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A Flower in the Sunrise

Info in a bit, gotta work out real quick :heart:
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Black-Veil-Illusion's avatar
The colors are perfect... somehow I cannot find fault in this masterpiece! So smooth and amazing, you are such an awesome artist...Clap 
Storm-Pony's avatar
HOW??? O.o you are amazing
wideturn's avatar
HHorseLover96's avatar
oh my gosh O_O so shiny... Breath taking picture
Fenneren's avatar
the Power of this Picture is amazing! really love this!
ElreniaGreenleaf's avatar
How do you do such fantastic motion blurring?! (and you know, draw such purty ponies in the first place, lol)
WWHSTUD's avatar
i wish i could draw this. its amazing. 
Sharaiza's avatar
I'm seriously impressed. :iconimpressedplz: Holy .....
sobreiros's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the blues and purples you've got going there. :D
Chumpi-Champi's avatar
This is absolutely breathtaking <3
Saefaxa's avatar
Whoa that shading is amazing *-*
Pashiino's avatar
Shotechi's avatar
I didn't know BLUEISH GREY in a horses coat could look this stunning! :D
The pose is awesome, too. Wow! :heart:
MorganLeslee's avatar
You need to stop this amazingness. It's killing me.
Cillias's avatar
wow, amazing shading and lights <33 So shinyy :heart: 
Kimblewick's avatar
This is utterly amazing :heart: the colours are perfect!
ARTisticChris's avatar
I love the way you have done the shading and highlights! And what a beautiful horse! <3
Ahhura's avatar
whoa your capture of light in the coat is INCREDIBLE! and the tail AH
and the way you captured the movement of the legs!! wow this is just amazing
ReQuay's avatar
:faint: Teach me your ways, oh master - because this is beyond beautiful!  ♥♥♥
WolvenYoukai's avatar
daggerstale's avatar
This is the best thing I've seen all day. Heart
kittykatscout's avatar
The color is absolutely stunning!
ShapeShifter314's avatar
All i have to say is, WOW O.O
bedfordblack's avatar
I love this shading! :heart:
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