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Vital Situation , Swift Elimination (VSSE) by WIKIPEDIAUSER Vital Situation , Swift Elimination (VSSE) by WIKIPEDIAUSER
This is My Drawing About Time Crisis Organization Named VSSE (Vital Situation , Swift Elimination) That Appear In Time Crisis Game Series Include My Fanfic Time Crisis:Global Offensive.... Thanks To farhan43,Dhilah-Dayat & :icondinzydragon: , & True-Bloody-Fate for Your Cooperation... If you Without you Guys This Project will Be total Failure....

VSSE (Vital Situation, Swift Elimination)
  • Data


Participant Countries:
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • China
  • Spain
  • France
  • +220 More Countries

Appears In

  • Time Crisis 1
  • Time Crisis 2
  • Time Crisis 3
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Time Crisis 5 (Mentioned)
  • Time Crisis:Global Offensive (Major Role)
Type:Intelligence Agency, Military Organization

Samuel Kirk (US Branch)
Emma Grey (Europe branch)
Suhadi Gumelar (Asia Branch)
Tavell Wright (African Brach)

1954 - 2016 (Disapoved By NATO From 4th July 2016 - 19 November 2016)

Vital Situation Swift Elimination colloquially referred to as VSSE a multinational International Agency That Also Serve As Military Organization If World War Happen The Unit Are Composed From United Nation (UN) Member Country. This Organization Serve as Principal Protagonist Organization In Every Time Crisis Series.

If there is a need to protect the public good, the authority of the VSSE supersedes the authority of the United Nations and other covert organizations belonging to a particular country (i.e. the United States Central Intelligence Agency). The aim of the VSSE is to shut down high-level crimes and atrocities in a timely manner. The information gathering is conducted by a group of volunteers, known as "Cooperatives". Cooperatives are civilians who has the privilege to report information to the VSSE regarding about high-level crimes and atrocities when it's required. When the crime is proven to be something that needs attention, then VSSE sends out (for the most part) a team of 2 special operation agents to shut the high-level atrocity down.

Known Operation Commited By VSSE:
  1. Rachel Machperson Kidnapping (Time Crisis 1)
  2. Neodyne Information Crisis (Time Crisis 2)
  3. Lukano Revolution (Time Crisis 3)
  4. Terror Bite Incident (Time Crisis 4)
  5. VSSE Internal Conflict (Time Crisis 5)
  6. World War III (Time Crisis:global Offensive)

And Some Classified Conflict Around 1954 Untill 2016

  • Known Members

The section lists the most noticeable members of the International Intelligence Agency


Richard Miller - The One-Man Army, as this catch-copy implies, is the only agent qualified to work alone. (Rank:DIAMOND)

Keith Martin - One of the VSSE's senior agents. His pride was shattered between the events of Time Crisis 4 and Time Crisis 5 but with the help of the next-generation agents (Keith did not like Luke as he thought he was a real pain) was able to redeem himself. (Rank:HEART)

Robert Baxter (Work disregarded during Time Crisis 5) - Robert used to be a senior VSSE agent, but when he shifted the drug protection failure blame to Keith Martin, he sought to erase the VSSE, prompting Christy Ryan to launch an audit. Christy attempted to cooperate with the VSSE in good faith but Robert murdered the auditor to keep his act of treason secret. (RANK:HEART)

Christy Ryan (Late) - Christy operated as both an International Affairs representative, in which she would masquerade as administrative assistants for the enemies, or as an internal information auditor when required to investigate possible acts of treason. Christy believed that Keith was used for a nasty agenda 3 years prior to Time Crisis 5, so she teamed up with the embattered Anglo Agent to find out what really happened. As she sought to report to the VSSE to submit her audit in good faith, she was murdered and her briefcase containing her auditor work was lost. Keith recovered the briefcase, but before Robert was able to intercept the case, Keith was able to convince the next-generation agents that Robert was the traitor, signaling that the embattered agent and Christy kept their word to complete the information audit in good faith. (RANK:DIAMOND)

Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert - A 2-person team since 1999. They were natural friends even before they were hired into the VSSE. Recognized for their natural friendship, in which the VSSE viewed as a plus. (Both Rank:SPADE)

Giorgio Bruno - A VSSE Agent who previously had a troubled childhood, but was rescued by an Italian Authority. He vowed to live a righteous life, and did so by operating as an Italian NOCS officer during his pre-VSSE days. Previously working alone, he was partnered with Evan Bernard, and even though Giorgio and Evan were partners for only 1 year (not to mention they were not natural partners as opposed to Alan and Wesley), they are a loyal pair. (RANK:SPADE)

Evan Bernard - A VSSE Agent who hails from a line of fishermen. Although a trusted VSSE Agent, he was partnered with Giorgio Bruno to further nourish Bruno's path of righteousness.(RANK:SPADE)

Sarah Martin - Serves as air support for Giorgio in his solo missions. (RANK:DIAMOND)

Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart - Next-generation VSSE agents with superhuman speed. Luke and Marc were issued gas-actuated .50 AE handguns to satisfy . VSSE's ever-growing stringent battery and expectations of their agents' performance. While Luke is brash and impatient, Marc acts with a cool head (RANK:CLUBS)

Catherine Ricci - Serves as air support for Luke and Marc. Aghast when Luke and Marc admitted to Ricci that they were duped by Keith, she tried to run Robert over with her chopper to prevent the traitor from launching a drug-filled missile, pushing the missile away from the aircraft in the process. She survived the impact. (RANK:DIAMOND)

VSSE Trainees (John Martin & Rick Abdul) - New and mysterious characters, looking forward in the Crisis Missions, facing off new challenges and enemies, proven themselves to become full-time agents in the future. (RANK:CLUBS)

  • Equipment


  • Operatives Handguns
  1. Colt M1911 (Old)
  2. Browning Hi-Power
  3. Baretta M9
  4. Glock 17
  5. Jericho 941
  6. Walther PPQ
  7. Sig Sauer P226
  • Agent Handguns
  1. Strayer Voigt Infinity (Richard Miller Pistol)
  2. MK23 Socom (Robert Baxter And Keith Martin Pistol)
  3. Smith And Wesson SW99 (Alan Dunaway and Wesley Lambert Pistol)
  4. HK USP (Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard)
  5. IWI Desert Eagle ( Luke O'Neil and Marc Goddard Pistol)

Sub Machine Guns

  1. M1A1 Thomson (Old)
  2. HK MP5 (Old)
  3. Magpul FMG-9
  4. Sig MPX


  • Condition Become VSSE Agent/Operative

Simple, minimum age must be between 21, must have at least served with in a regular military unit or Police Force for 4 Years, members of an allied Special Operations Forces team are more than welcome to enter, Trainee must be able to do at least 42 push ups, 50 sit ups, and 6 pull ups, time limit for sit ups and push ups are 2 mins. no time limit for pull ups, swim 500 yards breast or side stroke under 12:30 mins or less, run 1.5 miles in 11 mins or less, has an ASVAB score of at least 165, fluent in a minimum of 2 languages including english, eye vision must be correctable to 20/25. Uncorrected vision must be at least 20/70 in the worst eye and 20/40 in the best. Color blindness is disqualifying. Mental and Physical disabilities are accounted into disqualification.

Must have completed military training.
Capable of shooting a target 250 yards away, with a rifle.
Must be Airborne qualified
Proficient in CQB combat

Combat: (For SOF personnel)
Proficient with at least 2 kinds of assault rifles
Capable of shooting targets 350 yards away
Proficient in CQB, urban combat and Hostage Rescue
Must be either of these: Airborne qualified, Frogman, Sapper


(Coming Soon)

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tf2spy2014 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You need to add Turkish Forces, who are cooperating with VSSE after Israel's betrayal. They are using MPT-76 Infantry Rifles, JNG-90 Sniper Rifles, MP5A3 SMG, M4A1 Rifle, HK416 Rifle, 92FS Pistol, P229 Pistol.
WIKIPEDIAUSER Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017
Sure Mate.... I'll add That In Mean Time :)
farhan43 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017  Student General Artist
Cool... Time Crisis meets Counter Strike!!
Two of the best shooting games meet, one arcade one in the PC
WIKIPEDIAUSER Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017
In Fact If Namco Accept My Project I Will Release it in Arcade, Consoles And PC... You can say this is first Time Crisis Game Ever that Released Ever for PC Platform.....

Anyway what do you think about This Picture????
farhan43 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017  Student General Artist
It's awesome and interesting!!
WIKIPEDIAUSER Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017

Anyway I Also Provide Indonesia In This Game... Will you Help me out???
farhan43 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017  Student General Artist
I'll try OK!!
WIKIPEDIAUSER Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
That's A Spirit Gusti... I Hope I can looking forward for our Beautiful Relationaship
farhan43 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017  Student General Artist
Alright!! Also check on my WIP project Youkai Gakuen and Rareware Heroes!! Hope ya like it!! Banjo Kazooie Emote - Banjo Approves 
WIKIPEDIAUSER Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
Fair enough
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