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This is a sketch of a weary warrior in the wake of a massive battle....
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I love this. So much awesomeness.


A very weary, tired, pissed off Gandalf at that.

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looks like I feel these days..
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wow. that really hit at my heart. especially in the wake of all these battle movies where everyone is young is ambitious. i like how his muscles in his torso seem to have a bit of sag. like the hulk, he looks kinda saggy but you still see his strength :) i should go before i start thinking up his life story hehehe.
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I love this one, i can see the emotion in his face, great piece dude, great piece.
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This is my fav. Way cool.
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:wow: looks awesome! I like the pose and the style! He looks like Viking(northmen) to me
( allthoug his weapon is not a viking weapon..)
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for some reason i feel for this guy..!!!

*awesome drawing!!(",)
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Vercingetorix perhaps?
oh, and are you THE Mike Wieringo? if so,... I love your work but I had lost track of it, good to see some more.
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Vercingetorix....? Not familiar with him...

And yeah... I'm him.

Thanks for the comments.
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Vercingetorix was the gaulish leader that Caesar defeated when he conquered Gaul, for some reason this piece reminded me of him, even more so with the "weary" part of the title.
thank you for your response.
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