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The Generic Winter Holiday Sale is coming!  From November 2-16 you’ll be able to save 20% on all ready-to ship items, giving them plenty of time to arrive for your own gift-giving procedures.

Even if that is simply opening the package and giving the gift to yourself.

Let’s not pretend there is anything wrong with that.
This year's Desert Bus for Hope chocobo: Sable.
I did a legit simple: Triple B.
And then back to the chocobo, really.  Still, I finished a thing: Something Else.
To do the thing you weren't going to do for another three months or so.  Well, whoops.  Heart of Dawn is currently on Ebay; if the reserve is met then 15% of the total will go straight to Child's Play!
...They are good between enormous shiny things.  And so: Cecil the Dancing Paladin.
Gotta start somewhere and all that.  Like here: Abundance.
It is 2018 yet?  No?  Well at least I have this to show for the end of the year: OP Materia Necklace.
Other things have been made but require some time before revealing them, so.  Have a Double-Side Beadwoven FFXV Moogle Plush.
Back to business, apparently: Reminiscence.
Apocalypse McGillicutty by wickedorin  Thank you so much to mflGrMp for the high bid of $567.89!  It was an honor to participate once again!
A quick reminder while the Generic Winter Holiday Sale is ongoing; if you happen to see something in the DA gallery or on the gallery web site which isn't in the Etsy shop, there's a pretty good chance that I can replicate it via commission.  Within reason.  I make no attempt to copy exactly, nor can I promise to find exact matches in terms of natural materials (stones, etc.), but if you see a thing you'd like then please do know I can make the attempt to create something similar for you.

Similarly if you see something elsewhere and bring it to me to create, I refuse to attempt exact replication, but I will absolutely stylistically make it my own and craft something unique for you.  Those are some of my favorite commissions, honestly.
Maybe not the most creative title, but right now you can get 20% off all ready-to-ship items until November 24th! Because holidays.
I'm trying, anyway.  So here are Chocobo Chicks 2.0.
And of course it's fueled by geekery: Corrupted Water Crystal.
And then this happened: Unexpected.  So I'm declaring a long weekend.
...Exhausted, but alive, so that's.  Something.  But here's why: Apocalypse McGillicutty.  ACCOMPLISHMENT.

(After a short rest, yes, I can take commissions again.)
But things are awfully shiny in this here void.  Evidence: They'll Remember What You Did.

Shiny Things on Etsy | Patreon
And spend a good deal of time wondering how I pulled them off.  In any case, Carbuncle Jacket.
(Yes it is a semi-reference to a Lifestyle song.)  Behold more madness: Thirteen Kings - FFXV Armiger-inspired bracelet.