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Warden Greeting
   Raki raised his great snout and sniffed the salty spray spat by the sea. A new scent had greeted him an hour before, when the shores of the new land broke the horizon and a dock stretched out like an arm welcoming all to this strange world.
   Raki wasn’t interested in the land nor the dock however. The new scent spoke to him on a deeper level.
   Dragon, his instinct whispered, but none he had met since he had hatched. Were they flying high above the ship, hidden by the billowing clouds? Or were they swimming along the bleached sands of the shore?
   His wings itched with the need to follow the wind back to this stranger and learn more.
   Shaking the spray off his hide, Raki butted his handler, nearly knocking her overboard.
   “Rakeim! You foul lizard, what was that for?” Snapped Tanni, flinging her long nightly curls out of pale, golden brown eyes.
   Raki rose in answer. Like the trea
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The Tides of Love
   Thunder roared through the night air, sending the rain to stampede drum rolls against the roof and walls of the building. Sappheiros could feel the vibrations through his feathers, chilling the nerves under his skin. He despised the anxiety these storms brought, a curse from Zeus if any.
   “Rough night, huh?” Came the sweet coo from the doorway. Recognizing the voice, a sense of relief came over him. Sappheiros knew this pure gold gryphus. She could hear his cries across the courtyard with those great ears of hers and never hesitated to come give him company whenever these blasted storms struck.
   “It’s too dangerous to sleep outside,” Raina said shyly, coming up to bump her head with his. “Do you mind if I stay the night?”
   She was careful not to point out how afraid of storms he was, a gesture he greatly appreciated. Replying, he joined in the game they had adopted for nights like these, “I
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The Twining of Roses
    “Our poor handler, fumbling around with the flowers as if they have teeth. He must be really struggling with choosing the best for Nikkie.” Diana said in sympathy as she watched the boy picked over the baskets of flowers. Nearby, the shopkeeper buzzed around like a bee having drunk the wrong kind of nectar. Love may have been in the air, but so was the nervousness of admirers.
   “He isn’t fumbling quite yet.” Sybele replied with a flick of her tail. “Wait one more minute and Zeke will be on top of the imported rose bushels. He’ll be fumbling then!”
   “Shouldn’t we warn him?” asked Diana, concerned for the distracted boy. Perhaps the strong perfume odor was affecting the boy’s arcadian nose.
   “Pick up your ears from atop your skull, little Gatherer,” chuffed the gold and silver gryphus. “The scratches will mak
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The Flower and The Moon Pt 1
   “Diana, are you excited for the Festival of Aphrodite?” Came the overly happy screech from the feline eagle as he came to an exaggerated stop above.
   “The Festival of Aphrodite?” Diana purred, tilting her head thoughtfully as her half-brother hovered above her. “I have heard about it, but I’ve never gotten the chance to participate.”
   “Never?!” Ajax exclaimed in shock, faltering mid flap. “Not even a crown of a freshly picked grape vine or a shower of flowers dropped from the sky to frame your dark beauty?”
   Diana shook her head and caused the poor gryphus to drop another few inches in altitude. “No?! Not even a card from a mysterious young male?”
   “Um, no?” Admitted Diana, although a bit timidly. It was hard to admit, but the other gryphus she knew were interested in someone other than her. But that was okay, she told herself, everyone
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