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Deathstar Reflections

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Darth Vader showing a rarely seen somber moment of grief as he pauses to mourn the loss of the troops that he lost in the destruction of the 1st Deathstar.

This is a piece I did to premier at the Cape Girardeau Comic Con in Cape Girardeau Missouri. It is an homage of sorts to both Lee Teter's "Vietnam Reflections" [link] and to Star Wars.

I wanted to do a Star Wars piece that would stand out from the crowd a bit, so I thought a more somber and emotional piece would be a great contrast to the usual action works that you see. Written in Aurabesh on the memorial wall are the names of family, friends, and loved ones that I and some of my closest friends have lost.

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Yes, and there's an even bigger wall of the millions of innocent lives who perished from the destruction of Aldaraan. If the Empire thinks it's a huge injustice losing so many troops, it's even worse for Aldaraan. Wanna make this right Galactic Empire? Stop building Death Stars, Put an end to the Tyranny and restore the Old Republic and Democracy.