Wild horse art competition WINNER ANNOUNCED!!

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Hello, I will be judging a competition on wild horse art. Please read the rules before entering! Thanks!


  1. Traditional art, digital art and photography are excepted.

  2. Horses can be realistic or fantasy

  3. No humans can be in your submission

  4. Other animals in your work are accepted (wild animals are ideal)

  5. There will be a featured comment under this journal, please reply to that comment with your submission

  6. Wild horses is the theme so your submission will be judged on how well it goes with the theme and how well your work is done

  7. Please have a name of your horse and a small back story


8: Your work MUST be submitted below before July 22 11:59 pm or your art will NOT be judged


1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place will each get a dedicated drawing on my page.

1st place will get a drawing of there choice and will be mentioned in the post

2nd place will get a drawing and will choose the theme of the drawing and will be mentioned in the post.

3rd place will be mentioned in my post.

Thank you! Wcatsfan621

Thank you for entering!!

And the winner is: *drum role please* CowboyGFRS07 with Europa!!!

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TazEquestrian's avatar

Will there be another one of these?

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

Most likely, some more that are similar, I do have mate contest though :D

TazEquestrian's avatar

Is open? If so, can you send me a link?

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar
Leo's looking for a lover| OPEN contest
Franklin Needs a mate contest | OPEN

I think these are the only open ones, but I make more kind of a lot :D

TazEquestrian's avatar
Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

Reply to this with any questions! Thank you!!:hug:

Heavy-step-admin's avatar

Do I need a wild horse or can I use my younger horses?

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

You can submit any kind of horse, however it will be judged on how well its done and how well it goes with the theme! Thanks!

Heavy-step-admin's avatar
Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

Please submit your work under this comment! Thank you for entering and I wish you luck!;)

Form layout:

Your submission Arrow down (of course your submission will be your work, this photo is just an example)Arrow down

Beach walk

Horses name: Mary (For example)

Small backstory: Mary is a 4 year old mare who was abandoned by her herd when she was young and had to learn to fend for herself. (for example)


Thank you!!!

CowboyGFRS07's avatar
Wild Europa

Europa, Age 4, Mare

More information is Shown With the Deviation

TazEquestrian's avatar

Lol this is my childhood ( Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) in reverse XD Looks like Rain in the background

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

Congrats! You won!!

CowboyGFRS07's avatar

Yayaya awesome thank you for letting me know :dummy:

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

No problemo!!! Can you tell me what drawing/adopt that you would like!

CowboyGFRS07's avatar

Could I get a drawing of my horse Pebble Beach

DAR's - Pebble Beach - APH

Dosen't have to be a full body, but a headshot would be nice, possibly a colored one?

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

Sure! She's so pretty!!

CowboyGFRS07's avatar

:D She was a beautiful gift from a lovely friend

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

Ok perfect!! Best of luck!!! Thanks for entering:hug:

S1ar142's avatar


Wild and Free

Horse: Gambler's Paradise

Backstory: In entry descripton :)

Gender: Mare

Age: 1.5 years of age

Wild-Spirit-Adopts's avatar

You got second place! You get to pick a theme for a drawing/adoptables for your win!

S1ar142's avatar

oh cool, thanks! could you maybe do a drawing of my babe, citi?

WTE's Lakeside Citizen
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