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Stop Animal Testing Stamp
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Published: April 17, 2008
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Looking through the cage
Looking through our prison
Looking through at you
Begging you to help us
Begging you to set us free
Free from this hellhole

Animal testing has been going on for years. It has been going on for years, and with no law against it. Animal testing, which at times ends up with the mass killing of animals, is legal. Completely, and utterly legal.

Though laws have been set to ensure the animals feel no pain, not all labs follow these laws. Sometimes, labs will even go as far as to open up an animal without using anything at all to numb the pain the animal is sure to be feeling. In other words, they give the animal surgery while they are AWAKE, and without ANY painkillers. How much sicker can you get?

So, how do you solve the problem? Simple, you get rid of it all together. There are other options in this modern day, options that will produce the same effects. If you are against inhumane animal testing as well, *put this in your DA journal. (Use :thumb83120002: )

Comments and :+fav:s are much appreciated.

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*If you do not have a DA subscription, you can not directly put it up there. ;~; Please link to it normally, if you can't use the thumbcode!
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SachinAmateurArtistStudent General Artist
I would rather have cancer than be poked by tools in the mouth and eyes and be applied with medicine. And discarded like trash after a day.
JrAltic's avatar
JrAlticHobbyist General Artist
Agreed. Not to sound callous but there are tons of desperate humans who would volunteer for medical experimentation if paid. Start there. Leave the cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and every other poor little furred or feathered soul alone. They've proven animal medical experimentation is just as useless and barbaric as cosmetic experimentation. Especially from the animal's POV. Cats don't have the same throat structure as humans, why would a teaching hospital use a cat to teach incubator tube placement? It is illogical and horrible and painful. I've had incubator tubes, they freaking hurt. No wonder doctors suffer from malpractice, they're trained on animals to work on humans. Or drugs with unpredictable side effects because they worked in animal trails, but didn't spend enough time on human trials. Start with humans for humans. Like I said, there are enough desperate people who'd allow themselves to be experimented on. Look at the people who sell plasma and other bodily fluids for money. Sorry for ranting, it is just one of those things that's always baffled me. If for a human, use a human.
creationcomplex's avatar
creationcomplexHobbyist Digital Artist
If it involves makeup, it should be stopped.

If it's for medicine, then it needs to continue.

Anyways, stop anthropomorphizing animals.
DandyBandi's avatar
DandyBandiHobbyist General Artist
I realize this comment is several months old but could we discuss the second sentence you said here? (If it's for medicine, then it needs to continue)
Paborher's avatar
PaborherStudent Artist
I agree
Gavin-The-Bunny's avatar
If it's medical I'm okay with it, but if it's some retarded shit like a genetic experiment then no, do that shit on someone else.
Mina-Fox's avatar
Mina-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally agree with this. :nod: Why? Because it's sad a lot of people are buying conventional consumer products that hide the fact that they test on animals. It's really sick; and once tested on animals, it also means those products harm both human health and the environment. It's best that all of us make the switch to environmentally-friendly products that do little to no harm on human health and also are certified to not be animal-tested.
Pootis9999's avatar
Pootis9999Student Writer
Animal testing involving makeup? Blame the legal system and the retards who thought eating the stuff was a good idea. The reason why they test it is because of law suits from idiots or the families of the idiots who drank or injected medicine.

Animal testing involving medicine? Should keep going. What? Do you believe a few animal lives are worth more than lives of thousands, millions or even billions of humans? Would you prefer humans being tested? Because that's what Hitler did to the Jews.
Pootis9999's avatar
Pootis9999Student Writer
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soulessone12's avatar
If its for nonmedical purposes then i agree but if its for medical purposes then I'm total against this stamp, word of advice next time you do stamps like these be a lot more specific
SherbertTCat's avatar
SherbertTCatHobbyist Digital Artist
Without animal testing, modern medicine would still be in the dark ages.
Think of a life-saving procedure or technology. Animal testing was probably involved.
SherbertTCat's avatar
SherbertTCatHobbyist Digital Artist
You're just not very edgy.
SherbertTCat's avatar
SherbertTCatHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh huh.
NlKlTA's avatar
NlKlTAStudent Writer
They use animal testing for makeup too. I don't remember makeup being life saving??

Sorry, but just saying..
SherbertTCat's avatar
SherbertTCatHobbyist Digital Artist
You take the bad with the good.
While I don't condone animal testing for cosmetics, if we never tested on animals, there would be a lot more diseases and medical conditions we'd still be dropping dead from, left and right.
RepeatingDigits's avatar
Also, for the guys disagreeing down here.
Did you know animal testing can also test for cures in animals?
Thats right. Animal diseases, rabies, etc etc.
Think about that for a second.
Really hard.
Although i support animal testing untill the makeup and cosmetics thing. Anyone can handle a lipstick on an open wound in the lips with anesthetics.
LordMoonBiscuit's avatar
LordMoonBiscuitStudent Digital Artist
:iconclapplease: finally someone who isn't "OMG TEH ANIMULZ R HURT WE GOTTA SAV DEM!!!!!".
AnastasiaPitbull's avatar
AnastasiaPitbullHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww! I'm in love with animals and what wrong with people killing animals for!? Yea stop using a dumbass testing stuff?! I wish that was banned. Too mannnyy dogs and cats in the world stop testing and breeding them if they don't want to! I'm mad! It made me feel sorry for them! That why a cats around my house I can't reuse them to species hostial. They are solo stupid!! They are WRONG! STOP DOING THING THIS CRAP!:-[ I'm pissed off I don't wants more people this planet too much! We should copy form china! Not eats cat and dogs!
Timelord909's avatar
Timelord909Hobbyist General Artist
I only buy products that say
"Not tested on animals"
SherbertTCat's avatar
SherbertTCatHobbyist Digital Artist
Does that include medicines and surgical procedures?
Timelord909's avatar
Timelord909Hobbyist General Artist
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