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White Flag
Peaks of perseverance throughout your day; Nostalgia only the  prophet can denounce
Love, what do you christen the impending doom
When all that you dwell in is the past?
Reside in my arms -- ad infinitum-- until the sun rays scold memories away
And pick upon your damnation
For this is not your sibyl's cast.
Though somber air sweeps the city sky, and daubs the distance grey
I give notice to your color, boy,
I see when you wear blue.
Experience will always change a man; solidity wearing though
Do not carry consignment upon your back
Bearing shame that does not belong to you.
Instead, gaze deep through confusion,  drive bewilderment to the side
Favor the clarity of isolation
For empathetic minds are hard to find.
Elapsed moments of anticipation, fear, repulsion, shock and thirst
Mere moments of hesitation
Cannot let it pause you in real time.
Let no moment sweep you off your feet, but steal your heart's stiff chill
Moments of hesitation, so sweet
Should not seize you f
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 1 0
Every time He tries to speak, He can't.
Her eyes of such bewilderment hold Him mute.
Poetry drools from the corners of His lips,
and rancor leaks from every pore.
But its not His fault He wants more.
By which He stands on solid ground
Her tears flush the world of disappointments.
Tall shadows yield in Her midst.
and still He cannot speak;
His throat won't make a sound.
Lights shine down from ugly heavens;
cast hues of gray upon gray.
Still Her eyes shine with the glitter of
tiny droplets
as the gates of lashes hold them back.
He lets out a sigh of uncertainty,
unknowing of what He will cause.
Her lips quiver and shake
in the air theres a quake,
and He chokes as He tries to carry on.
And with a wave of all black
crashing down on His back
the Raven drops by for a visit.
Her eyes slowly mention the pain held within
and then even the Raven is stricken.
But the conscience doesn't lie
anymore than Her thoughts can feel.
It doesn't need to be said.
All else is dead.
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 1
As her hands opened up
down came the night sky
and as I washed thoughts away,
I had heard myself cry.
The pain shed betwixt;
two minds carved away
never before had it seemed to decay.
And although her whispers were soft and sweet
it came to me as a growl in our heat.
The breath of her skin,
The beat of her eyes,
and her heart in which I can recall many sighs.
Closing of heartache, next of kin
Oh, surprising, heroic suicides...
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 0
Hold me in your arms before the light burns out its brilliance.
This heroin, this monster, Love, it doesn't loan resilience.
For when this demon closes his wings,
when the arrows start to fall,
his shielding fades and casts away
the lies in which we call.
With each solemn 'I love you'
I feel our needs have met.
For every time I kiss you it is as if black sun hath set.
The depths of hell in which I lie
holds dearly to my heart
the pain in which I'll suffer when my last breath shall depart.
The screams and cries, temptress, tell me
what is it that you've done?
My lover, gone, not shed and yet,
my torture has yet begun!
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 3
And here's the part where I get on my knees.
Dip the brush in the bucket of black oil and scrub the floors,
although they never get any cleaner.
Blot at the stains on my dress even though they never come out;
and all I can think about
is these recollections from the other night.
Your thrashing and kicking, and spilling your heart out into a little tin pale...
And NOTHING works on these floors....
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 0
Eternal Sunshine
When I ran rivers of lies down my hollow cheeks,
when I threw an ocean of acid from my throat,
when I pulled the splinters from under my nails
and cried my screams of agony- only in my head
because I didn't want to harm your pretty little ears-
how did you consider
my act was not without purpose?
My rebelliousness; not without cause?
All my pain is in your name.
Cursing you beneath my breath is all that I can do
as I make love to you,
because neither side is best.
And when the blue canal breaks
and the red splashes above the surface
drawing letters with delicate droplets-
what shall you do cry for me?
I do not want your tears,
I want your pain.
Open up your mouth and empty your bottomless pit.
Crush my soul beneath your untruths.
Taint my innocence with your variety;
your thought to choose,
because for me- it was all for you.
Return the favor.
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 0
Stage Fright
Close the curtains! Let the audience cry!
For once let me tell them their hero dies
How darkness wins, how evil spawns
How heaven's a lie, and of God's little cons
The world's out to deceive you, and you'd never know
The books with the colors, OH! The things they wont show
There's liars, there's cheaters, there's beggars, there's poor
And all this you look past and call yourselves pure
To be so wise with an idiot's mind
Searching this world for those like your kind
Maggots in your eyes, bugs under your skin
I've heard of your lies, how you cover your sin
Your mouths move so quickly and talk of what's wrong
Yet when you see true horror, you're no longer strong
To be jaded so badly, that all else is numb
Upon this stage, see what you've become!
I shall show you these horrors! I'll dig up your fears!
Confrontation's a medicine, I want to see tears
Flood down the isle, I'll swear blood is best
Without all these feelings, your life is for jest
Notice around you, it's all black and white
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 3 2
Original Sin
Flowing words of shallow wisdom
Lukewarm water to my ears
Baptized in the promises of your self-destruction
To carve the letters of revelations in my arm and predict the future with my head tilted back
Possessive nature with that dignified eccentricity that sets me apart from the rest
Belief in all the wrong virtues – following a light that's darker than the shadows
Knowing too much; fearing too little
Bathe your senses in the darkness, bite the apple, swallow and purge
It's all the same anyway
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 1
You Think
You'd think I don't see what's under your skin
The lies that you've hidden, the trouble you're in
With a simple okay and a wave of your hand
I laugh when you think that the world understands
A manic depressant one minute to next
And I swear that it's me that you take out your flex
I'm so sick of waiting for your move to be made
Awake every night I feel I'm a slave
to your dreams and your thoughts
You're an idol, I suppose
but what is once said in darkness will soon be exposed
See I'd make your world
and you know you'd make mine
I'm everywhere, darling, don't you see the signs?
Cause we're made to be
Can't you see
Just for me
Has to be
And I can't understand why you chose only
to disagree
And I know that it hurts, to feel these emotions inside
But there's rules in which star-crossed lovers must abide
Like Romeo and Juliet, a tragic ending is at hand
But I still make my heart ache with daydreams that I've planned
All that I want is to read you, like a book the first time and
to understan
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 1 3
A Loss For Words
The cat's eyes failed to mention the story untold
'cept when I asked, I only heard a mockery
its paws, renowned, not strong, held out
as a shaking, waking, flaking hand shook
with utter appreciation for jokes
about such serious concepts
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 1 2
Vanity Fare
When she'd worked so hard to be so fair
each hour pressing against her,
holding onto fear.
When she'd hoped her world would notice
see her with glittering eyes,
beauty commences focus.
And when the mirror told her lies
empty plates were her best friend-
then wistfulness cries.
As tears never tasted so good
sitting down and staring,
knowing little, as she should.
The dainty gracefulness that followed
was never as black as before,
more water swallowed.
Faces with high gloss paved her path
with aim for certain numbers,
do the math.
No one discovered the trail left behind
as her cookie crumbled,
they had all turned blind.
An ugly duckling- Nevermore, Nevermore-
her contemplation,
mind making her sore.
The matter at hand, simply uncut
the rhymes and the absence,
the falling apart.
Yet little less said with a promise at bay
ran from her problems,
Swing life away.
With breath to each pant
situations get worse,
prays her little chant.
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 2
To Make Me Happy
I don't make mistakes.
When I hurt you, its on purpose;
Because to see your heart on its last beat
dying slowly because of my cruel words
the rush that follows is like no other.
And when the tears drip down your cheeks
like the rain against the car windowsill,
I laugh on the inside,
giddy with ego,
happy that you're not.
The wrong moves always make for the right moments.
Seeing your hand reach for mine
and me pulling away-
Oh, it's divine.
This sick, twisted, divinity.
But could I be so wrong in my desire?
your pain only makes mine a little quieter.
Isn't that all I've ever wanted?
All I've ever dreamed about?
And now that you're here,
I can drown in your depression
and float in mine.
:iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 13
Eyes Open
There are just some times when I feel cold eyes.
They lick upon my back like the splash of cold water to face;
ever sneering, their condescending, smiling fringes
haunt my dreams
And with the blank stare of dementia,
early stages of distorted memories,
collapsed around a shadowed mind
and a clouded sleep- just think.
Yet, to dwell on the feeling,
dread heavy like lead against my stomach
makes me sick beyond means of purging.
But a flush of recollections brought up to surface
Eyes so vivid, they kiss my own.
Figures behind the shroud of eyelids, dancing with fire;
colorful arrays of hatred, alluring in their complexity-
only to admire with a never ending game of who blinks first.
And to read those eyes is far more freighting.
Read and turn to see letters dripping of the page like water.
Words pooled at my ankles
with stories of wisdom and prediction that make me feel out of place.
To stay asleep inside this dreamland is a decision not yet made.
The eyes shall either stay or leave.
To kn
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Wall Poster by wikednesschime Wall Poster :iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 7 Cathedral by wikednesschime Cathedral :iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 0 1 Musee d'Orsay by wikednesschime Musee d'Orsay :iconwikednesschime:wikednesschime 2 4


98 by felixlu 98 :iconfelixlu:felixlu 609 146 .Old LoVe. by b4c0 .Old LoVe. :iconb4c0:b4c0 57 35
With shining eyes and broken hearts
We say our long goodbyes.
So much time spent; wasted.
All our time together past,
We look toward the future.
Words and emotions
Pouring from us over a simple thing.
Complications will arise in simple things
Only from complicated people.
Farewell to this complication;
To these words;
To these emotions.
With shining eyes and broken hearts
We say our last goodbyes.
:iconidontpostart:IDontPostArt 3 15
012 by bordon 012 :iconbordon:bordon 86 16 Ribbon's Amy Rose by Kaya-Snapdragon Ribbon's Amy Rose :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 1,627 291 Art Meme by nyu Art Meme :iconnyu:nyu 21,486 10,340
Greenish-blue skies lit with
firey red balloons. To be free?
Maybe, or maybe not. She jumps-
but her feet will never rise over
her tall, green shackles.
Does she wish to fly, to be free?
Could you fly through heavens
and over oceans and in canyons, without
looking back to see if you've made a trail?
So does she fly with red balloons? Perhaps,
but would you fly, too? Or would icy fear
hold your ankles to the dirt, rooted like
the grass, who once dreamt of flying too?
To fly-to be free-on red balloons.
It would, perhaps, be nice. But for now
she is content with jumping into dreams,
holding on to red balloons.
:iconsnapcracklepopz:snapcracklepopz 1 4
Untitled 1 by RushinRussian486 Untitled 1 :iconrushinrussian486:RushinRussian486 1 1 Paris Hilton by D17rulez Paris Hilton :icond17rulez:D17rulez 332 344 The magical pigment shop by asuka111 The magical pigment shop :iconasuka111:asuka111 20,284 937
.:Stormy Weather:.
(Amy’s POV)
“Sonic!” I shouted, shivering. One of my bangs smacked me in the eye, startling me enough so that I yelped. I fixed my headband, shoving the three quills back. I looked around me, squinting, trying to see anything through the sheet of rain that was coming down. The force of the wind made walking an effort and not being able to see had caused me to trip several times. My gloves and hands were cut, knees scraped, and elbows scratched up.
Looking around, I wondered just how I had gotten in this mess. One minute I had been chasing Sonic and the next… This. I rubbed my arms to help warm myself up, but it stung my hands. Wrapping my arms around myself, I started walking again. “Sonic!” I shouted again.
God, it was so cold… And this storm had come out of nowhere! “So much for ‘clear, sunny weather’ today,” I muttered, scowling.
I glanced up, trying to see if there was any sign of blue sky. Cold water hit my eyes though,
:iconstarthehedgecat:StarTheHedgeCat 391 443
The Villanizer by SpazedOut The Villanizer :iconspazedout:SpazedOut 2,341 490 two pink balloons. by anniegetmygun two pink balloons. :iconanniegetmygun:anniegetmygun 3 2 street photography 36 by felixlu street photography 36 :iconfelixlu:felixlu 253 50



United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Amy Rose
Personal Quote: The key to salvation is how much attention you get.
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