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'Operation: Panty Raid'
Benjamín quickly checked the time on his watch. I had just hit 17 minutes after midnight and he was starting to become a tad nervous. ‘Dammit, Alex,’ he thought to himself, his foot tapping impatiently against the sidewalk beneath him. Where the heck are you?’
He had been waiting by the hedges outside of Dorm 5 for almost an hour now and, even after sending multiple texts, that obnoxious Chespin was still nowhere to be seen. By this point, he had already begun to regret agreeing to join in on the dorm wars.  Especially since the dorm he chose at random, mind you, ended up being the dorm with more boys than girls. Which meant there’d most likely be a fair bit of bloodshed if they were to have a run in with the other three guys. If they were still in their dorm, that is. Either way, they would have to be careful not to draw attention to themselves.
The plan was simple enough: get in, fill their backpacks w
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Warrior Cats Adoptables - [OPEN] by ArtsyCrunch Warrior Cats Adoptables - [OPEN] :iconartsycrunch:ArtsyCrunch 4 0
Commissions with Points
For other people who aren't close friends of mine, this is for you. I will do commissions for people who are willing to trade for points.
I will NOT do any severe NSFW. However light romantic gestures are fine. I won’t be doing any severe gore either as my account is mostly family friendly with few exceptions.
I have the right to refuse a commission at ANYTIME and there will be a refund for it.
If something isn't here or specified comment or send me a note and I'll do my best to fix it! ENJOY!
     Full body: 60 Points               Head + Torso: 25 Points                    Head:15 Points                          Character sheet: 50 Points  
:iconzirconazalea516:ZirconAzalea516 2 21
Free Art Raffle (March 2019) (Closed)
It's time for another monthly raffle! :D
Raffle has ended!
Winner will be announced shortly, thank you to everyone who participated!
(Be sure to read the entire journal before commenting! I do change things between raffles!)
How to join in three steps:
1 - Be a watcher (New watchers are always welcome, but only watch me if you actually plan on sticking around after the raffle)
2 - Fave this journal
3 - Comment down below to receive your ticket numbers
How to get extra tickets:
-Share this journal with your followers or tag some friends (+1)
-Follow me on Twitter ( ) (+1)
-Ask me a random question (nothing inappropriate or too personal, okay?) (+1)
There will be only one winner and they will win a choice between:
-Up to three chibi characters interacting with a simple bg
    -Up to two MLP OCs/Canon characters interacting with a simple bg
:icontears-of-xion:Tears-of-Xion 27 94
[Request] Chibi Adalynn by DarknessDonnie [Request] Chibi Adalynn :icondarknessdonnie:DarknessDonnie 12 2 {BNHA custom adopt} Absolute mad lad by Savanna-T
Mature content
{BNHA custom adopt} Absolute mad lad :iconsavanna-t:Savanna-T 7 2
[OPEN] Commission
Only point
If you have any particular size you want, please tell me in advance.
The copyright is with me.
I can turn down a commission.
Simple back ground is free

1.Write Form and send it to note or comment.
2.If I send Ok, send point to the cm widget.

Character name:
Character's Reference:
Pose and other things you want:
e-mail to receive picture:
(If you want a simple back ground)color:

My contacts


SIMPLE CHIBI: 300point Stars by King-Lulu-Deer
:iconbalbadack:balbadack 21 25
{BNHA custom adopt} He's better then you by Savanna-T
Mature content
{BNHA custom adopt} He's better then you :iconsavanna-t:Savanna-T 7 5
Commissions - OPEN

Hello! Happy you are here. bear heart emoji 
I am offering Digital art and mini animations as Icons/Avatars. Hope you like them!

LAST UPDATE of the Journal:
19th of March. 2019.

My to-do list:

Thank you for thinking to commission! I will put my heart into drawing! <3Must read - Terms of Service - Before writing comment/note.
After reading it, fill one of the forms below.
Below forms are displayed commission and background types.
Character's name:
Whose character is it: Mine/Someone else's
Character's emotion you would like:
Payment method: Paypal/Points
Commission type:Commercial use:
:icontikaanime:TikaAnime 61 377

30+ for an extra character 
40+ for shading 

50 points
50+ for an extra character 
3/4 ( OWED ART ) by Secret-Android4/4 ( OWED ART ) by Secret-Android(ART TRADE ) by Secret-Android
30+ for another character 
40+ for shading 
Reference sheet: 
11 Corduroy ( OCs reference ) by Secret-AndroidSim ( COMMISSION ) by Secret-AndroidWolfgang by Secret-AndroidEllinor Anderson by Secret-AndroidColum by Secret-Android
150 points 
A.Little peck! ( COMMISSION ) by Secret-Android62 ( COMMISSION ) by Secret-Androido-uwu-o ( COMMISSION ) 3/3 by Secret-Android( Commission/gift ) by Secret-Android13 Mono icon ( OCs icon ) by Secret-Android
:iconsecret-android:Secret-Android 71 329
[RQ] Boii by balbadack [RQ] Boii :iconbalbadack:balbadack 10 0
Cheap Custom 2 Slots |On Hold atm!|
so yeah like i said on poll i'll be open 3 cheap custom adopts!
yeah i kinda need points now and for adopts/collab adopts i was out of idea on design/color qwq
so yeah i open only 2 slots!
(i won't take to much this time)
there's will be 2 type Custom in here!
Normal Custom and my Original Species Custom
if you asking about how art i own
go check my to do list on my profile
maybe i'll do Contest prizes and one art trades tomorrow ^^; (i'm so sorry for took this long qwq)
btw i want you to read my T.O.S!
you asking a custom and agree with my T.O.S but, don't try break it please!
1 Person = 1 Custom!
so mean you can get only 1 custom this time!

--> Terms of Servies |Commission| <--
What i can do right now ?
Bullet Blue Athro (my Style)
Bullet Blue Human
:iconasukarain:AsukaRain 4 20
[Pixel Family] Adalynn Pixel by hopeless-zombie [Pixel Family] Adalynn Pixel :iconhopeless-zombie:hopeless-zombie 8 0 {BNHA custom adopt} Time to make like a tree by Savanna-T
Mature content
{BNHA custom adopt} Time to make like a tree :iconsavanna-t:Savanna-T 6 2
BNHA Adopts {closed}
Tiny Pixel Sparkle Eyes Tiny Pixel Sparkle 
Pixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle divider 
I've been thinking of doing BNHA adopts, because I've had a bunch of super power idea's and I love doing character design.
I don't have core so I cant do a poll, so I would love for you to reply to this journal.
Most might be custom, also check out this, please:
For customs!
Fill out: 
Base used 50Blush Points 
:iconsavanna-t:Savanna-T 19 110
closed by smugadopts closed :iconsmugadopts:smugadopts 11 5
Creature-Crossing Emotes YCH!
Your Character Here Emote Icons:

Original Size: 340x340px
also available at 150x150px (recommended) and 100x100px.
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 Parsnip: W-wow! This place is so b-big... s-so many people, n-nya...
Parsnip: W-whoops! He-hello! Uhm...
Parsnip: D-do you want your Villagers to be able to express themselves like m-me? Fill out the f-form and comment below, and LaureleiKirsch will make a bunch of icons just like mine, n-nya!
Pixel sparkle divider Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
:iconlaureleikirsch:LaureleiKirsch 7 44



[[D-D]] has never spraypainted a meme before


  "People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly."  

▐ [[ GENERAL INFO . ]]

Name: Jayden M. M̶̵̛͕͇̬̘̺̠c̶҉͏͏̣͓̲̫͇͙̩͇̙͕̟̺̯̞̖͇̙̞C҉̪͓͚͖̻̼̜̥͈̠͚̳̤͕͙͠ͅͅá̵̟̟̩͇̗̲̯̱̟̲̮͈̦͚̻͈͖r̴̡̬͔̲̟̱͈̮̘͈̗͘͢͝t̸̶͡҉͚̼͉n͏̷̶̜̤̤̗̬̦̯̝̩͓͠ͅe̶̛̘̙͉͍͚̰̜̹͎̥̬̞͙̖͜͝͠ͅỳ̢͝҉̗͇͔̣̝̬̺̜͍̞̰̺̗̤ͅ ͏̴̹̮̣̟̤͚̪͠ ͜҉̵̗̝̭̜̝
Alias: J-D [Only by Lucas/Close Friends], [Can be made up as time goes on~]  
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Date of Birth: November 27th, 20XX || Sagittarius 
Height: 5'7" [170.18 cm]
Weight: 121 lb. [54.8 kg]

Nationality: Scottish
Ethnicity: Scottish/Irish/American

▐ [[ STUDENT INFO . ]]

Talent: Graffiti Artist

To put it simply, a professional graffiti artist – like an amateur graffiti artist – is a type of artist that uses graffiti as a means of expressing himself. Unlike amateur artists, however, professional graffiti artists typically do not make a habit of defacing public or private property with their art. Some graffiti artists, however, particularly in Jayden's case, who has honed his skills on city streets chose to stick with this locale. And, while some individuals who pursue a graffiti career take credit for their work, he preferred to remain completely anonymous up until his sudden reveal as an 'Ultimate'. This anonymity he was going for played a big part in the allure and mystique of his graffiti art, which many believe made the work far more appealing.  

Fortunately for him, times are changing. Graffiti as an art form is becoming much more tolerated, and even celebrated in some cases. Today, a true graffiti career will not typically land a person behind bars. In fact, successful graffiti artists like Jayden are often celebrated as true modern artists, with a particularly unique form of self-expression.


 - Polaroid Camera :: Every artist usually has a way to keep records of their masterpieces and, in Jayden's case, it just so happens to be in the form of a well-kept Polaroid camera. It was a gift from his friend Lucas shortly after the two of them got into the world of graffiti art. Plus, it was on sale at the time so...
 - Well-Worn Gloves :: After thinking back on what these gloves have been through over the years, he's surprised the sets that he owns lasted as long as they have. 
 - Sketchbook w/Pens and Markers :: Just because he's well known for his own talent doesn't mean that his main works were purely freehanded. Well, some of them were, but the few that he decided to put some extra effort into tends to get sketched out first before the paint ever hits the wall. 
 - Travel Backpack :: After seeing this odd travel backpack on sale at one of the local supply stores, given all the free space and the sturdy exterior, he decided to give it a try. All he can say on it is that it is waaay more durable than his previous one, which had been barely holding itself together after all the years of torment he had put them through. Nowadays, you never see him walking around without it on his person. 
  • Emergency Whistle :: The thing came build in with the backpack when he bought it so Jayden decided to just leave it there. 
  • Spare Clothes :: Come on, you really thing he'd be stupid enough to leave home without some spare outfits? They mostly consist of casual clothes in similar styles to his current attire, with the few exceptions being some plaid pajama pants and a pair of black Drift Graffiti Racer volley swim shorts....for obvious reasons. 
  • Pack of Extra Face Masks (4) :: He always manages to keep multiple face masks on hand, just in case the one he's wearing ends up getting dirty. 
  • Cellphone w/Headphones & Charger :: Hey, he might not have any legitimate signal to the outside world, but at least he has some games to play and music to listen to on his downtime.  
  • Wallet :: He doesn't have much of anything in it besides his student ID, a VISA Gift Card, some loose change and a lone photograph of him, Lucas, and Lucas's younger sister back when they were in their elementary years. It's an embarrassing photo of himself, sure, but he feels unable to keep it with the others. 
  • Photo Album :: His goal if to fill the entire book with photos of his most treasured graffiti tags, so he's still got a ways to go in order to achieve that goal! 
  • Bags of Candy/Snacks :: He might not be one for sweets or junk foods, but he always manages to have some snacks on hand at all times. Things like Crisps, Wunderbars, Starbars, chewing name it! You never know when you might need a quick sugar fix to give you an extra boost. Well, that and potential bribery in the near future, but that's beside the point....
 - Duffle Bag w/Spraypaint Supplies :: It seems odd for him to carry around a second bag but, after the last time a can of spraypaint exploded in his old backpack and ruined some expensive stuff, he decided to keep all his talent-related items in a separate bag from then on. There also might be a couple sodas stashed in there somewhere, so no shaking the bag please!!

▐ [[ STATS . ]]

[ STR - X X X • • ]  
Strength (3)

[ DEX - X X X X • ]  
Skill (4)  

[ INT - X X • • •]     
Intelligence (2)  

[ PER - X X X X • ]  
Speed (4)  

[ HP - X X • • • ]     
Health (2)  

[Total: 15]



[+] Protective | Daring | Careful | Imaginative | Optimistic 
[=] Independent | Escapist | Discreet
[-] Enigmatic | Reserved | Plain-Spoken | Semi-Vengeful 

History: [̶[ S͞YS͝T̛E͘M̸̴̷ ̕E͝͝R̷͟R̢͞O̴̢̠̙̯̜͇̪͍̮̳̯͙̟̝̗̬̭̣ͅR̼͇̳͙̦̻̳̕͝ ̴̸̣̟̯͎̲͍̲̖͓̪͇͇̞̖̬͢ͅ/̧̺̟̞͇̼͘͟͢͞ ̨̢̖̘̪͚̘̙̩͟͟F̢̲̖̻͍̠̭̠̞͔́͞I͏̷̭̤̱̜̪̻̲̗͔͢L̷̥̠͎̝̞͢É̴̢͍̘͈̭̪̗̩͈́ͅS͞҉̴͖̲̼͇̼̳͝͞ͅͅ ̷̴̗̹͍͚̬͝Ņ̷̠̞̰̭̥̪̩̺̭͕͈̫͖̙͜͠Ó̶҉̪͙̬̘͓͉̦͕̼̦͟T҉̨̡́͏̩̤̙̙̫̝ ̷̹̪̦̖̙̯͕̗̕͟ͅF̡́͠͏̝̮̼̗̰̮̖͙̮̯̜̰̕O̵̸͙̠̥̦̮̥̞̫͎̰̲͡U̘̗̼͘͟ͅN̡҉̙͚̝̼ͅD̶͍̖͇̲̞͙̺̳̙̠͟ͅ ̀҉̵̴̲͖͚͉͔͇͖̮͈͈̩̰.̸̵̩̖̥̥͍̞͇̘̜͠͝ͅ ̸҉҉̫͍͙͎̖͔̕͘ͅͅ]̛̩̫̼̪̲̮̩̬̰̮͡͞]̸̢͈͔͔̥̫̲̕͠͞



 ✔   The Outdoors :: Jayden tends to spent most of his time outside rather than sitting inside playing video games all day. The fresh air is just superb and the space to roam rooftop-to-rooftop with his buddies in search of new tag spots is far better than any parkour game out there, by far!
 ✔   Drawing on Walls :: Yeah, he prefers to sketch his ideas on paper for bigger projects but, if it's gonna be done on the spot, be prepared for him to whip out a few cans of spraypaint and go to town on the nearest empty wall. Yeah, he'll get in trouble for vandalizing it later, but at least he'd have fun making it. Who knows, Monobozu might just become the next star in his next tag, so he might not get in that much trouble...hopefully.
 ✔   Irn Bru Scottish Soda :: Ever since he was little, this drink always seemed to cheer him up and get him through the day. Luckily, he brought a few bottles with him in his duffel bag. He made sure to put them on top of all his spraypaint cans, that way they wouldn't be crushed and broken open.
 ✔   Gory/Creepy Things :: Being that he's done some artwork related to it in the past, no less is he a big fan of horror films, it doesn't seem to phase him as much. 
 ✔   Video Games :: He might not be the most experienced person when it comes to video games, but he's always down to sit in front of a television and play a few games. Though he prefers single player horror/mystery games, he's open to try out some good old battle royale or multiplayer racing games.
 ✔   Risky Situations :: In order to find the perfect spots for his graffiti escapades, he'd obviously have to take some big risks on sneaking past security or jumping roof to roof in order to reach a certain spot. He's not one to leap into danger without thought, however, so don't think he's just gonna jump into the line of fire just to see what'll happen. He's not that stupid...

   Lemons :: Whoever came up with lemon-infused water is the real monster here! Why, just....why?  
   Tight Spaces :: Since Jayden is used to being out in the open while spraypainting, he doesn’t like being restricted to small areas.
   Needles :: He's not entirely afraid of them anymore, but they still give him the creeps whenever he's around them. 
   Being Lied To :: If you can't trust him with even the smallest bit of information regarding their current situation or something extremely important, how is he supposed to know when to trust you? Who know what else you might've lied to him about...
   Removing His Mask :: It's not like he gets triggered or anything, it's just not something he's been open to do around others. 
 ✘  Small Children/Babies :: Nothing against the little squirts, really, he's just never been good with kids. Whether it's the mask that scares them or the fact that he's a bit too enigmatic at times, Jayden isn't too sure. So, just to be sure, he does his best to avoid interaction with small children as much as possible.


▐ [[ TRIVIA . ]]

Voice Claim: [[ ??? ]]
Theme Song: [[… ]]

   - While running the streets of Scotland, Jayden and his friends used to spend their free time dumpster diving whenever they were low on cash. It was a weird                   pastime, but you wouldn't believe the things they were able to repair, restore, and sell to the shops nearby for extra pound sterling. The money they would make           from this hobby of theirs was used to buy snacks and spraypaint cans. All I can say is that if there is a trashcan to be found, he might give it a quick search when no       one is looking. Unless it's obviously just trash, then he's just gonna steer clear of it.
   - His left ear has three piercings, consisting of two black rings and one black stud. The story behind them isn't too special, though. It was just the result of him losing         a bet and, with him being semi-afraid of needles at the time, it was torture enough. Nowadays, he isn't too fond of needles, but he is no longer afraid of them.
   - Socializing has always been a constant struggle for him, but with the discovery of his 'Ultimate' and given some time to adjust, he has since then pushed himself to         come out of his shell. Not by much, but it's a start, at least...
   - All in all, he's just not a big fan of lemons or any lemon-based products. Shove a lemon in his face and expect to get yourself beat.......with the lemon.
   - Spraypainting or not, Jayden never seems to take off his mask. Many wonder why he does this, whether it's a fashion getup or to hide some unsightly disfigurement       on his face, slim to none will ever get the chance to find out. But hey, at least the mask looks pretty cool on him. 
   - He's allergic to cats, to put it simply. Not much else to say about it.

▐ [[ PLAYER INFO . ]]

Preferred Name: Wiffle // WiffleSnuffs // Wiffs [[Along with any other variation of the name. Feel free to get creative~ x33]]
Pronouns: She/Her/They/It
Timezone + Availability: MST (Mountain Standard Time) // I usually work three days a week, but I'm usually always on! Feel free to hit me up anytime and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Still a big WIPP, but if fell it's worthy of release!! Well, until I notice typos and change them....for the millionth time today.
No art yet, but that'll be coming soon! Just you wait~ x33
Dec 26, 2018
:iconwifflesnuffles:WiffleSnuffles has changed their username (formerly BloodyAlice1576)
[open] animated requests! by ANANAALOG You guys need to check this out!

I've been watching them for a while and, I have to admit, I am in love with their art style! Be sure to stop by and give them a watch when you can! They deserve it~ x33
[G-D] Space Jam Boiii
 Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
 Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 

 -F2U- Black Star Bullet"You hear about the chef on the space station? He's not much of an astronaut, but his food is out of this world!"-F2U- Black Star Bullet 


-F2U- Black Star Bullet [[ Basic Info ]] -F2U- Black Star Bullet 


[[ N A M E ]]
 Gabriel Tretheway

[[ A G E - G R A D E ]] 
17 - Second Year College Student (Early Graduate at 15)

[[ D.O.B ]]
1-17-20XX || Capricorn

[[ H E I G H T ]]
5'6" (167.64 cm)

[[ W E I G H T ]]
117.0 lb (47.6 kg) 

[[ S E C T O R]]

[[ G E N D E R ]]

[[ N A T I O N A L I T Y - E T H N I C I T Y ]]
Scottish/American - English/Scottish/Irish/American/Japanese(?)

[[ L A N G U A G E S ]]
English, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic (Intermediate)

[[ S T A T S ]]  

         +STR   ✦✧✧✧✧ || Given his current weight and stature, Gabriel isn't exactly the best pick when it comes to doing any heavy-lifting.
         +DEX   ✦✦✦✧✧ || He may not be the strongest guy around, he can be surprisingly fast when he needs to be. 
         +INT    ✦✦✦✦✦ || Though his line of works seems a bit out there to most, there's no doubt that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to his own theories on extraterrestrial life in the far reaches of outer space. And besides, there's a very good reason why this odd child even managed to tear his way through his first year of college as easily as he did. 
         +PER   ✦✦✦✦✧ || When it comes to being an Exobiologist, he's pretty good at noticing the smallest of details when fully awake. Sadly, if he already focused on something else or is just too tired to focus, he might let it slip by without a second thought only to remember it much too late.
         +HP     ✦✦✧✧✧ || He may look energetic most of the time, but he's actually a bit underweight for his age. Other than that, along with a few minor health issues, Gabriel believes himself to be quite healthy.

Total: 15


 -F2U- Black Star Bullet [[ School file ]] -F2U- Black Star Bullet 


[[ U L T I M A T E ]]
Ultimate Exobiologist

Gabriel has always been a big fan of all things space-related ever since he was a child. His obsession started off small, with small theories and collecting informative textbooks and posters as birthday gifts from Lewis. But, as time went on, he soon reached for the stars and was rewarded his Ultimate after proving himself worthy of such a title.

He may seem childish and giddy to most when it comes down to it but, even if you don't think so, he knows what he's doing.

[[ I N V E N T O R Y ]]

Black Notebook w/Space Stickers & Pen :: It's original purpose was to write down anything of interest during his investigations. But, over time, it seemed to becomes some sort of diary for him to jot his thoughts in. It doesn't help much besides to remember the names and facts of those he has met before or will meet during his time here, but it's nice to have around whenever he needs it.
Wireless Headphones :: Just your average set of headphones, aside from the clearly obvious galaxy print on the outside of it.
Telescope :: As it was a gift given to him by his stepfather shortly after his departure to the S.T.A R.S Program, there was no way Gabriel was leaving this bad boy behind! Heck, he even decided to name it after the first pet his family rescued a few years back. Say hello to the newly acquired 'Pepper 2.0'!
Cellphone w/Cat Charm:: Whether it's used for snapping quick pics of his achievements or just to play his favorite 'Baking of Food Cats' game, you'll never know. Well, until you hear the cheery, upbeat music coming from his speaker as he taps away on his touchscreen trying to discover the newly released cats, 'Tirameow' and 'Catchai'.
Assortment of Galaxy-Printed Hoodies :: To amp up the whole space theme he has going on, Gabriel ended up ordering some custom print galaxy hoodies of his favorite galaxies and constellation clusters. He believes one of them might be glow-in-the-dark, but he can't seem to remember which one it was.
Music Box :: A simple wooden music box given to him by his mother. It had, at one point, belonged to his biological father so the memories behind it were something Gabriel just couldn't leave behind. The outside of the box has an intricate rose pattern burned onto the top, along with him and his parents names engraved on the leafs. If one were to wind it up and open the lid, it would begin to play the entire song of Alla Turca (Turkish March), which was one of his father's favorite songs. It's one of the few things he has left to remember him by, since the rest burnt up in the fire, so he always seemed to take the song itself to heart whenever he listened to it before bed as a child.


  -F2U- Black Star Bullet [[ Personal file ]] -F2U- Black Star Bullet  


[[ H I S T O R Y ]] 

"Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards..."

Gabriel has always been a daydreamer, even from a very young age. He was never able to be kept in one place for very long and, because of this, he tended to get himself into trouble more often than the other kids back when he was in his preschool years. Not that he necessarily got himself into trouble on purpose to get attention, like most trouble children do at that age, but more along the lines that trouble seemed to find him no matter where he went. It's just that, back then, his sense of 'imagination' seemed to be a bit more active than it is nowadays, thus leading him to act up during class activities or disrupting the students during naptime. His teachers thought he was just acting out for a little while and did their best to get him under control. This resulted with either giving him some alone time or sending him to talk with the school counselor. It got to the point where he would be sent to the school counselor almost three days a week for his wild antics, sometimes four if it got bad enough.

But, it wasn't until he accidentally hurt one of his friends during one of his imaginative escapades that they made a stern call home to his mother and were made aware of the real issues at hand. Just before the end of summer vacation that year, Gabriel's father had passed away in a sudden house fire that resulted in major financial issues and severe property damage to the surrounding houses. Not only did this currently leave them homeless and jumping between family members every week or so, Gabriel's current emotional state hasn't been doing too well since then. 

She was recommended by the school to sign him up for professional therapy offered by that school, but it wasn't until a couple months later that she went with their advice. Not that she didn't want it, but it was more or less that she couldn't afford to add on any extra bills at the time until she was able to get a full-time job. Hence, a few years pass and the two are doing well for themselves in their newly rented home not far for Gabriel's elementary school. He was doing better for himself, even becoming friends with his therapist's son, but it wasn't until Lewis showed up in his life that Gabriel reverted back to normal. Well, as normal as this weird boy could possibly be. Lewis and his mother had met during a shift at the local bakery while she was working her shift. He would come in almost every day and order some sort of sweet pastry for himself, along with a coffee, and talk with her for what seemed like hours before going on with his day. It wasn't long until he asked her out on a date after her shift and, after about a year or two, eventually asked her to marry him. Gabriel wasn't too fond of him at first since he was used to all the attention from his mother being on him but, as time seemed to move along, the man seemed to grow on him when it came to all the family outings and witty dad jokes. True, he could never really replace his biological father bond-wise, but the one the two of them shared was close enough. That bond only seemed to grow stronger as each day passed, even more so when Lewis gained full custody of his own children from a previous marriage. Not only had he gained a father, but he now had a family to call his own from then on. He couldn't have been happier.

But, in what he would consider to be his happiest moment of his life, it would have to be during the night of his 10th birthday. Not because of the cake, the unique presents, or the fact that he was going on an amazing trip cross country to the circus with his family, but it was the small fact of him discovering his true calling in life after spending a night under the stars with a very peculiar book given to him by his stepfather. Now, most parents would lead their children to not believe in the supernatural or the extraterrestrial to the extent that Gabriel did, but Lewis wasn't one to stop him and his wild imagination. Even he had never seen him this happy before, so why stop him when he's only just begun?

From there his otherworldly obsession only began to skyrocket, leading him to save up money for extra textbooks, along with anything he could possibly get his hands on that might lead him to discovering any sort of breakthrough. It wasn't easy, since most of the things he needed he couldn't afford or just weren't for sale to the public, but that wasn't gonna stop him from trying. It wasn't long until he eventually graduated highschool and, with multiple scholarships to different collages, he was scouted out by a particular program that specialized in the exact profession he had been obsessing over for so many years. He then went on to witness many great discoveries and, having a hand in a few of them, soon received his title of SHSL Exobiologist after making one of the greatest breakthroughs of the century. Sadly, it's a bit confidential to the public so the exact reason in particular was never made clear to most.


About three years had passed since he received his title as the SHSL Exobiologist, but it was only then that he was scouted out and accepted into the S.T.A.R.S program after a presentation he gave during one of his classes. At the time, he was about halfway through his second year in Collage, but who would he be as an Exobiologist if he were to deny such an amazing opportunity to experience space itself firsthand and finish off all his educational needs all at the same time! A quitter, that's who!

 W I P  

[[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]]

 ▶ + Intrepid | + Empathetic | + Encouraging | + Charismatic | + Trustworthy ◀  
 ▶ = Freethinking | = Nonchalant | = Sociable   
 ▶ - Blunt | - Stubborn | - Awkward | - Punlord | - Semi-Unquiet ◀  

[[ L O V E S || L I K E S || D I S L I K E S ]]

[[heart 3]]
His Stepfather, Lewis :: After marrying his mother ten years ago, this man was quick to take up the role as Gabriel's father. It was a bit awkward at first, since he ended up gaining custody of his kids shortly after and moved them into their small home, but he couldn't care less. Not only did he love his newfound siblings, but he grew to love his stepfather as if he were his own. Without him and his constant motivation for Gabriel to succeed in life, who knows where he'd be right now...
Cats :: If there's one thing that always seemed to brighten up his day no matter the issue, it was cats. Whether it be his beloved Alfredo, his male black/brown Munchkin cat, or some random video online....they always seem to bring a smile to his face. It's also the main reason behind his obvious addiction to his 'Food Cats' game...
 Jokes/Puns/The Whole Shebang ::  It might be because his stepfather was the master of dad jokes, or the fact that all his online friends tend to find some way to make anything a pun, but it ended up taking a toll on Gabriel personality-wise. Whether it's intentional or not, talent-related or not, he'll manage to find some way to slip a pun or two into everyday conversation. So, if this boy here manages to piss you off or goes a bit too far with the jokes during serious situations, don't be afraid to smack him around a bit. He deserves it. Trust me.

 Telling/Listening to Stories :: Growing up, both his older brother and his stepfather used to tell his the most imaginative bedtime stories. Nowadays, he prefers listening over telling, but if need be, he can do his best to whip up one on the spot. Heck, he'll sometimes even throw in people he actually knows, just to either have them be the hero or joke around and make them do embarrassing things for a laugh. No hard feelings, friends...
 Starry Skies :: Being that his job involve exploring the night sky, he's come to love it more and more over the years. Heck, he even got a tattoo to commemorate the first constellation he ever found, the little dipper. It is one of his favorite constellations, after all.
 The Circus :: He's only been there a couple times but, whenever they'd come into town, Gabriel and his family always seemed to wind up there some way or another. But, who doesn't enjoy some good old circus food and entertainment? Gabriel does!
Arcade Games :: Though he's never been the best at them in the past, he wouldn't mind having another go at it if given the opportunity to do so.
Listening to Music :: When it comes to relaxing after a long day or to just help him fall asleep, Gabriel usually plugs in his headphones and jams away with the lastest EDM songs or, if he's in a more relaxed mood, just some simple instrumental music.

 Museums :: It's not that he doesn't enjoy the rich history and artifacts held within their walls, but the fact of how booooring the museum tours can be at times. He always seems to get stuck with that one unenthusiastic tour guide and is in complete and utter torture the whole way through. After going through that a couple of times, Gabriel eventually just stopped going...
Cigarette Smoke :: He was raised in a non-smoking household most of his life so it tends to mess with his lungs a bit when around people who smoke. It won't stop him from hanging out with you, though, so no worries there!
Bees ::  Though he's a big fan of all honey-based products, Gabriel is highly allergic to bees and does his best to avoid them at all costs. 
 Being looked Down Upon :: It's always been a things that's bothered him over the years, with people looking down on him about his sky-high theories on extraterrestrial life and all that. He doesn't mind a bit of criticism every once in a while, but at least let him explain himself without shooting him down too early...?

[[ E X T R A S ]]

-Voice Claim: [[ ??? (ENG)|| ??? (JAP)]]
- Theme Song: [[… ]]
- Something He'd Post on his Social Media Page: [[… ]]

- When it comes to talents besides his Ultimate, he is actually quite skilled when it comes to playing the piano. As to why he decided to practice more in his collage years, he has his biological father to blame for this. 
- Gabriel’s cellphone charm was actually a small gift from his younger sister, who had gotten bored of it. As to what it was exactly, it was a black/white WASHI cat with a small bell around it's neck. Luckily, the bell still works. [[… ]]
- His cat's name was actually a compromise between him and his younger sister. She wanted to name him 'Alfred' after some famous movie character, while he wanted to name him 'Frado' after his favorite book character at the time. Eventually, after some slight alterations and pillow throwing, they decided to combine the names into something they both enjoyed. And thus, Alfredo's name was discovered.

[[ G E N E R A L - R E L A T I O N S ]]
[[ Family ]]
- 41-year-old Stepfather, Lewis M. Camshron-Muir
- 37-year-old Mother, Maretta H. Camshron-Muir
- 6-year-old Half-sister, Aria M. Camshron-Muir
- 13-year-old Half-sister, Hannah M. Camshron-Muir
- 15-year-old Half-sister, Ailsa L. Camshron-Muir
- 19-year-old Half-brother, Gavin C. Camshron-Muir
[[ Love Interest ]]

 - TBA
[[ Friends ]]


[[ Enemies ]]


[[ Neutral ]]

- TBA 


  [[User Info]] 


[[P r e f e r r e d - N i c k n a m e]]

[[ T i m e z o n e ]]
MST (Mountain Standard Time)

[[P r o n o u n s]]

[[R P -  S t y l e ]]
Paragraph/Script (Either is fine by me, but I mostly lean toward Paragraph)

[[A v a i l a b i l i t y ]]
I only work around three days a week so, besides those days, I'm almost always online and ready to RP!

Big thanks to :icondancing-dolls: for helping me out with the app art once again!
Don't think he'd be here without all their artistic assistance~ 


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