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Well Ain't That a Kick in The Pants
Deanna felt weird. Heavier. The back of her neck was cold. She blinked awake and squinted at the wall she was facing. Was it a different color than it had been when she fell asleep? And hadn’t she been sharing a bed with Sammie after their mother had dropped in unexpectedly? She sat up. Definitely heavier. And slower. What?
              She dragged a hand over her face.
              That was not her hand. Her face didn’t have stubble. And it wasn’t that wide. What the hell? What the hell?
              Slowly, Deanna moved her hands over her head: hair shorter, face wider, jawline… Broader shoulders. Chest? She dared look down as her palms made contact with a plain of muscle that was more akin to what she preferred in a guy than what was a part of her own body.  She flung the motel comforter off (that was definitely different than the one she’d
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The Five Laws
The Five Laws
Star Fleet Special Elite Officers are required to master The Five Laws. Without this mastery, you won’t last long.
* Get In
Execute entrance plan as outlined by strategist. Improvise as needed.
*Get What You Came For
Retrieve information, persons, or objects around which mission centers.
* Get Out
Execute whatever remains of the original exit plan as outlined by strategist. Improvise as needed.
* Do It Quickly
No dawdling. No distractions. A SIL (Saving Innocent Lives) protocol is the only exception. However, you may not be a hero. You are not a hero.
* Do Not Die
Such activity is simply not allowed. There are people who need you.
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Formal Capes by Wierdrocks Formal Capes :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 1 0 Biosuit by Wierdrocks Biosuit :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 4 0 Blue by Wierdrocks Blue :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 4 0 Red by Wierdrocks Red :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 1 0 Full Uniform by Wierdrocks Full Uniform :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 1 0 Gold by Wierdrocks Gold :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 3 0 Trek Uniforms by Wierdrocks Trek Uniforms :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 1 0 Summoning spirits by Wierdrocks Summoning spirits :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 1 0 And What do You Want? by Wierdrocks And What do You Want? :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 0 3 Anna Don't Play by Wierdrocks Anna Don't Play :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 0 0
Becoming a genie
Name of convicted:
Registration number:
Sentencing Judge:
Number of past masters:
Number of wishes granted:
Standard genie sentencing contract:
Any convicted felon sentenced to life as a genie will be confined to one vessel equivalent to one room previously resided in by the convicted.
While serving out xir sentence, the convicted may only be released from the vessel when summoned by a sentient being through the act of rubbing and or shaking the vessel, whether purposefully or by accident.
All convicted is cursed with Genie Magic.
The curse may only be broken once the genie has granted one thousand and one wishes to numerous masters (exactly three wishes per master) over the course of an indeterminate period of time.
Once the one thousand and first wish has been granted, the genie will be granted free reign over all of the phenomenal cosmic power the genie had been wielding at the will of others.
The genie will then have one wish left to grant for xir final master.
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Precinct One
“Stop!” He yelled over the din of the night life in downtown Benson City. Pedestrians were beginning to add actually moving to their usual custom of staring vacantly at the man with the badge yelling “Stop running!” at the other man who recently ran past them.
Speaking of which, Carl Yates tipped over a trash can in hopes of deterring his pursuer. Detective Pearson vaulted over the bright yellow cylinder without thinking about it and pushed past the two prostitutes standing and staring on the sidewalk, mumbling an annoyed “Excuse me, ladies”, as he did so.
Carl Yates was turned a corner, hiking up his over-sized sweat pants and basketball shorts as he did so. There were no pedestrians in the alley, only a cat who hissed as the two male humans ran past her dwelling place. Detective Pearson finally caught up to Yates at the end of this alley when he nearly ran into a group of bridesmaids on their way to kidnap the bride-to-be and drag her to one of the
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Mature content
Mostly a Comedy :iconwierdrocks:Wierdrocks 0 1
My Little Pony: Alternate Universe
Team Name: Mane 6
Manager: Fancy Pants
Equipment manager: Spike Sparkle
Other support:
Thunder Bolt, mechanic and handipony
Dexter, battle strategist and clerk pony
Twilight Sparkle
Pony type: Unicorn
Eye: Violet
Coat: Light purple
Mane & Tail: Blue, streaked with deep purple and pink
Hometown: Unicorn Range
Special talent: Magic, especially telekinesis and summoning
Weapons/fighting style: Star-shaped blades that resemble her Cutie Mark, which she throws at her opponent and can enlarge into a shield. Can use horn for stabbing in close-quarters.
This intelligent unicorn pony is not to be underestimated. She is small, but powerful and will use her non-threatening persona against you. Your best bet is to pit her against another unicorn from your team, preferably someone with magic- blocking spells. Alternatively, somepony with a good handle on smack talk might be able to shake her confidence. Also, if your strategist can figure out a way to throw her off her game early on, yo
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