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Healey Rotunda 1

Rotunda (dome) of my home base, the Healey Building in Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia. This awesome bit of neogothic goodness was built in 1913 as a deluxe office tower.

Incidentally I got chased off by security guard after taking this. Odd, since I've LIVED (and owned a condo) in this building for 9 yrs. and have taken tons of photos previously.
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Canon PowerShot S70
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6 mm
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Mar 20, 2010, 3:40:49 PM
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Nicely composed and shot here, well done!
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The guard probably is suffering from "More Important Than You-itis", like many guards that think they can stop people from taking photos in public places. You live there, there is no posted rules against it, there are no rules against it in your lease, then the guard can F*** OFF.
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My building -is- unique in that while the upper floors are controlled by a resident condominium board, the bottom three floors, which are commercial & office space, are controlled, rented etc. by the building developer. This is actually a legal thing written out. Now as for why they would be forbidding photography, it's because they want to make money off the location. On several occasions movies and TV shows have filmed in our lobby and the developer (though not the residents) have made thousands of dollars on leasing it. I think somehow they believe they should be paid if you take a photo too.
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Unreal. Sorry for you, it's a great opportunity location.
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flippin awesome architecture and contrast
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very beautiful shot and greyscale
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Thanks. It's nearly entirely gray so of course I thought to myself "Grayscale!"
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thats stunning, sorry i didn't notice it before.. beautiful photo!
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Thanks. This building is pretty :)
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Very well framed photo, nicely captured contrast. The transition between dark and light is great.

Funny, that story with the security guard. I've had a few run ins myself with security guards. I think they just want to feel important because in reality they have pretty dull jobs ;)
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I love the angle of which you shot this also... it leads your eye straight to the top. The clarity is awesome, and it's a lovely piece of architecture!

Nice one! :clap: (:
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Thanks. It really is nice. The whole lobby is neo-gothic and quite light and airy.
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You're quite welcome. (: You're fortunate to live in such a lovely architectural structure!
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Wonderful shot and great angle!
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Thanks. It's definitely the best picture I've ever taken of it.
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