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My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition Part.5
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition
Part.5 Meeting Loyalty
Flying above Ponyville, Typhoon and Rainbow Dash soared through the skies leaving behind streaks of their natural hair colors. As they flew across the sky the two came to a sudden stop on the front porch of a home made from clouds. The two were short of breath and laughed at each other.
“Well that proves it,” said the breathless Rainbow Dash, “you definitely are my son.”
Typhoon smiled, “Ha that wasn’t even my full speed. You should see me once I hit my Sonic Tyboom.”
“Sonic Tyboom?”
“Named it after myself. It’s like your Sonic Rainboom but just not rainbow colored.”
“Ha that’s the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard.”
“That’s not what you said in the future when I beat you!”
“What for real. You beat me in a race!”
The two starred at each other and started laughing.
“Nah I never actually beat you
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 3 2
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition Part.4
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition
Part.4 Meeting Honesty
At Apple Acres, Belmac and Jonadel followed their mother, Applejack to their farm. Jonadel looked at Belmac and nudged him. Belmac looked at Jonadel with a questioning look.
"Bro this is awesome," whispered Jonadel, "since we are in the past that means no work!"
Belmac's shook his head and rolled his eyes.
"Come on admit it you want this vacation."
"No," replied Belmac, "this is not a vacation John this is a mission to help Eclipse and that's exactly what we're all gonna do. If that means we are gonna work then we are gonna work no buts about it."
"Ah you're a stinker ya know that?"
"Alright boys we're here," said Applejack, "welcome home I guess. I'm not really sure how to tell the others about you two."
"It's kind of tricky huh. Well I recommend we keep it cool if ya know what I mean ma," replied Jonadel.
"I recommend that ya don't ever listen to John. His common sense is worst then a male beta fish looking at a mirror," re
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 0 3
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition Part.3
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition
Part 3.Meeting Kindness
Fluttershy opened the door to her house and helped her future daughter into her home. Petal looked around and noticed how much the home didn’t really change compared to what it looks like in the future.
“I hope my I mean our home isn’t too different then what it is in the future,” said Fluttershy.
“Oh no it doesn’t look any different actually,” Petal kept walking around the house looking at everything, “The only thing is… it kind of lacks is the large amount of animals.”
“Oh um they’re just hiding. Come on out everybody it’s okay she’s fa…family.”
Petal blushed and watched as the animals around the house began to come out of their hiding places to meet Petal.
“Everyone this is Petal she is my future daughter,” said Fluttershy.
A little white bunny hopped up to Petal and smiled. Petal looked at it for a couple of second
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 1 2
Two Sisters Reading by WiiCreep Two Sisters Reading :iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 2 2 Queen Artemis of the Nightly Desert Kingdom by WiiCreep Queen Artemis of the Nightly Desert Kingdom :iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 1 2
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition Part.2
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition
Part 2. What did I do?
Eclipse sat in the throne room, in front of him was Princess Celestia and a younger Princess Luna, her mane was a light blue color and was a bit shorter but Eclipse knew that his mom back in this time hadn't grown her mane out yet. Eclipse starred at the princesses with shy eyes not knowing what to tell them. Celestia took a sip from her tea and then looked at Eclipse.
"Tell us the truth Prince Eclipse where are you from?" asked Princess Celestia, "It will be a lot easier for you if you tell us the truth."
"I wish I could but if I do it might cause other problems," answered Eclipse.
"And why's that young colt?" asked Princess Luna.
Eclipse blushed, "It's really complicated but I hope that what I tell you won't affect the future too much."
"What do you mean?" asked Celestia.
Taking a sigh of breathe Eclipse revealed his secret, "I'm from the future and I fear that I need to find a way home because I don't know how to."
"How ca
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 1 2
My Little Pony Prince Eclipse Edition Part.1
My Little Pony Eclipse Edition
Part 1.Oops…
It began years ago, a death of a prince to be, an heir training to be a hero of the lands, creatures of the skies attacking, and finally a new resurrection in the bonds of friendship. This story is how a young colt became a hero using a power stronger then the elements of harmony. We begin our story in Ponyville where the teacher of our hero was waiting for her student or our hero to arrive. Of course our hero was a little late. When he finally arrived his teacher was reading a book. Our hero is a tall dark blue alicorn with a darker blue mane with yellow streaks in it. He also has purple eyes given to him by his father.
“Good morning Princess Twilight Sparkle. Sorry for being late to today’s lesson,” said the hero.
“No worries Prince Eclipse in fact I’m actually kind of glad you arrived late,” replied Twilight.
“You are?”
“Shocking isn’t it?”
“A little but I’
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 1 2
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition. Epilogue
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition
7 years after the death of Wiicreep
It is a cold night ten fillies are gathered around a small little fire with an older Princess Twilight Sparkle. Twilight gave each filly a marshmallow and they all started to roast their marshmallow over the fires. Twilight headed back to her spot and began roasting her own marshmallow.
"Thank you Mrs.Twilight!" shouted all the fillies
"Your all very welcome." replied Twilight.
A blue pegasus moved his marshmallow away from the flame and took a bite of it.
"Yum!" said the blue pegasus. He finished that marshmallow and grabbed more and started eating those very rapidly.
"Easy Typhoon, if you eat too many you'll get sick." said Twilight
Too late Typhoon's stomach began to growl and Typhoon wrapped his hooves around his stomach.
"Mrs.Twilight I have to go restroom. *stomach growls* Really bad!"
Twilight stood up and went to the blue pegasus. He stood up and started walking towards a Porta-Potty that wasn't too fa
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 0 0
The Painful End by WiiCreep The Painful End :iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 12 8
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Part.5 The End
Why must I lose everything I love? Why must I go through so much heartbreak and pain. Today is the worst day of my life. It happened one year ago from today. Who am I you ask and what happened? My name is Princess Luna and my dear fiancé died on this day. His name was WiiCreep. He was a yellow unicorn with a white mane. I never can forget this day. What happened on this day was just horrific.
Let me start at the beginning. When I returned after my encounter with Twilight Sparkle and returned to my former self. I wanted to become a bit more active of course it was difficult to act like those in Ponyville so I started off slow in Canterlot. That’s where I met him. He was playing a 3DS when I caught his attention. He stared at me and smiled. I smiled, turned, and blushed. He walked up to me. I was shocked to know that one of my own subject had enough courage to walk up to me and speak to me or at least I thought that. What he actually said shocked me a lot more. He said,
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 0 0
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Part.4
Hi my name is WiiCreep and this is the last part of my story. So this part of my story begins only one month ago which is three years after Celestia's wedding and yes Luna and I are still dating. Now in actuality I'm going to tell you that this part of my story actually leads to today, the day I'm writing this. I'm really excited for today. You'll find out later why I'm excited. I'm really excited but we should continue on with this story. So this part begins a month ago from today and well I'm going to warn you what I do is not very smart of me and it is considered illegal but if things go according to plan then I won't have to worry. I was at the Canterlot Castle waiting for Prince Solar. Unfortunately a lot of bad things have been happening all over the world. These giant cloud-like monsters called Cloudbolbs are evil creatures and all the monarchs are trying to find out why they are here. Luckily it doesn't affect mine and Luna's relationship a lot because Solar doesn't want to str
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 1 0
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Part.3
Hi my name is WiiCreep and I'm positive that you know my name already. If you don't well…what are you doing reading the third part of my story? Seriously you're gonna spoil the story for yourself. You even missed the giant dragon, saving the princess, and me being awesome. Not like any of that is true except for me being awesome but still go back and read! Anyway this is before my final story and it takes place about a year after Twilight's coronation. Yeah it's been awhile since the last part of my story. This story starts off on the day of the Galloping Gala. Now that day is very special not just for everypony but for myself, Luna, and even Celestia. I was wondering around Ponyville by myself. I was just wondering the town being normal and boring when I heard someone call my name.
"WiiCreep is that you?" asked the voice.
I turned around and it was Twilight Sparkle. She was wearing her royal dress and had wings (that didn't surprise me).
"Is that really you WiiCreep?"
"The one a
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 0 0
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Part.2
Hello my name is WiiCreep but you probably already knew that since this is the second part of my story but for those who didn't yeah that's my name. So why don't we jump into my story. You are about to find out one of my secrets.
Now this story takes place about five months after the Crackbaby fiasco. I still kept in touch with Twilight and her friends. This special day started up kind of weird though. First, I got a letter. The letter was from Canterlot. For me that's kind of weird because I stopped communicating with my family in Canterlot. So I opened the letter and here's what it had,
Dear WiiCreep,
We would like to ask that you, WiiCreep, host the annual GamerPonacon in Ponyville three months from today. We know that in most recent years ponies seem to dislike you but it would be a great honor for you to show that you are still in the game. We hope to see you here in Canterlot to discuss any more information a day from now.
Sincerely with love,
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 1 0
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Part.1
Hello everypony or body who cares? My name is WiiCreep. Not, let me repeat, NOT WeCreep! There are two i's instead of an e. There is only one WiiCreep not multiple creeps just one. Okay…okay. Now let me explain myself or actually let me tell about myself. One, I am a unicorn. I have yellow fur and my mane is white. Two, I'm not a creep. Three, I love churros! Four, I live in Ponyville by the town center thingy? Five, I'm not a creep! Six, my job is to test videogames and report them to the company and the other ponies. I guess that's my life. So…umn…well I guess I can tell you some of my life stories. The first one was the story when I had to buy apple cider. You would think that be normal but what happened the night before was weird.
It was about eleven o'clock at night when I get a call. I woke up hearing my friend Raven on my answering machine. It sounded something like this, "Chula ka moop," apple cider partied him out. I had to head out to DJ-Pon3 house. It didn'
:iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 0 4
My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Cover by WiiCreep My Little Pony WiiCreep Edition Cover :iconwiicreep:WiiCreep 2 0


Allies by Carnage2u Allies :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 2 0 Sonic Legends Preview.1 by Carnage2u Sonic Legends Preview.1 :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 1 0 Sonic Legends Preview.2 by Carnage2u Sonic Legends Preview.2 :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 1 2 Sonic Legends Preview.3 by Carnage2u Sonic Legends Preview.3 :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 1 0 Sonic Legends Preview.4 by Carnage2u Sonic Legends Preview.4 :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 1 0 Sonic Legends Preview.5 (LAST) by Carnage2u Sonic Legends Preview.5 (LAST) :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 1 0 Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem Defend! by Carnage2u Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem Defend! :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 1 0 Rayquaza (Delta Form) VS Deoxys by Carnage2u Rayquaza (Delta Form) VS Deoxys :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 2 0 Kyurem's Beliefs by Carnage2u Kyurem's Beliefs :iconcarnage2u:Carnage2u 2 0 Substitute by uotapo Substitute :iconuotapo:uotapo 6,864 962 Lorule Link by Lethalityrush Lorule Link :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 1,737 314 No Hands [Dub Added] by Lethalityrush No Hands [Dub Added] :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 5,001 767 An Encouraging Word by artwork-tee An Encouraging Word :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 2,216 680 REQUEST Base 27- Pony at Work by xorderlyxchaosx REQUEST Base 27- Pony at Work :iconxorderlyxchaosx:xorderlyxchaosx 57 9 REQUEST Base 28- Evil Poneh Number Three! D: by xorderlyxchaosx REQUEST Base 28- Evil Poneh Number Three! D: :iconxorderlyxchaosx:xorderlyxchaosx 168 39 Base 29- Oh, Really? by xorderlyxchaosx Base 29- Oh, Really? :iconxorderlyxchaosx:xorderlyxchaosx 146 32



Name: Julian
Nicknames: Jewels, Ross, Carnitas
Gender: Male
Sexuality: 100% Straight
Height: I have no idea...
Average hours of sleep: varies approximately 8 hours.
OTPS: Sonic x Amy, Shadow x OC, Silver x Blaze, Alice (a Sonic OC) x Tails, Fox x Krystal, Steven Stone x Cynthia, Princess Celestia x Prince Solar (I know he's my own OC but I really liked it.), Princess Luna x WiiCreep (Same thing as Solar) Chrom x Sumia, Nowi x Robin (Avatar), Umbreon x Espeon, Jack Frost x Elsa, and Carnage x Mikasa (it's a long story...).

The Things I googled: Sonic the Hedgehog comic book pages for references

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1
Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew Code Red or Fanta Grape
The Last Movie I Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy
What I Last Said to A Family Member: Dude you need to take a shower you stink...(no joke he just came home from playing basketball)
Three Things I Can't Live Without: ....I can't it's impossible...
You Have to Listen to This Song: Phil Collin's You'll Be In My Heart or Celtic Women, Alex Sharpe's version
Phil's - 
Alex's - 

I tag :iconnecr0ss: :iconmonicahedgie: :iconbritestarrobot: :iconnowiismywife: :iconjade-the-tiger:


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United States
Hi my name is Wiicreep. That's Wiicreep not WeCreep. Two i's not an e. I grew up in Canterlot and started a career in giving reviews for video games. A lot of gamer ponies liked me. I was famous but then something happened. I don't like to talk about it. Anyway afterwards I moved to Ponyville. It's nice but so many weird things happen here and I never hear about it till it already happened. I still do reviews but just little indie games but I think my life will be changing some time soon though not so why but I think it will.


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