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Feel Away's official ''Children Of Nowhere'' Cover by wifun2012 Feel Away's official ''Children Of Nowhere'' Cover by wifun2012
After some days of discussion, we have chosen the final, definitive and official cover of the first album of my band Feel Away, called Children Of Nowhere and planned for 2013. Here is the result above.


Our band will write the partitions of the 5 first songs whose we have published the lyrics on Facebook ; these songs are :
- "Love Sickness Part I"
- "Love Sickness Part II"
- "Just Wait The End"
- "Grey"
- "My Pain Burns"

The 5 songs will be in our first album, and will be the first songs available before the release of Children Of Nowhere. They will be published on YouTube, MySpace and SoundCloud and can be free to hear and to download, but you must wait march or april to listen to these songs.
We don't know so if we'll release a 5 songs EP before Children Of Nowhere. If it does, I think we'll call the EP The Reunion Soon, as referring to the song of M83 "Reunion" (from the album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming) whose video shows children with superpowers (thus not like others) that escape the authorities, and that surely will give us the inspiration for our next songs.

We work hard for the band ; even if we are 3 to go to school, but we'll be free in summer and after summer, and so we'll have all the time needed to finish recording the album and offer it to the public !


- Singer : Eva Sanchez
- Guitar : Regis Moussaron
- Bass : Dylan Mermoud
- Drums : Wilfried Andral Hoffmann (me)
- Manager of the band : Michael El Assad
- Musical styles : rock, alternative rock, metal
- Number of songs : at least 10 or 12 ; 5 are confirmed
- Influences : Muse, Nirvana, Bring Me The Horizon, Escape The Fate, Miss May I, Blink-182
- Themes : Love, Sickness, Jealousy, Hurt, Apocalypse, Society, Past life
- Album planned for : autumn 2013.

Check out the related links of our band FEEL AWAY and follows us on :


You can download the album cover and keep it before downloading later our 1st songs.

If you have questions about our band and our album, you can tell me them, I'll be happy to answer you !
caminante0 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I love the concept, the monochromatic colours gives a very melancholic feeling and the main image is really strong :nod:
But (and I don't want to be a spoilsport) don't you think the back of her head looks kind of odd? it has like a weird a glow, and is not blending as much as it should whit the background.
Also the text, I have the feeling that would look so much better if it were centered on the top of the cover in a smaller size, because it will instantly catch the eye. And wouldn't be fighting for the attention along whit the girl there in the bottom.
It's just a small little detail but it could do a great difference.
However, this is just my opinion. Not offense intended.
wifun2012 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's right that it would be better with text on the center or a bit more in the top, but you must know that in fact the black gradient at the top of the cover (without text) is voluntary, someone who observes the cover must imagine in his head this girl swimming more and more to black, and so we did the free space in the top of the cover. That's why he have put the text at bottom right, your proposal is not bad, far from it ;)

We purposely made ​​the cover strange, weird, with the play of light and darkness, so that some people say that behind this cover is hidden a kind of riddle, or "What this cover and the album title hide ?". There's a melancholic feeling as you say ;)
caminante0 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Yes of course, I totally understand that this was on purpose. But was I saying is based on the fact that I feel the band and the title are more important than the art. Because after all they are the product, that's what you're selling.
But anyway... maybe I'm getting a little too enthusiast about it hehe. Is just that I felt tocuhed by your struggle and the making of this album that I really wanted to be perfect. I'm to sensitive, sorry for it! XD
Good luck!! :aww:
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