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:.Sweater.: by WiFiMi :.Sweater.: :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 2 2 Bunvrap | Gift by WiFiMi Bunvrap | Gift :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 4 5 AT: Aura the cat by WiFiMi AT: Aura the cat :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 7 7 What a melon by WiFiMi What a melon :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 6 4 Redraw - Watermelon cosplaying Junko Enoshima by WiFiMi Redraw - Watermelon cosplaying Junko Enoshima :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 6 8 Yellow by WiFiMi Yellow :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 5 4 Pink, Green and Blue by WiFiMi Pink, Green and Blue :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 5 4 Gift| Amy by WiFiMi Gift| Amy :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 4 4 Llamia by WiFiMi Llamia :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 6 4 Artist vs Art or whatever meme by WiFiMi Artist vs Art or whatever meme :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 4 10 Cassiopea by WiFiMi Cassiopea :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 9 6 Zafirka/Sapphire by WiFiMi Zafirka/Sapphire :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 7 5 Chibi versions Ocs! by WiFiMi Chibi versions Ocs! :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 7 9 Chibi Chillis for Cherry x3 by WiFiMi Chibi Chillis for Cherry x3 :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 6 6 'Meet the artist' meme by WiFiMi 'Meet the artist' meme :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 5 11 Watermelon! by WiFiMi Watermelon! :iconwifimi:WiFiMi 6 2
Newest from me 💗~


. meet the artist meme (redraw) . by Sarussdrawings . meet the artist meme (redraw) . :iconsarussdrawings:Sarussdrawings 23 11
full bio on bunvrap eek
Full bio thing on bunvrap
Full real name : Bunvrap Carrots (no middle name)
Nicknames : Bun and nasty insults thrown her way
Sex: female
Gender : female
Species : humanoid! bunny
Height : barely 5 feet tall, very short
Build : short "thick" figure, big boobs (probably C or more) and wide hips, along with thicker thighs. She isn't overweight, or too chubby for that matter? She's quite healthy, she's just blesses with thicc thighs
Immediate family : mother and father and a lot of siblings (yknow how bunnies are), not any notable family members
Job? : shes in college, but during the comic she gets a job in Starbucks for a while
Age: 21 (pre-comic)
Race : n/a
Hair : long pastel blue hair, somewhat wavy but mainly straight
Sexuality : bisexual
Eyes : emerald green
Any physical illnesses : none
Any mental illnesses : anxiety for sure but it's likely she has depression as well
Self harm? : used to
Ciggarettes? : no
Alcohol? : no
Drugs? : no
Voice, if any : higher pitched (but still average pi
:iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 3 2
meet the stinkie artist but it's ac new info
Meet the stinkie artist,,, new stuff u didn't kno
I'm the stinkie artist :'(
(btw this is just random shit that comes to mind)
My eyes and face look like korekiyo shinguji I'm not fucking lying everyone keeps telling me that
I love the sky, aesthetic photos of the sky, taking aesthetic photos of the sky, sunsets and shit like that cs it's yes
I am the second least likely in my family to get a sunburn and I actually have never once in my life got a sunburn, I only get savage tans cs of melanin
The first least likely to get a sunburn in my family is my father and I have it after him probably
On the other hand my mother is very likely to get sunburns and is very white,, me and my dad are like two tan people and my mom is as white as a sheet
I have the weirdest tans tho, like my legs, face and arms are tanned but my stomach isn't, it's white as fuck (thats mainly cs I never wear 2 piece swimsuits, they're uncomfy)
Under knee leggies of mine are really shiny for no reason at all
Once when I
:iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 3 4
|Part: #1|:.Original Characters.:| by CherryCookieSpider |Part: #1|:.Original Characters.:| :iconcherrycookiespider:CherryCookieSpider 30 8 . bunvrap and aura . by Sarussdrawings . bunvrap and aura . :iconsarussdrawings:Sarussdrawings 29 13
the direction I'm gonna try to take with my art
Ok damn, you read the title, you know.
I'm gonna oversimplify this cs ya bitch tired as shit but this is what I'm gonna try to do.
I wanna start with doing an artstyle similiar to yeagar (she's a big inspiration if u couldn't notice already),,, I'm gonna do the artstyle suited for drawing full bodies of girls and drawing cute and hot girls cs that's fun.
(notice that I didn't mention guys even tho I should learn guys' anatomy at some point 😭, I'm a very obvious and sad lesbian why are girls so attractive and boys not at all for meeeeeee)
Anyway that's what I wanna do first, and around now. If I can anyway because summer is getting a bit stressful, my aunt keeps coming over and it's driving me crazy, plus summer is gonna end soon and as soon as school starts I won't be able to control my anxiety or depression anymore, so none of this is confirmed, it's just a concept of what I want to try to pursue
And then I wanna get an aesthetic style and draw with that for the rest of my art
:iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 2 2
aura by MadelineTheFox aura :iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 4 9 |Ask: #7|~:Hugsssss!!:~|:.BBIEAL.:| by CherryCookieSpider |Ask: #7|~:Hugsssss!!:~|:.BBIEAL.:| :iconcherrycookiespider:CherryCookieSpider 39 27 soft kitty by Sarussdrawings soft kitty :iconsarussdrawings:Sarussdrawings 36 14 best girl  by MadelineTheFox best girl :iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 4 4
in addition to my last journal
I must have forgotten to mention something important about my mental health. It's not going to be as long as yesterday's journal, since it's only one point I forgot to bring up, but I digress.
Coincidentally, forgetting is the topic this is all about.
Forgetting is a normal thing that happens to pretty much anyone, but I'm talking about it in the depersonalization case.
Yes, I suffer with depersonalization quite a bit.
What this does is forget who I am, or even look in the mirror and forget that's me. This is one of the first instances I've had of a depersonalization, but it's gotten worse as years went on.
And while I mentioned that my depression and anxiety are in a good place and are fairly low right now, my depersonalization only got worse.
It started,, well yeah, creepy as hell, I fucking forgot who I AM, but it got even worse.
I told almost noone about this, but once when I was with my cousin, sister, aunt and niece at an aqua park, if you can call it that, something happened to
:iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 2 0
my mental health, + why I act the way I do
This is a difficult topic to bring up in a lot of cases, but I feel like my strange behavior has to be explained somehow, and I have to put my thoughts out finally.
If it hasn't been clear already by my desperate reaches for help, my cries, issues and just my outlook on the world, I am not in a fully okay mental situation.
I'm not saying I'm some psychopath who needs 24 years of therapy before I interact with anyone, but I am not a healthy sound and happy person either.
I'm only publishing this as a reminder, or warning perhaps, for some of my stranger speech habits and mannerisms,,, and also an invitation for anyone struggling as well, to share their experience and maybe educate me a bit on the topic better.
The only mental disorder I am truly sure I have is depression and possibly anxiety.
I have been dealing with an empty attidute, empty feelings, strange ways of grieving, suicidal tendencies and even just mental breakdowns. Panic attacks, anxiety attacks and much more are also some
:iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 2 5
a messy neon experiment  by MadelineTheFox a messy neon experiment :iconmadelinethefox:MadelineTheFox 3 6 daura kiss by Sarussdrawings daura kiss :iconsarussdrawings:Sarussdrawings 33 10 |Gift: #12|~:Happy Birthday Nina!!:~| by CherryCookieSpider |Gift: #12|~:Happy Birthday Nina!!:~| :iconcherrycookiespider:CherryCookieSpider 30 23 CANDY FOXY ask 4 by Pink-Sanity CANDY FOXY ask 4 :iconpink-sanity:Pink-Sanity 14 1
Best art!~


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Yo I spent the past two days playing sims 4 on xbox one lol
Ahh a drawing of watermelonnn againnn
So yes i guess this will be one of her cannon outfits - tho the main one is the dress
The eyepatch isn't to the outfit, i just wanted to draw it for some reason idk
Anyway drawing and oc belong to me (WiFiMi)
Sorry for no activity with drawings - i just drew some fanart but I didnt think it was good enough (like all my drawings) so I dont think it was appropriate to post it on deviantart....
Bunvrap | Gift
A gift for MadelineTheFox
I wanted to do you a gift yesterday, but i was lazy and i didnt have wifi, and you already made me a gift (which was very beautiful) so i made you one too :3
It could've been better in my opinion, i dont really like it much... But hope it'll make you happy, or atleast satisfied. 
Bunvrap (oc on picture) belongs to MadelineTheFox
Drawing belongs to me (WiFiMi)
AAAA ya boii got awsome giftsss
a hamilton shirt, and a hamilton bracelet uwu 💕💕💕



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Kittenfoxyy - aw, her art is adorable! She started over again, so she doesnt have much posted, but she has a Sketch account where she posts her drawings!
CherryCookieSpider - her art is very pretty! She is very talented! She is a very sweet and supportive person! She deserves attention and support!
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