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Sonic and Woody woodpecker



Sonic the Hedgehog and Woody woodpecker new years Christmas :D

Woody :D makes fast, the Sonic brooks run X(!
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Cute, but the lines need to be a bit steadier, the shapes could be more consistent, and the shading is off. Try drawing an arrow to show the direction of the light, and then base your shadows on that. Practice from real life drawing, like drawing a fruit or ball, and seeing how the light hits it and creates shadows. It looks like you did the shading without having any sense of the lightsource, like the sun for instance, and the reflected light from the snow.

Also, filters like dodge and burn are not meant for highlighting or shading; they're meant for correcting old photographs or under/overdeveloped areas. Instead of dodge/burn, try using light or dark colours to make the drawing look more natural.