As BORAT would say: 'NICE MEETCHOO.'

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I've had many people over the past year or so ask me about an archive for the sketches I post on my blog.  For those of you not familiar with my work, I'm a comic book artist.  Right now, I work mainly for MARVEL COMICS.  I've drawn SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR and others for them.  I have a web site, and my blog (that I just wrote about) is updated every MON, WED and FRIDAY.  You can find it HERE:…

I don't know how much space you're allowed without subscribing... but I'll be updating pretty regularly if I can upload more than I have here now.  
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Always happy to see people on here who have a job in the arts, especially in comics ;)
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dA has no gallery limit, whether or not you're a subscriber. :nod:
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Hey Mike, I just found your page through 's journal. Welcome to DA! I'm a big fan, keep it up! :D
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Thanks, Paul...! =)
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jpm1023Professional General Artist
Amazing. Welcome to dA Mike! You have a huge fan here! Come by my page and visit! Keep up the great work at Marvel.
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If this keeps up, all the comic artist's on earth will have DA accounts, and I will never want to leave the computer again. And it's nice to see someone else from NC. I was starting to think no one else in the state had found this site. :)
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DRWaldbrunnProfessional General Artist
As a regular reader of your blog for almost as long as you've been doing it, it's great to have you here on DA.

Finally, I don't have to kill myself looking for somwe of these pics!

-Damion W.
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Hi Mike.

I took a look at your blog; very nice art there. I also got that 2003 Draw mag (issue 5) where there was that great interview about you. I'm a huge fan of your work, especially of Tellos! Great art and storytelling.

Welcome here and have fun!

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Hey! I recognize your art! Did you do Spider-man: Evolve Or Die?
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elsevillaProfessional Digital Artist
woww its great to se eya here, i remember you inspired me a lot with the spiderman tutorial at wizard magazine , good to see ya here
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hahatemProfessional General Artist
hey Mike.. it's really great to see you here!.. welcome and keep us always inspired and motivated by your brilliant work! :D
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YES!!! One of the greats is on DA! WOO!!! I prefer DA to Drawingboard, so it makes me happy that you're here now.

I've been a huge fan for years!
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Hullo Mike! So nice to have you around on DA :D Looking forward to all the goodies you'll put in the gallery. Welcome aboard!
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TakeshiKunHobbyist General Artist

It's Mike!!

I love your work in 4F!!!

Welcome to DA!
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eDufRanciscoProfessional Traditional Artist
Hi Mike! It's nice see you here!!! :D
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Drigo77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
p.s. get the 360 it gives you telepathy..seriously
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Drigo77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"might have heard of me" funny you always wanted to say that right ...good stuff.. welcome your one of my influences and its great that i get an opportunity thank you for that: thanks Mike
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BlaquesmithHobbyist General Artist
Welcome, welcome, and welcome again!

It's very, very nice to have you around!

I'm looking forward to see new stuff from your work :D
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Welcome to Da! I can't wait to see more work
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You can post as much as you want.
Subscription only allows slightly more convenient browsing and an easier to manage message centre.
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Hey Mike!! Cool!! I'm really glad you finally found your way to DA, too...yet another place where I can stalk you... ;)
Keep up the great inspiring work you do!!

Best greetings,

-ND!- :wave:
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ShugamriHobbyist General Artist
As far as I know, you can put up as many pieces as you want without a subscription. And again, thank you for sharing these pieces with us.
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Thanks so much, timpu.... it's nice to be here.

I appreciate the kind words.
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timpu Traditional Artist
Being an aspiring comic artist, I sure am happy to have you around DA and being able to check out some of your work.
I´ll be checking the blog and,... welcome.
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