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:bulletred: Affect Roles :bulletred:

Affect Roles include situations that may end up leaving your character in a perilous situation, or potentially aid them in their tasks (you can think of it as wild cards).  Upon applying, you will have the opportunity to select whether or not your character is available for Affect Roles, as well as the severity of Affects potentially assigned (see below).  You will receive your character's Affect Role via Note.  Affect Roles are to be randomly generated from a predetermined list and characters are typically randomly selected.  Occasionally, special Affect Roles will be selected and sent out to 1 or more players with specific Plot Purpose (click wild-whisper-forest.deviantart…  for more information regarding Plot Purpose).  Affect Roles will typically be sent to at least 1 player once a month.

:bulletpurple: Dire – these Affects may include severe injuries that may even lead to the character's death.  If death occurs, click wild-whisper-forest.deviantart… for other options. (for example, you will receive a note that says your character will receive a fatal blow to the head on their next hunt with large prey)
~PLEASE NOTE!: Dire character Affects may result in death shortly after being accepted into the group.  This means that your character may expire shortly, however, your place in the group will not (review the link above).
------>> Characters who select DIRE Affects automatically gain +10 Bones, which are transferable to another character. (This is the only time Bones may be transferred)

:bulletpurple: Moderate – these Affects may include situations that cause your character to fall ill or even involve a character from another pack, who will receive the same Affect (for example, the main water source has been tainted, therefore causing illness OR a raven harasses your character, but spills some interesting information about the neighboring pack....).  Some Moderate-level Affect Roles will be assigned to several pack members at once.

:bulletpurple: Mild – these Affects are not dangerous, but add to the excitement of gameplay in offering unforeseen events (for example, a young character or pup might receive a note saying they will meet a porcupine and gain a valuable life lesson on their next trek from the den – however, it is left up to you whether their parents is there to defend them or not!)

:bulletorange: NOTE! - Corvids are subject to Affect Roles!

-----> Affect Roles may include other players, unbeknownst to you.  For example, you may receive a note from another player who tells you that they want to RP their corvid character with you.  They may have received an Affect Role Note, but you may have not, so don't be shy of asking to RP with anyone!  The world of Whisper Forest is at work beneath your paws.
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