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Betta Dance

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I really wish this picture had turned out in focus, but alas. I think it's pretty anyways.
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Nov 23, 2010, 8:58:33 PM
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This is gorgeous! I actually kind of like the faint blur it has going on. It makes it seems a bit more... angelic... I guess? cx
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Would it be alright if I used this pose as a reference in one of my paintings? I probably won't even post it on here, it would just be for a class - not sold or anything. And it wouldn't be the focus of the painting, there will just be some fish in the background. Thank you! I love your gallery by the way!! Your fish are amazing <333
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oh, ooh, ah, yea, do the betta dance! SHAKE THAT TAIL!!!
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Hes one heck of a pretty boy !!! =D
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Thank you for letting me use him for a reference! Here's my finished piece.
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gorgeous fish, would you mind if I used her as a drawing ref?
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soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
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He's a fantastic color. :)
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His dance is amazing!
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Beautiful! I think the out-of-focus-ness makes it look almost like a painting. You have a lovely fish here.
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That is beautiful
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Looks like a Crowntail from the shape of the dorsal but the tail itself looks more like a half-moon...perhaps? It's gorgeous irregardless.
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He's a halfmoon, one from my red, white blue marble X red cambodian spawn. I got quite a few white fry from those two (this kid is one of em), which was unexpected.

A few of my fry also have the rays that extend past the webbing, and if I had the time, I think it would be awesome to breed and exaggerate that trait to be a true crowntail. But alas, I'm struggling to get the crap together to get an F2 out of this spawn.

Anyways! Thank you for the kind words :-)
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That's awesome, I have a Half-Moon-Double-Tail-Plakat,and a Veiltail, both males, My female tank developed a cannibal and and everyone was whipped out :( Now I;m back to square one, finally got one of the slaughtered females to be interested in spawning just before she was killed. IS there anyway you'd be willing to sell a white female? I'd love to try and breed that coloration in
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sure! it might take me a little bit to get some shipping supplies together, but I'd be willing to sell you a girlie, or a pair if you wanted. I keep being told that i need to downsize, lol. Just send me a private messege on here or email me sammamarie@hotmail.com and we can work something out :-)
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awesome I'll message you via email.
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great shot!!!! i though my female was going to be that color but she's now a orange damation
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Thanks. I love orange dalmations, but I've never seen a female one.
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i didn't think they where out there till she started chaging but if you watch me i'll be putting up more pics of her. She may be and orange but i'm not sure
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I'll keep an eye out for your pictures, and look forward to seeing the little lady.
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I really love how bettas movement makes the fins wawy. Great capture!
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Thank you. I think it was more of a happy accident! They're wiggly little buggars.
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