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Just a sketch of a female aviator-type in a hinted-at steampunk setting. HINTED at because I don't have the time to flesh it out quite as much as I'd like... but drawing it was still fun.
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Good good anatomy. I must learn from you.
space-monky's avatar
this is great....

i feel like i shouldn't be typing this, but still
you art is amazing
and im ashamed i didn't find out about you sooner, your style is so unique and original

may you rest in peace
leodark's avatar
Great sketch man!!!
BrownWolfFM's avatar
Great drawing! I'd date her.
core-e's avatar
Great work Mike. Just curious do you do basic forms with the blue lines or do you layout almost a complete figure before going to pencil?
kya-3005's avatar
Muy Padre, como todos los que he visto, deverdad me sorprende la genialidad del dibujo.

Soo Cool!, Like as all i see it, i´m really surprised that great drawing!
SpiderGuile's avatar
Exquisite!!! The pose is topnotch!!
JK-Antwon's avatar
Dude this is great!
randarrington's avatar
Awesome Mike!!! As always.

Hey, are you coming to the Baltimore Con this year? I'll be there with the Insight Studios Group guys so I'd love to stop by and say "hey"

Cheers bro,

digital-klown's avatar
Very nice! I hope you do more sketches of her.
Wieringo's avatar
I used to LOVE playing that game. It was a blast to play online... =)
SuperMichaelMan's avatar
nice piece, how long have you been using blue pencils, do they help.
Wieringo's avatar
I've been using blue pencils to do undersketching/drawing for.... jeez..... probably 13 years or so. And yeah.... I love 'em. There's just something liberating about using them.
SuperMichaelMan's avatar
wow, i see, have you ever seen those red pencils, do they do the same or do they differ somehow
Wieringo's avatar
I think they're probably the same. I've seen folks use all kinds of colors... green, red, orange... I think it's up to whatever you're comfortable with.
fogger1138's avatar
Nice! I like her pants. :)
JonasTrindade's avatar
Classical and powerfull Mike simpleness awsome..^^
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