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Maly With Wings

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Published: March 22, 2005
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She's ready to be painted now! After painting, she'll be attached to a base and ready to go home!
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Absolutely outstanding. My girlfriend and I are artists and now embarking on our sculpting journey. This is such an incredible inspiration for both of us. Even if we weren't partial to Dragons al;ready..
Arkangeldarkangel's avatar
That is awsom....
What is it you use to the model???
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Dan-senpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing. I bet the difficult part was it wings. Cool, really cool!
AmberStoneArt's avatar
Really cool! The face is great and I really like the claws and the tail.
SummonWolf's avatar
Great work and the wings are beautiful!
But I wonder about something... What is the dragon made of? It's not clay, is it?
Patteee's avatar
WOW this dragon is one of the coolest I've seen!
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Preita Traditional Artist
I absolutely love this. I'm always in awe of people who can really sculpt
TheMisfitDragon's avatar
This looks great already and it hasn't even been painted. Nice job sculpting and the wings are awesome.: D The rock with the skull is also a nice detail.
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MegSyvProfessional Digital Artist
Gah! The detail! The DETAIL!! It BURNS!!!! Hissssssssssssssss!!!! :shields eyes:
jaspenelle's avatar
She looks huge! How tall is she? Amazing!
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YamidragonProfessional Artist
yow, she so beautiful, and smooth! I adore her face....very happy looking

*grumbles how wickedsariah can sculpt better dragons than her*
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WickedSairahProfessional Traditional Artist
Oh, I see nothing wrong with your dragons! They look great!

Never think that someone is better than you. It will only make you feel bad about your own artwork, when really, your artwork is beautiful! Take tips and learn new things, but don't think negatively. ;)
Yamidragon's avatar
YamidragonProfessional Artist
awwww thankyou :hug: damn that made sense
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XianJaguarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Daaang! Those wings are AMAZING. They almost look translucent! And the claws are really well done too.
And she has a tiny skull at her feet! Cool! Your sculptures are so amazing and well done. Can't wait to see all these WIP's finished! =)
WickedSairah's avatar
WickedSairahProfessional Traditional Artist
hehe Thanks!

The wings kind of are translucent. I didn't mean for that to happen. lol But it did, and they look cool! Hopefully if I paint her right, I can have the wings still look that way.
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KataProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome job!! :D wow those wings are awesome :D
LMMegyesi's avatar
Wow, those wings are amazing!!! :clap: I can't wait to see this all painted up. That little earing in his ear kicks serious ass.
WickedSairah's avatar
WickedSairahProfessional Traditional Artist
hehe Thank you! I'm rather fond of the earrings she has. And of course, the wings. ;)
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akalalisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ack! Dragon to hide from!

Also awesome!

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This is absolutely gorgeous can't wait to see it when it's painted :drool:
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gryphonworksHobbyist General Artist
Holy moly! *________* Those wings! They look so nice and well sculpted..... beautiful work! T'would be sweet to see the colored version. :3
WickedSairah's avatar
WickedSairahProfessional Traditional Artist
hehe Thank you! I'll probably start painting her tonight. I've been SO slow with my work lately.
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KatTheGrrreatProfessional General Artist
I can't believe no one has fav'd/commented on this! .... Really nice piece! It's so full of character and details.. wow!
WickedSairah's avatar
WickedSairahProfessional Traditional Artist
Well thank you so very much! :)
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