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Medical doctor. Dilettante.

Icon by mei.

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Please Read Before Proceeding

To those I owe art to: Please be patient.

I am a medical doctor. I will finish your art as soon as possible, but please understand that my work comes before art. Thank you for understanding!

You can refer to my progress tracker to see my queue. Please let me know if I owe you art that isn't reflected in the tracker!

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..... damn, your username.
Thank you very much!
"Wikipedia". I had to read it a few times to make sure I didn't misread it. I like your username. Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 
Thank you very much for saying so.
I quite like your username, too.
To whom it may concern (,,,
I am the entity with the initials JPM/JPPM requesting removal of designs that infringe on the copyright of a design I purchased from the user Yoai/Yoaihime, previously known as Gardosen (hereonout referred to as "Yoai".) My e-mail address is mam******@*

You are free to contact me here or on the provided e-mail address to verify this claim. I can provide communications between the artist and I, along with the PayPal receipt for the purchase of the design. 

The design and art was made by Yoai, but as the person who purchased the design from Yoai, I believe I have the right to file DMCA requests on her behalf as the offending content infringes her rights as the creator of the design, and I, as the current owner of the design.  

Thank you very much.
P.S. In addition, I am also paxtaxwax on Pinterest, Weheartit, and Aminoapps.
i love your username
Thank you very much!