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A reminder - 

Today and tomorrow are the last chance to view my "Harvest" installation and "Sigilla Magica" ink drawings at @circle1gallery 

I will be there tomorrow around 16.30 and look forward to chatting with you!
Come ye ice and snow queens, winter fairytales, snow beasts, icy ghosts, frozen flowers and sleeping beauties...

Exposition To The Unseen by Helgea88  Demonic dance by DameTenebra 

Mature Content

Corvinus by hellmet
  She wants revenge by Annie-Bertram  Long and slow goodbye (1st step) by eikoweb  Desolata II by eikoweb  The day the whole world went away 'quiet and quot by eikoweb  breathing by Einuhr  MAKEUP -  Dead by Daylight [The Hag] by AliceYuric <da:thumb id="29287513"/>     Silent Wait by vampirekingdom  The Carnival is over. by Paintagram  Morrigan by Cahlline 

Mature Content

morrigan by Chaotic-Muffin
  The Guardian by ArtOfFragility  Quoth the Raven.. by ArtOfFragility  attack by odpium  No by odpium  Crystal by ArtOfFragility  Strength by ArtOfFragility  Winter Forest by ArtOfFragility  First Snow by ViciousCircle-7  Internal debate. Chaos by umkaUlibaka  Dream by umkaUlibaka  series Internal debate. absolute light by umkaUlibaka  SERIES INTERNAL DEBATE. LIGHT by umkaUlibaka  Cabin In The Woods by KrisVlad  Selfportrait by fairyladyphotography 

Mature Content

Isolation by hellmet

Mature Content

Myth by hellmet
  Horned beast by ladymorgana  white by MartaSyrko  Horse III by umkaUlibaka  04 by MartaSyrko  Frozen soul by NataliaDrepina  The crown of sacrifice by NataliaDrepina  Fate by NataliaDrepina   The wolf and the kids by Annie-Bertram  Ice Queen by anettfrozen  Victorian Deer Lady by ladymorgana  shadows dance by JustRiven  The Melancholy in my Heart by Annie-Bertram  Lady with Ermine by Annie-Bertram  White Breeze by Amanda-Diaz  Nightfalls by Annie-Bertram  Starmoney from Wahre Maerchen II by Annie-Bertram  Starmoney by Annie-Bertram  Frozen by MariannaInsomnia  Snow White - outtake by Cyril-Helnwein  Snow White by Rosenbraut  Snow White by Amanda-Diaz  Snow White by Amanda-Diaz  Dead princess_3 by GreatQueenLina  Melisandre - A Song of Ice and Fire_4 by GreatQueenLina  Inseparable friends II (Commission) + Video by Nikulina-Helena  Owl by MariannaInsomnia  Snowfall by MariannaInsomnia  DARIA by MartaSyrko  Untitled by MartaSyrko  Ghosts Of Utopia by MariannaInsomnia  Snow Maiden by MariannaInsomnia  Stella by MariannaInsomnia 

Mature Content

Under Iceland's Sky by hellmet

Mature Content

serpent by hellmet
  Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself by Annie-Bertram  She, Winter by luciekout  Winter II by luciekout  Winter III by luciekout  Snowy morning by thefirebomb  Her castle by thefirebomb  Snow white by thefirebomb  Lady Snow by AdroVonCrow  Hidden Thoughts by Annie-Bertram  Reflection Red by Dapicture  Gone Wild by Dapicture Ellis Journey into Snow by Dapicture  under ice by Annie-Bertram Cold heart by Annie-Bertram  :::Ice Queen::: by SATYRJA  Snow White by Amanda-Diaz  Snow White II by Amanda-Diaz  Ice Queen by Avine  shiner by May-Machin  The queen by Cok3ster  White Queen by BigBad-Red  frozen thoughts by irisabout  675 by SlevinAaron  Essence of Beauty by Eman333  Snow Queen by May-Machin  the coldest of hearts by May-Machin  Frozen by Eireen  The castle in the middle of the ice by N-A-R-I  Her Frozen Majesty by STelari  Ice Queen by la-esmeralda  Winterheart by EmberRoseArt  ice queen by rainbow-art  Snow Queen by ladymorgana  Ice Queen Headdress SOLD by MissGdesigns  Elsa - Frozen Heart by Frederica-La-Noir  Ice Queen - portrait by Inna-Vjuzhanina  Ice Queen by YasuMatsuoka  Frozen Queen by NanFe  The Ice Queen IV by la-esmeralda 

Mature Content

Ice Queen by rafater
  Winter River by STelari  ice queen by mrssEclipse  Luna by Vicky-Pandora  Ghost of the North by kikonart  TOME--Azura by DNA-1  Snow Queen by senyphine  Snow Queen (Blooms of Ice) by aruarian-dancer  Arctic Queen by jackieocean  Snow Queen by joyamelie  Ice Queen by Orioto  Ice queen by thornevald  Snow Queen by SilEnigmaArts  yuki no onna: Ice Demon by UrielStock  Yuki-onna (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena  Snow Queen 2 by laura-csajagi  Ice-Queen by sebastien-grenier  SKADI, Godess of Winter by sebastien-grenier  Shamane by sebastien-grenier  Woman in fjord by laura-csajagi  The Little Sister by mandiemanzano  Frozen Queen by Art-Calavera  Snow Knight by Nikulina-Helena  Soul of Violin by Nikulina-Helena  Quaver by MariannaInsomnia  Snow dreams by Floreina-Photography  The sun will ascend by Jester-Genso  Cold by KariLiimatainen  Ice queen by bluemonika  Blupee by Jlombardi  Deer Silhouette on Starry Sky by Jlombardi  Rooted Within Me by ArtmadebyRed  The trophy. by Safiru  Red snowflakes. by Safiru  Beyond The Wall by Phillymar  Wall of Thorns by Abz-J-Harding  Wendigo by IrenHorrors <da:thumb id="316509813"/>  Midnight. by Safiru  Frozen. by Safiru  Hunting with the Spirits by CarolineGariba  Reise Reise. by Safiru  Deep in the nope forest by Whiluna  Day 5 - Long by ArtmadebyRed  Day 13 - Teeming  by ArtmadebyRed  Fright Prayers by yanadhyana  Snowstorm. Blow out the Candles by yanadhyana  North Watchtower by yanadhyana  Tree of Ancestors by yanadhyana  This one goes out to the one I love by borda  Snow Maiden by yanadhyana  Small Hut by yanadhyana  Northern Night by yanadhyana  The Way by yanadhyana  Inktober: Ice King by yanadhyana  Towards the sun by xLocky  The Recruitment by kenket  Winter's Shadow by screwbald  AGOT: The Feast of the Crows by Thaldir  No More Tears... of Blood by Dani-Owergoor  You Light The Longest Night by borda   48. :Winter Days: by bittersweetvenom  In bright white snow, when everyone sleeps by MaaykeKlaver  Autumn Fireball by Earth-Hart  The wizard's hat by HendrikMandla  Romantic tracks by borda  Morning Glory II by borda  Snowy Flatirons by KrisVlad  Souvenir from Lebanon by organicvision  Snowfall by ArtOfFragility  Winter Relic by Miguel-Santos  Ice Queen's Empire by ildiko-neer  The Dark Ink Forest by borda <da:thumb id="427356747"/>  Harvest Day by borda  Frozen Sunflower by wiebkerost  Snow Rose by wiebkerost  Cold Veins. by OliviaMichalski  Ice Art by Nature by Mogrianne  snowflake by Jester-Genso  Misty Morning by Inianna  Frozen Drops by ArtOfFragility  Snow Rose by wiebkerost  Little Flakes by Modernmyth6277  1. Advent by LewiARTs  Winter tea by Daykiney  Winter Wanderer by TerribleTer  Friends by Modernmyth6277  'Sup?' by Modernmyth6277  Spectacled Owl by Nushaa  Winter is coming by DeeOtter  Winter - Penguin by cutecolorful  Ho Ho Ho! by Nikulina-Helena  -Snowman- by Nikulina-Helena -Its.a.Bird- by Andoledius
 Happy HolidaysA blessed solstice, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! [ Pixel ] Snowman1 - F2U 

I am happy to announce that I will be part of "Bad Intentions" exhibition at Circle 1 - Platform for Art & Culture in Berlin. The exhibition opens on November 17, 2017. I will exhibit some of my occult inspired art.

Art is not mimetic. Art is not ‘about’ stuff. Art has no role. Art does not ‘ask questions’. People might do those things, sometimes even people who are artists. But not their art, even if they think it does, even if that was their intention.
Were one to be dramatic, they would decree art the pre-Tower-of-Babel mother tongue (thus terming it ‘autonomous’ misses its essence as all-encompassing source), and politics not even one letter within it. They would point out an iceberg that, in contemporary discourse, had thus been forced to balance on its tip. A dangerous balance indeed. But for now, let’s pretend that all we’re saying is that art and politics are simply two different languages, a distinction too often forgotten and the aforementioned discourse.

Artists: Eitan Ben Moshe, Wiebke Rost, Gerogia Kuhn, Tamy Ben-Tor & Miki Carmi, Merav Kamel & Halil Balabin, Mika Rottenberg, Osama Zatar, Anat Ben David, Neta Dror and Keren Cytter. Curated by Avi Pitchon and Alona Harpaz"

Read more
Praising the Dark Season (including some shameless self-promotion)

Halloween smile by Pajunen Crow Tree Silhouette II by Pajunen<da:thumb id="675359702"/> Sad Shadows by Varagka Angelus Mortis by Carlos-Quevedo Pennywise by luciekout Dormant in october by NataliaDrepina I am afraid of finding the black fade by NataliaDrepina A gentle rain washes pain by annewipf Annabelle by TaikutsunaMajo Worst Wonder. Pandora by LicamtaPictures Witch by luciekout<da:thumb id="710090761"/> MUTTER by mistertrece Black in Black by Dapicture ... (Dia) de (Muertos) by Callme-Ismael ...(schre)i by Callme-Ismael Ophelia's Dream by NataliaDrepina Doppelganger by NataliaDrepina Violett Basium by Mikistli Daeva by Mikistli Halloween 2017 (Commission) + Video by Nikulina-Helena Just You And Me by Black-B-o-x The Ether by wyldraven reflect by r-lilie Veles - spojenie je vecne! by Azraelangelo Spirit of Autumn Pendant by VoceDelBosco Carved Fox Skull by Samishii-Kami En el bosque by Mikistli Untitle by Mikistli Candle temple by nahojis Power of the light by DavidMnr Zen, and the Art Of Autumn. Panel 2 by Earth-Hart demon of the forest by Mittelfranke One Way Ticket To Bling Bling Land by Black-B-o-x Punkinhead by thereallinda Untitled by ltiana355 Light - Shadow by WillTC Gray and green by NataliaDrepina Your Innocence Is Mine by mimikascraftroom sepulchre by Attila-G Gateway in the Quarter by McAfeeKelsey The Fence - Like My Flowers? by oneofacard Death on the Horizon by Scytheprayer Don't Fear The Reaper by Scytheprayer D.o.d. by McAfeeKelsey Watcher of the Midnight Sun by McAfeeKelsey Skull Metallic 2 by llexandro Gravy-114 by alphagravy Antique Skull Illusion by Apolonis Woodburning - Day of the Dead Skull - For Sale by Stepher17 Todeszeichen / Signs of Death by falconer137 Schrecklicher Vogel / Terrible Bird by falconer137 The Absence by EccedentesiArt Of light and dark by aglezerman Eye 2 Eye by Earth-Hart Scale 9: Reynisfjara+Bones by Coigach Ghosts by PaSt1978 Hardboard Lantern Forest Animals by ChibiPyro dum tu sopore II by Mikistli Halloween muffins by PaSt1978 the eggident by Mittelfranke All Hallows' Eve by Catlaxy Eden Project Detail 3 by Coigach Eden Project Detail 1 by Coigach pumpkins by elleneth No Role For You! by Black-B-o-x Hopeless Dreams by MoodyBlue The Dead Air Reprise by MoodyBlue Calling Ritual by Spiritofdarkness Landscape with farm and mill by nahojis The ruin and the Alignment by nahojis Il etait une fois by DavidMnr Stock Pot by SchwarzWieEbenholZ Fairytale Forest by Yesterdawn #0176 - Foret Abyssale by alexandre-deschaumes Disintegration by eamfos Bizarre by Finnyanne<da:thumb id="712618840"/> Wurzelwerk by Noirerora It's Only A Story by Woman-of-DarkDesires Blue Jay Way by intao Autumn color by m-gosia Oxygen by Pajunen Shadows by donnasueb Autumn 2017 by wiebkerost Samhain and Dia de los Muertos Incense by wiebkerost Harvest Blessing Oct. 2016 by BrokenShell121 Fungi and Moss by wiebkerost

Halloween Pumpkin, Evil LaughFlying Bat Happy Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead! THIS IS SPOOKYSkull   

I have music for you... 

Sensifer are a prog-rock band from Dresden (my home town), which happen to be friends of mine. Now I have a lot of friends that do music. But this one is a bit different from my usual metal alliances. Some facts:

▪ the band is called SENSIFER
▪ the album is called "Those empty Nights"
▪ the music is post rock in the widest sense of the word, very atmospheric, partly dreamy, partly heavy and epic
▪ they have been doing music together for six years and already released three full length albums
▪ they won and participated in several contests in and around Dresden
▪ people exposed to their music are usually impressed at once
▪ the problem is that only a couple of hundred people are yet aware and actively supporting them

Hence I offered to include their latest CD with my next shipments. There are 30 CDs and when they are gone they are gone. So 30 orders, 30 CDs. This is my contribution to spreading the word about Sensifer by delivering their music to your door. All I ask of you is that you leave feedback when you have received and listened to the CD. To do so please go to their Facebook page:…
Of course you can also check them out at soundcloud and bandcamp (full digital and physical discography available there). 

Thanks for taking the time!
  • Reading: The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth
Several of my artworks and one essay are featured in the now sold-out “Pillars – Perichoresis” anthology by Anathema Publishing, 2016. The book is a compilation of the first three “Pillars” journals and contains additional material that was not part of previous releases. I have contributed to all three journals and look forward to continue working with Anathema Publishing in the future.

Pillars Perichoresis by wiebkerost
3U0A3540web by wiebkerost
3U0A3554web by wiebkerost
3U0A3558web by wiebkerost

For the next Pillars journal and upcoming releases by Anathema Publishing go here:
  • Reading: The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth
Photographers! Hop over to :iconinspirational-images: and take part in our first contest! The contest theme is:

" S e e i n g   e v e r y d a y   o b j e c t s   d i f f e r e n t l y "


Point Right 1 submission per member - think well before you submit, you only get one chance so pick your best work!
Point Right no photomanipulations - this is strictly a photography contest; darkroom will be accepted
Point Right make sure you submit to the right folder - 'Contests'
Point Right and last but not least - your photograph has to have the following text placed in the images description:

This photograph is taking part in the 'Seeing everyday objects differently' contest organized by the @inspirational-imagesgroup.

The winners will receive an exclusive feature and more! Curious? Jump to the journal to read more:
CONTEST: Seeing everyday objects differentlyMy dear members,
the polls are now closed and our first 2016 contest (and the first contest in a while) has finally been decided. I hope you will enjoy it!
(as chosen by our members in a poll)
Contest rules:
:pointr: 1 submission per member - think well before you submit, you only get one chance so pick your best work!
:pointr: no photomanipulations - this is strictly a photography contest; darkroom will be accepted
:pointr: make sure you submit to the right folder - 'Contests'
:pointr: and last but not least - your photograph has to have the following text placed in the images description:
This photograph is taking part in the 'Seeing everyday objects differently' contest organized by the inspirational-images group.
Please place the text in the images description before you submit your photograph to the contest folder, th
IMG 0349 copy+ by wiebkerost IMG 0319 copy by wiebkerost

Pillars Journal 1.III - 'The Ebon Kteis' is out now via Anathema Publishing and as of now there are less than 60 copies left.

The journal contains my very first published essay, Regina Amandrakina – Exploration of the Image and Strange Idol, in which I delve into the concepts and personal motivations behind one of my artworks. The topic is also inspired by the many question I keep receiving about the Mandrake. So now all those, who asked me questions, receive 11 pages food for thought - and of course everybody else is welcome to read this as well, because it’s a heart piece and will help you understand how and why I do what I do!

Concerning the journal: as with the previous Pillars issues, this one has become again a masterpiece of editing and type setting. It’s obvious there was put again a lot of thought into the editing and arrangement of the different contributions. Photos, art and texts by different authors come together and compliment each other seamlessly. Also the line breaks and paragraphs of written contributions are arranged thoughtfully. Besides this the bronze print on the cover compliments the vibe and aura of this tome just perfectly.

“‘The Ebon Kteis’ is a journey back into Darkness; somber in tone than its older siblings and aiming to be more of a visual feast to inspire Minds & spark the Sacred Flame Within.”

But it is not only the visual side that is utterly appealing about this publication. Anathema has specialised in bringing together artists, occultists and lonesome wolves, which, as different and individual each of them may be, share a mutual vision and idea of truth and searching. And there is another interesting aspect that emerges once you skim through the pages. The topic was given, but each contributor works independently and usually there would not be much interaction, yet each piece of art and writing seems to harmonize with the other, as if led and guided by the same spirits. This is the subtle magic of Pillars, which strikes me with each new release.

This issue is the last in the series (though a new volume, with different outfit is planned). There are once again 230 copies available, and as I'm writing it's less then 60 left. So better hurry, least you’ll have to spend ten times as much, once the sold out publication ends up on eBay!

Pillars 1.III – The Ebon Kteis | out January 2015 |via
:iconmusicphotography: is in urgent need for voters as wells as contributors! The group is dedicated to music photography in general, but also accepts traditional works. We also try to help new and upcoming artists get the word out. If you want to join as part of the voting team or contributor please message the group! Or you can also note me here. Note: some experience in the field of music photography and with dA groups would be appreciated but is not essential. Dedication and will to spare free time every week is of greater relevance.

:iconanimal-lover-fans: is also looking for support in the voting team! The group is all about animals and features both photography and traditional art. Submissions of varrying skill level are accepted as the group adresses a broad audience. Hence there are a lot of incoming submissions each day to be voted on. If you want to help voting send a note to the group or message the founder PaintedCricket.

First off THANKS SO MUCH for the birthday wishes! I celebrated with my childhood friend, watching "Zeit der Kannibalen" at the movies and at midnight having a glass of champagne - thanks to the waitor, who spontaneously donated it! :D The day was spent with my mum and dad and I actually used it for crafting the slip-cases you see above...

Now I've been fairly busy, creative but not very crafty during the first part of this year apart from some commission work. However this ought to change during the coming months. And to celebrate the summer's solstice I am starting with the first card set of my plant sigils. :) I actually brought these with me for the London Magical Arte event earlier this year. Back then I had printed the cards but not yet made a nice packaging for them. So... on my birthday I made  slipcases with paper bought from my local bookbinder. They stand even and are easier to store on one’s bookshelf. The first two card sets have been sent out beginning of this month, one went to Italy and the other one to Australia. Now I am doing a small summer solstice edition, which can be ordered next month. If you wish to have one please message me at The price is 31 Euro for one set consisting of 40 cards + 4 colored postcards. For more info see the website….

What else is on? Beginning of July I am involved in a photo-documention for an environmental assessment. This is something I am greatly looking forward to.

Lastly until the end of this month I will be finishing my article and artistic contribution to Pillars 1.III and I can hardly await how the journal will turn out this year. So once it's out I will also have new stuff to share here.

So long, thanks for all your support! Have a nice summer and take care!

  • Reading: Stephen King - Duma Key
I am invited to participate in the MAGICAL ART/E a circular tower of an event in London. The event takes place from March 19 through March 23. I will be there with my photography and other art and do a little question-answer round. I will also offer some prints for sale and look forward a ton to meeting up with followers of my work and other artists. :eager:

If you happen to be in the London area at the time please do not hesitat to get in touch!

Here is the event link for all the details:…

I'll be there from Friday Mar 21 to Monday Mar 24. So plenty of time to shake hands and chat!

Here is a picture of the unique location:

Thanks for all the faves, comments and donations! I was quite thrilled and it made me speechless to get this type of support...
I want to hug you all to death. :icondeathhugplz: You all ROCK! :la:

  • Listening to: Hole - Nobodie's Daughter
  • Reading: Stephen King - Duma Key
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Photo Prints, 45 x 30 cm, high quality silk photo-paper

Art-Prints of my drawings 'The Visions Tree', 'Alice', 'Devil's Playground' and 'Dead Man's Eve' printed on heavy paper, upon request for a collector in Australia.
Been around Deviant Art for some years with different accounts but decided at last to register with my full name.

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