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BootifulWolf Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this group open?
Smaylik Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Nah That Group Is Acutally Pretty Messed Up. Dont Join.
Its No Longer To Open Because Of The Drama And Stuff Really Happen Here.
So Here's The Rant If You Wanna Know What's Going On:
PSA To The WWF Community Among Others
Stop-TLT Featured By Owner Edited Apr 3, 2019
THANK YOU! For standing up for this. I have come under an anonymous account to protect my identity from what I'm about to say:

As a survivor of sexual abuse, these groups that allow this are disgusting. I was apart of this group, and left so quickly. I'm fearful to bring concerns up, because so many people victim shame or act like victims are lying. I stayed quiet, until now. The Warriors and Wolf communities are disgustingly notorious for thinking rape is cool and makes their character special.

My friend and I recently discovered, while looking for groups to join, a group called The-Lunar-Trials where characters are segregated into clans of only male and only female, and when the females are of sexually mature age, they are brought to the males clans and forced to have sex with the males, whether they want to or not, because if a female dos not successfully mate? They get exiled. Their home page calls this a "social twist" on Warriors. Disgusting..

"During those three days, she must submit to him completely and care for him like he did for her previously. She will have to obey his every wish and cannot object to any form of physical contact up to and including mating, even if he is rough or unfriendly." A sentence pulled from the journal called "Clan Rituals". PLEASE read that journal, it will prove everything I'm saying.

Light needs to be shed on this group, it's promoting all the wrong things. People can like what they like, but a group that promotes rape in a genre (Warriors) with so many young people is not safe.

Please spread the word, something needs to be done about TLT. The message it's sending is so wrong, and nobody is talking about it.
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