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Humanoid Mass TF RP
Main TFs:
Forgot to add this: (NO POKEMON PLEASE)
Cartoon Sticker. (Cartoon character TF, humanoid only)
Video game (Video game character TF, humanoid only)
Anime/manga (Anime/manga character TF, humanoid only)
Cat ears (neko tf)
Fake fangs (Vampire TF)
Gemstone (Gem/SU character TF)
(Keeping it human/humanlike this time)
Side Effects:
-TG (Transgender)
-AR (Not below the age of 7)
-AP (Not above the age of 55)
-MC (Mind Control/Mind Change)
-Inflation (Fat/Air)
-Inanimate (Specify what material your made of)
-Bondage Fetish
-Pool toy
-Obedience (Loyal and will do anything that their told to do, no matter what)
-Romance (They'll instantly fall in love with the person who TF'd them) (I don't to Male to Male. Sorry)
-Infectious (Once you transform, you can transform other people into what you've become)
-Butt expansion
-Breast expansion
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 9 219
There is also another TF I would like to do. Which is based on a redflare500 picture, note me for more details!
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 1 38
I would really like to do an RP based on some works by Endium on FA. It will more than likely be mature. Note me!
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 1 13
Beacon Student Application Form
Owner: WiiplayalllFull Name: Ravin DarkwoodAge: 18Gender: FemaleSchool last attended: Signal
Medical Information:
Height: 5`1Weight: 82 poundsHair Color: Long and wavy, most of the time in a ponytail. Black with dark red streaks in it. Eye Color: Dark RedAllergies:Medical Condition(s):Emergency Contact(s): Her mother, Alice Darkwood, Her father, Nicholas Dark wood.
Weapon Registration: When filling this out, delete anything that does not apply to your weapon(s)
Primary Weapon Name: Umbra LatigoPrimary Weapon Classification(s): Interchangeable Whip Pistol (IWP)Primary Weapon type(s): Whip, Dagger, Pistol
Check all that apply
[X] Slashing
[X] Piercing
[ ] Bludgeoning
[ ] Other: ________ (Describe. Note that Dust has a section of its own)
[ ] Dust (Mechanized use only)
[X] Bullets: (List Caliber: .44)
[ ] Other: (Please describe)
Delivery Method:
[X] Gu
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 2 4
You are a teenager, in high school. You had recently moved and your parents gave you two choices of schools. Canterlot High and Crystal Prep, interesting names if you had to say so.
Use this format:
Choice of Character that you change into (Can be OC):
MC or no:
Extra effects:
Which School:
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 1 221
"What do you mean, familiar?" I ask, stepping out of the closet now that my sister has gone upstairs. 
"Her skin, it reminds me of my bodyguard's and best friend's fur." She says, "Oh attackers would have had to had gone through her. That explains why she didn't come back right away on her daily food run. It looks like she had gotten to your sister.
"Wait, wait, wait. You are saying my sister...kissed your friend? Well this just gets better and better doesn't it." I say, kinda disgusted now. "So now my sister is going to be your bodyguard pretty much." A loud thump is heard upstairs as well as sneezing and coughing. "That didnt sound too good. I gotta go check on her." I say, walking upstairs after leaving the closet. I walk to the left, where my room and my sister`s rooms are across from each other. I peek into my sister`s room to see her lying on the ground, light blue fur all over her body as her hair is a bit
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 1 3
"Are you sure no one is home?" I hear Ryin in my head ask for about the third time since we had left the cave. It has only been about an hour since I left, getting lost a bit and tripping up. The whole being lighter and having paws for feet will make you do that.
"Yes, I am sure Ryin now cant you stop worrying for five minutes please?" I sigh out grumpily as I soon see my house in view. "My sister should still be out at school for another 5 hours." The house is now in view now, quite literally on the border of the forest. "Would have had more time if I didnt have to trip all over the place. Dumb paws..." I say quietly as I go to the front door, still having my key in my loosely fitting pants pocket. I open it and close the door behind me.
"Nice home. We must make use of this time. So grab a bag or something and get yourself some food. Clothing...will have to come another time. Unless you are willing to take from your sister?
"Nope, not an option. Bad enou
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Alayna by Wiiplayalll Alayna :iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 2 0
Alayna (Sonic OC)
Full Name: Alayna Taloness
Species: Sparrow
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: December 2nd
Eye Color: Violet
Feather Color: Yellow
Height: 3'5"
Weight: 79 lbs.
Alliance: Good
Character Type: Engineer
Attire: Light grey gloves, and white shoes. A pair of goggles around her neck that she wears like a necklace. A golden-yellow top and a dark yellow skirt
Likes: Pizza, Technology (Obviously), Rain, having friends, Reading, Music (Especially if it is loud)
Dislikes: Evil, Being Alone, Thunderstorms, Fire
Spoken language(s): English and Spanish
Resides in: Nowhere and everywhere, she has no set home
Family: Rydia Taloness (Mother, missing)
           Marland Taloness (Father, missing)
           Valor Taloness (Sister, missing)
Friends: Thunderbolt and Tama: pokeman25
            Akuto SlashClaws271 
Rivals: None
Abilities: Highly advanced technological prowess, Intermediate martial arts skills.
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 4 144
Rubber Horse by Wiiplayalll Rubber Horse :iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 2 40
Wynter Everhart
Full Name: Wynter Flynn Everhart
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Anthro Robin
Personality: Calm and generally happy
Main Feather color: Cyan
Color on his stomach: Dark blue
Flight feather color: A medium blue.
Eye color: Purple
Bio: Nothing much to say about Wynter, he was born to a nice anthro robin family. Anthro animals are now accepted into the world, so he can go outside without worrying about being hunted or anything like. 
Mature Fun Fact: He really, really, really enjoys latex. 
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 1 0
Name: Paige Alexander 
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 5`2
Weight: 120 lbs 
Species: Glaceon Gijinka
Personality: Easily Angered, Emotional, Very Protective of the ones she loves, holds grudges. 
Description: Shoulder length, light blue hair, her front bang resembles the head crest of a Glaceon. The rest of her hair looks wind-swept all of the time. She has a rather pale skin complexion. Like her sister Kellies, she has paws as hands and feet. Her paws being that of a Glaceon`s. Paige also has the tail and ears of a Glaceon. 
Clothing: Paige is always wearing dark clothing. A black long-sleeved shirt under her dark pale blue, short-sleeved hoodie. She wears normal jeans and wears a necklace with a small gem in it. No clue where or who gave it to her, she woke up and found it in her bag one day. She kept it, thinking it may somehow lead them home. 
Bio: Look at Kellies
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 2 0
Day in The Life.
"Wake up...." 
My eyes snap open at that. "H-Hm?" I look down at myself, expecting to see my human self. Though that was not the case. I am still some kind of freak. I look away and look around the cave. Nothing seems to have changed since I went to sleep. 
"Guess I should get up...." I say as I stand up, not quite used to my paws. It was still raining lightly outside as I am able to hear light pitter patters of rain near the opening of the cave. I decide to walk to the entrance. 
"I am kinda hungry." The rain falls lightly from the broad leaves of the trees. "Not even sure what I could get to eat."
"Well maybe some food? You aren't exactly a feral animal you know." a voice rang from my head said. 
"Hm? Who was that?"
"You honestly do not know? Remember yesterday? It is me. Though I never had told you my name."
"Oh....the one who ruined my life. So you are still alive? my head." 
"Very s
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Statue by Wiiplayalll Statue :iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 0 25
Mature content
A is For Absol :iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 2 10
Name: Kellies Alexander
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 4`9
Weight: 115 lbs
Species: Sylveon Gijinka
Personality: Playful and Cheery, always willing to help
Description: Very long, pink rose colored hair, reaching down to her thigh. She usually keeps it in a ponytail. Kellies has a creamy skin tone. Her eyes are a bright blue color. Instead of hands, she has paws which she still uses just as easily as anyone else would with normal hands. The same goes for her feet. Kellies does have the ears and tail of a Sylveon.
Clothing: Kellies usually wears a flowing bright pink dress. She wears a butterfly bow in her hair to remember her father while she is adventuring. Kellies also has the other bows on her ear and on the collar of her dress. She loves to wear boots. So most of the time you will see her with either boots or nothing on her feet at all.
Bio: Kellies was born a normal baby with her family having no prior pokemon traits at all. Her family wasn't all too rich, but they weren
:iconwiiplayalll:Wiiplayalll 2 6


TF Story Commish
I can do mature, just note me the details. 


I've gotten a bit interesting in conflation, and was wondering if anyone would be interested. It can lead to TF of course.


United States
I do tf story requests ^^



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