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Eevee Light Wallpaper



Okay! Here it is, the long awaited Eevee wallpaper in my Eeveelution series! This one seemed to take FOREVER since Eevee is a normal type and thus not an easy element to personify. I tired a lot of themes before I decided on the white light theme, my other main ideas where rainbow and modern white paint splats.

I'm also not entirely happy with the bottom stripe, but it's the best one compared to the others I tired for this one.

Your more than welcome to provide constructive criticism, I defiantly need it for this one.

See the other wallpapers in the series here:
Eevee: [link]
Flareon: [link]
Vaporeon: [link]
Jolteon: [link]
Espeon: [link]
Umbreon: [link]
Leafeon: [link]
Glaceon: [link]

Made in Photoshop CS3

Images used from

Original wallpaper (light swirl) -> [link]

Eevee image is stock (from google)

Free for PERSONAL use. (as in you can edit it if it's just for you or a friend)

Eevee and Pokemon © Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri
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Until a Sylveon Wallpaper is made, this will be my new Wallpaper. Great job.