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Jump Animation

More work finally! This has been a huge block for me so I'll try to finish it soon.


MM Mountain Gold by Crissiesaurus

5/5/2014 - I added a few more frames in to make it a bit smoother. Sorry for the cuts in colors, I haven't colored each frame yet. Also, I know the landing needs more frames and a bit more tweaking but I'm sleepy.


Worked on the background a bit and am starting to color in the horse :) let me know how you like it!


I steadied the animation so that the background will stay still... I sketched up something quick in SAI for a BG and may work it up if I am satisfied with it.. 

But what do YOU think? Does the animation fit and flow nicely with the positioning of the bg? Like obviously the background isnt done, but this is how I plan on setting it up.
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your animations are amazing
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which programme do you use for animating if I may ask? :3
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I could watch this forever.
I am in love with everything <3
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It looks amazing already! Looking forward to see it finished :la:
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Nicely done, my friend!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Clap Love Hug Huggle! Heart 
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Wow love it!  I haven't tried animation yet but I hear it's a ton of work. Good job so far. It looks like a good smooth motion.
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It's really good! I wish I could do the same and I'm looking forward to see the end result of this animation! :) 
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That's amazing!
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Oh! I remember this one.
It looks amazing so far c:
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wow..i love the background! this will be amazing when finished! :D
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That's a huge project! Looks good so far, a litle bit twitchy in places but maybe thats just the alternating colour. Excited to se the end result!
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I think the background setup looks nice, but the scale for where the horse's hooves land and the horse itself aren't quite the same - without the background, the horse's hooves would land out of the frame, if you see what I mean? ovo;; The first part over the jump looks great, it's just coming down from the jump and landing that look a bit awkward with the scale and position of the horse ^^
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This is AMAZING! :la:
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Oh wow well thats pretty cool :la: I love it already :aww:
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Hey, dear... what would an animation Comission like this cost? c:
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The client is paying 8,000 :points: for this
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To me it looks like the takeoff isn't sudden enough, though you updated it saying you added more frames to make it smoother. How many FPS do you have it set on? Perhaps upping it would make the takeoff appear more sudden, but still allowing the horse to move smoothly. I believe the best FPS for horses is 10. That's what I try to animate to XD.
 ~ Friendly Crit from a new watcher XD
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it needs a few more frames to look smooth. It's either that or you have the time set too slow ^^
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Hrmmn... With how far the horse "disappears" into the ground when it lands it makes me think this side of the fence is much deeper than the other side of fence. With really, really tall grass.
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Idk if you can see but I made tall grass out of focus in the foreground to hint at a hill or a dip in the ground or something
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