasn't that when Dresden and his mentor were accused of kidnapping some rich kid?
Try drawing the loup - garou when harry shot it out of the police station.
I love how harry isn't just some modern wizard knockoff. He's like with deadpool except he's sane and thinks.
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I thought Murph was described to have curly hair? I may be remembering wrong; anyway, I love this series of drawings, you're awesome!
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you should try drawing the naagloshii, injun joe, ebenezer and demon reach.
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Karrin Murphy definitely has that look of badassery around her.  She looks cute too, but has this air of "call me cute and say goodbye to your nads" about her.
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