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MH: nocturnal creatures are not so prudent

no that's not a lyric from a shakira song shut up you don't know me

Name: Roma Chandra
Age: 14
Date of birth: July 10th, 1998
Grade: 9
Gender: Female
Species: Lycanthrope
Occupation/role: Student
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate: Roma politely requests a single room because of the whole werewolf thing.

Likes: Chamomile tea, cooking, playing Ace Attorney games, writing letters (generally on pretty scented paper), having someone brush her hair, elegantly ripping apart small animals and eating them.
Dislikes: Silver, wolfsbane, poison ivy, when her hair gets really tangled after transforming, ripping her own clothes, the fact that most people regard werewolves as brutal muscle-heads.

Powers/Abilities: Normal werewolf stuff. She changes into a wolf-like form at night, can't control it during a full moon. She also has increased strength and speed (HIGHLY increased in her wolf form), and always has an incredibly impressive sense of smell.

Weaknesses: The whole 'involuntary transformation' thing is probably the biggest one. Fatal weaknesses? Pure silver burns her skin, wolfsbane give her rashes like you wouldn't believe (and too much of it can lead to blood poisoning, shut up that's totally how biology works), and wooden stakes (though, admittedly, pretty much everyone's weak to a wooden stake through the chest).

Personality: Roma is usually fairly calm and composed, but has quite a wild streak. (...Not just because she's a, y'know, wild animal half of the time.) She's extremely competitive, and can hold a grudge for what seems like forever. She can be over-protective of people she'd close to, especially when they're younger/shorter than her, but is generally open and understanding. She is also very confident, to the point of recklessness, mainly because she's been stronger and smarter than most people since she was very little, and isn't afraid of death in the least.

Bio: Roma's grandmother moved to New Hampshire as a young woman, and brought up the rest of the Chandra clan in the same home her husband built. Dadiji, as she's now known (she insisted the young Roma call her that), lives with Roma's mother and father, as well as her younger brother, Ananmaya (call him Nan - he's also a werewolf, turned by Roma before she could fully control herself). Roma gets along well with most of her family, even Nan, though she does think he's a cocky little shit.

Roma was bitten by a seemingly rabid wolf when she was a little girl, and quickly fell ill. The doctors eventually said she was fine to go home, but she had a strange preference for raw meat and howling at the night sky. After much internet-scouring and a full moon or two, her parents (and Dadiji) were convinced she was, in fact, a werewolf.

Roma herself kinda wishes she was a normal girl, but greatly appreciates the benefits her lycanthropy gives her. Her biggest regret is accidentally attacking her brother and turning him too, as well as giving him a nasty scar on his cheek. Nan thinks it's really cool turning into a wolf (and having a kickass scar), though, so it's all good.

(Speaking of Nan, he'll be old enough to go to Misery High in two years. eue)

Her parents have always wanted the best for their little girl, and fell in love with the prestige of Misery High, completely brushing aside the rumors about ghosts and the like. Roma's almost glad for the rumors: it means she might be able to get away with hunting.

Fun Fact: Roma's trans* (mtf), and has been transitioning for about a year now. Her family is very supportive, and Nan actually makes a point to not insult her with anything related to that specific subject. (He still insults her about everything else.)

-English 9
-World History 9
-Earth Science
-Physical Education
-Cooking/Home Ec.
-Sexual Education and Wellness

-Book Club
-Cooking Club
-Track and Field
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could you answer some questions for me please?
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More for the pack, yes.

She's lovely and has nice hair. I like that her family is just super accepting of everything.
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haha, thanks!!
her family's pretty chill, yeah. they really love children, and basically just want them to be happy. if that means accepting some pretty weird stuff? sure!

(roma's mom may or may not have been a pretty heavy pot user back in college. it mellowed her out a lot.)
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"Wait, our kid is a werewolf? Okay cool." But yeah that's awesome. I think sometimes people just tend to make the parents kind of shitty because it's an easy way to give the character angst? But then it's like okay, not all parents are like that. Some parents are really cool.

(Oh she sounds amazing.)
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SHES SO PRECIOUS i love her bio and she. is very cute
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roma thanks u, i fall over and blush horribly
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