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I haven't done a sketch of a SPACE GAL in a while... so I thought I take a break from drawing TELLOS bad guys to do another young woman in a space suit on a barren and foreboding alien world. Some folks have pointed out to me that her ship looks a bit like a penguin. I guess I'd have to agree.... =)
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Love your work. May I use your "Space Girl" image at Fiction Science Gallery ( I am asking various artists to do a version of a character named "Girlien" and your Space Girl is in the vicinity. I also wanted to introduce myself because FicSci will be doing a Sci Fi Cheesecake show in May of 2017 and we are in the process of looking around for artists to feature in that exhibition. At you can see where the gallery is in San Francisco and what it looks like and get an idea of what Fiction Science is about. 


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The line and the environment is so nice. I luv how u drew the girl, her form is so nice and sleek. And the design of the spaceship is really innovative! Great job!:heart:
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i just love this piece....
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Indubitably, lol.
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This is and will remain one of my favorite sketches of his, it is a shame now I will never be able to purchase it.
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Nice work, I really love that 50's scifi look she's got going!
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Awesome work Mike!
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oh. i'm working so hard on mine. :( my sister says it looks nothing like this in a very derogatory way. how awful of her!
well at least i see i'm heading in the right direction.
love your work.
see you later.
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the spaceship looks like a raw chicken. :D
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Sweet lines.

I wonder are there ninja-penguins on this planet?
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very nice drawing. I love this retro-sci-fi genre.

one criticism: her calf muscles look too small. is this because of low gravity?
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I'm not sure about the legs, but the rest of this looks very good.
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Dude this is awesome!! I love chicks in space suits too! Keep up the great work!!!!!!
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I love her!!! For some reasons, she reminds me of Tom Strong and Cris Sprouse's style...
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Awesome line work
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fantastic illustration. love the whole environment. such great work. *sigh* :)
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Very nice spaceship
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Yes... the ship really looks like a penguin! xD It's so funny! :D
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