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Name: Arin Maccs
Age: 14
Date of birth: December 5, 1998
Grade (if a student): 9
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Country of origin: Northern Ireland (and, just like everybody else from Northern Ireland, she hates it with a burning, firey passion.)
Occupation/role: Student
Orientation: Aesexual (panromantic)
Relationship status: Single.
Dorm Room/Roommate: Bree LaBelle
Likes: Playing softball, taking pictures of really weird looking insects/roadkill, insulting people, telling dirty jokes, really stupid puns, pepperoni pizza.
Dislikes: Having to censor herself (both vocally and physically), makeup, questions about her accent, people making fun of her height (5'5''.)

Personality: A bit of an Irish stereotype, Arin is both loud and crude, but has made an effort to stop swearing, as MH is a Very Special School. (As such, she generally yells words that sound vaguely like what she would have originally said.) She makes an effort to get along with people, and actually rather likes being able to talk to people, but her coarse personality didn't make that easy at her previous school.

Bio: Arin grew up in Northern Ireland, and picked up a very strong accent as a result of that. At eleven, her family moved to the States, where she attended a public school that nearly suspended her no less than five times. After poking around the internet, she found out a few rumors about Misery High, and Arin became dead-set on going there. Her parents mainly agreed because she seemed so enthusiastic about it. (Her not telling them about the rumors was also probably a factor.)

-English 9
-World History 9
-Earth Science
-Phys. Ed
-Cooking/Home Ec.
-Wood Shop

-Photography Club
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