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THE O’MALLEYs: Five children raised by their “stereotypical” parents- Mum is a nurse, Dad was a sailor yeah- figure that out. They live in Seaport Massachusetts though have spent time in Lousiana, Pennsylvania and Northern California hence the bizarre accents the kids use.

The family is proud of their heritage as being one of the many Irish families to tell the British to bugger off back in the 1500s. It is not known if this O’Malley family is a direct line from the famous Pirate Queen of Ireland, Grace O’Malley or simply a member of her clan but they all fancy themselves pirates. Savvy?

Juli O’Malley: The middle daughter of the clan Juli lives with her cat Zoe [prior roommates include Alex, Pete, Justin and Nathan]. An insomniac she is used to hosting company late at night which leads to many conversations sponcered by sleep deprivation. In the last five years she’s had maybe 10 jobs so no one really knows what she does. A geek to the core the top row of her DVD shelf is Doctor Who, Star Wars (original only), Firefly, Lord of The Rings Extended Editions and several animated series. She lives over a flower shop.

Jayne O’Malley: The older twin of Juli Jayne is your average “dirty old man” in a group of friends. Loyal, hard working and athletic it’s not hard to see why so many women swoon at the Man They Call Jayne. Originally livid from the taunting of “Jayne’s a girls name” in elementary school he has embrased it thanks to Adam Baldwin- who does not appear in this comic. Also, he lives in a lighthouse.

Bridget O’Malley: The oldest of the siblings Bridget does not live in Seaport like Craig, Juli & Jayne so she is not seen often, sadly. An avid hunter Bridget uses birds over guns. She currently runs an avian rescue with her two pets, both are birds of prey.

Craig O’Malley: The oldest brother he and Bridget were always at odds but only for the usual reasons. Craig is actually very easy going and relaxed, laid back and not at all obnoxious like some older brothers. He runs his auto repair and restoration shop with Jayne and cannot understand how everything Juli retains about cars is from TOP GEAR not her brothers.

Mandi O’Malley: Since leaving for college down south Mandi has been seen less and less but that should change. A “girlie girl” you will not see Mandi out of the house without her face on- the difference between her and her sisters? Mandi might be the shortest but she’s the first who will lay you out. Also, Mandi who wanted to tag along with Jayne and Craig is as into cars as they are. Leaving Juli and Bridget baffled.
Zoe Washburn O’Malley:  Zoe was a gift to Juli from Mandi and Jayne  after her shrink said she might not need impatient care so much if she had something to care for. Zoe acts as WU’s narrator afterall, her owner IS crazy.


Rachael Ritter: Juli’s current girlfriend and old friend of the twins from back in High School. Rachael does not live in Seaport but she comes down to visit as often as possible. Rachael’s geekery: Fantasy, Literature, Video Gaming. It’s no wonder she and Nathan were best friends in High School. Of German/Russian decent and raised “Jew-ish” she’s as proud of her heritage as much as she mocks it. *SCARCASUM ALERT* ye be warned.

Nathan L. Fenrir:  It wouldn’t be a story about pirates without a Viking now would it? Okay, it would be but Nathan has been friends with the O’Malley’s for years. He lived with Juli for nearly 3 years which is longer than anyone else ever lasted. Nathan works as tech support for some big company and usually spends his free time blowing things up in video games to keep him from setting the whole building on fire. He also runs a shadow company he is trying to get off the ground that is steeped in mystery [].

Anna Lieb: (Last name will Change) Anna moved across the street from Mrs. O’Malley and her children when she was 15 the 20 something  twins didn’t know when they first saw her leading them to call “DIBS!” on the petite busty brunette. Anna is the only daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Lieb. Highly intelligent, scarcastic and quick witted Anna and Juli have become close friends- leading people to ask if they are sisters, mother/daughter or dating. Like Juli Anna is a self proclaimed ‘Ravenclaw’. Musically inclined her parents have no qualms about their 17 year old daughter go over to Juli’s apartment to be ‘creative’- Juli sits with her sketch book Anna brings her guitar. Usually hilarity ensues… see ‘weird ass snake’

Andrew Adams: “The Senator” Andrew grew up in an old political family- much like the O’Malleys only his was on the right side of the law (see Boston Massacre Trial). He has goals to run for state office and already holds an elected position in Seaport at the age of 21. Yes he’s a Republican. Yes, he’s Gay. Yes he’s a giant history nerd. Yes, he’s dating Juli… and Anna… and Rachael. What? [See FAQ]. Andrew is a practicing Catholic of English/Cape Viridian decent.

Melinda Rose Cross: One of Juli’s sorority sisters from back at College Melinda is one of the girls who is just as geeky and just as manic as her. It is Melinda you can blame for getting Juli into Doctor Who. She has been hit on by William Shatner, True Story.

John Everton: Another college friend of Juli’s he is a member of the fraternity that is associtated with Juli and Melinda’s sorority. He’s had a crush on Melinda for years- too bad he’s not bald, evil and trying to kill Superman.

Deadpool: No REALLY! Deadpool! DP and Juli met at “Happy Hills Crazy Camp” aka a psych ward a few years back and have remained in touch. It was thanks to him she was introduced to his Green Lantern room mate Kyle. While Juli is no longer medicated and doing well, DP has a tendency to go off the deep end and is prone to fits of violence and narcissism. C’mon it’s freakin’ DEADPOOL!

Green Lantern: Kyle Reiner- DP’s roommate and currently tasked with “keeping the psycho in check” or as he calls it “DP Damage Detail”, Hal is back on Earth, John is around so he’s pretty much stuck with the shit work. The good news is he and Juli usually can have long conversations about art and history while DP is talking to his socks.

Jessica: Another artistic friend of Juli’s Jess has gone with her to a few conventions where they first met Kyle not knowing he was friends with GL.

Erik: One of Juli’s oldest friends they sadly don’t get to see each other much. He works at the local comic shop but will be shipping out with the Army for basic in November.

Cilla:  Juli just needs to get around to drawing her… really.

[The 'Con-artists' A group of artists I hope to introduce you to including, Ted, Bob, Jason, Scott, Peter Scott A., Zeke and Sara]


Adam Cabral: He dated Juli for two years- even though she kept saying “it’s better than being alone” he had the nerve to break up with her on Free Comic Book Day- he has not been seen since. We do not know what happened to him all we know is we saw Nate and Jayne with a boat and a lot of trash bags late at night.

Pete: Another of Juli’s exes we do know he is alive… but may or may not be on life support.

Tony: Where IS that guy?

Justin: He works… all the time.

Lindsay:  No idea.
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