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Deathstar Reflections

By WiL-Woods
Darth Vader showing a rarely seen somber moment of grief as he pauses to mourn the loss of the troops that he lost in the destruction of the 1st Deathstar.

This is a piece I did to premier at the Cape Girardeau Comic Con in Cape Girardeau Missouri. It is an homage of sorts to both Lee Teter's "Vietnam Reflections" [link] and to Star Wars.

I wanted to do a Star Wars piece that would stand out from the crowd a bit, so I thought a more somber and emotional piece would be a great contrast to the usual action works that you see. Written in Aurabesh on the memorial wall are the names of family, friends, and loved ones that I and some of my closest friends have lost.

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"Rebels, you did it. You blew up the Death Star. Good for you all. Haha, sorry, I can't forget the people that died on that base. Millions of people, hopes and dreams, gone in an instant. I hope you're happy.."

oh jeez was that good?

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What a coincidence I saw the Vietnam photo of this, great job!
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I like it. I like it a LOT! Finally a piece of art that actually adresses the fact that hundreds of thousands of military personel just died. Killing soldiers is fine and makes for great propaganda pieces... but the true enemy is never the common footsoldier. It's the politicians who are far, faaaaaar behind the lines. Safe and secure until they have to surrender.

Hello, I would like to use the photo for a poster for personal use, how could I get it? thanks

Darth vader peixl icon :I will never forget the brave men and women who served under me. Those rebel scum will pay for this atrocity!

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What I like about your pic is that no one thinks about how many lives an military victory might cost. The Deathstar might have been a battlestation that could annihilate worlds but... like an (modern) aircraft carrier sunken by the enemy it was the workplace for hundreds of thousands if not millions. Millions of soldiers(!), people with dreams, hopes and a family. That's why warfare better be automated in the future and, lets hope it won't happen ever until the universe itself dies, a battlestation like the deathstar needs to be fully automated.
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I immediately got what this was a parody off. And its a great parody of it too. Of course not in a funny way but still well done. :)
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great work! I love vibe of it... 
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This is really good, a memorial to the crews and men lost in the Death Star explosion- there really ought to be fanfics like that, and in that trajectory, and fanvids as well, especially on youtube for instance, or other online video cites.
Love this art. Death to the rebel terrorists! Long live the Empire!
Oh plz Darth Vader is a weak, lil child-man. How can people not see that he chose in his weakness to side with evil with eyes quite open outta desperation of his love. But when he thought she had betrayed him for even a moment, he attacked her, leaving her in despair and literally ending her life in grief. He is his own author of all his grief and suffering. And proceeds in inflicting his own self-revolting anger upon the rest of the Galaxy in a child-like refusal to accept it. He's disgusting. This portrait of him grieving for the nameless Stormtroopers is BS, should at very least be Clone War troopers, only in that script does he show any form of heroism.
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whoa there comrade calm down

he is a good man, grieving over the brave troopers that were on the once great battle station

Don't blame him for being an angsty lil fuck because he was 15 wtf dude he's seen his mom die and believes that he killed his own wife. He was trained to hide his emotions no wonder he hardly shows mercy or sadness

Also character creator here Darth Vader is what you would call an "Antivillain" a character that does terrible things for a good reason. An Antihero is a person doing good for a terrible reason.

Okay Dan calm down..

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Not sure if you've authorized this or not, but I actually know someone who bought this as a print while at a Con for about $20
May the men of the 501st Legion be remembered forever!
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I dont know if this has already been mentioned to you, but your work has been uploaded to e621. net  ^^     (Well, if you didnt know and didnt want your work there, Ill gladly give you the link so you can take actions ^^)  


Thanks to that violation of your rule here, I got to find that amazing artwork =)  Its really great, so much feelings in it, thank you!!   
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This's brilliant: a veteran morning the loss of his comrades in arms!
I think there really ought to be far more of this kind of Star Wars fanart. both literary and also in terms of pictures too; I hope you set a trend, Sir!
Sincerely your fan thanks in a good part to this, and hopefully one of many fans;
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Your wonderful art work has been featured in my November/December 2017 Journal:…

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According to my mom (who is the biggest Star Wars nerd I know), this is actually pretty accurate. You see, Anakin didn't treat his clones like clones, he treated them like people. Darth Vader still had a bit of Anakin in him. 
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what a nice mom

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This is incredible and very inspiring
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Lol the Stormtrooper next to the pilot is holding out his hand almost like he's trying to tell Vader: "You have failed us for the last time"

Although I'm not completely sure. Probably soundproof glass or something
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This is amazing Cry forever 
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