{Rant #01: Flapper Fappers}

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Sorry for the rant but… I just have to get this off my chest. :(

It’s going to be small though like a mini Rant of the Week thing. :XD:


I hate looking over at the More from deviantART section when I submit or even look at other art work and seeing these very beautifully drawn picture but… they’re pictures of women dressed in… well… basically lingerie you find at the local whore house has more fabric then what these girls have on. :(

Not to mention that it once covered the ENTIRE section.

Sad thing is, they’re very popular for just being drawn in THOSE clothing… How do I know? Because every other comment is “hot”, “Sexy”, or somewhere along the lines of fapping material. :( And how is that front page worthy material when there's more decent artists who make wonderful art that don't show off the female (or male) body and are way more front page worthy material? :cries:

Now I understand what all these stamps are talking about when they say: “I want to be popular without lowering myself”.


That is all!

Thank you for listening to my silly little rant! :aww: I respect any opinions given as long as you respect mine! :love:




P.S: The title was just random. Don't mind it. :meow:


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I totally agree with this.
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Simply; AGREED. :)