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Oren Ly Erg



This is Oren Ly Erg who is part of an ongoing story, Cohort to Glashan. He is an unwavering Companion and a loyal friend to an otherwise Aggressive and Angry Glashan who attempts with vigor at times to fly solo.
He is a Ly Erg, a fey born of battle. He is often found at the river bank waiting for his Lord Glashan, his left hand constantly is coated in red and drips of blood. He is still young when it comes to Fey standards and someday his whole body will be encrusted with shards of armor from each foe he has fought against.

He stands at 5'2", golden blond hair, and likes to wash and fold clothing. He is overly shy among women and lost his eye in the first battle he ever fought.

Once again, this character is part of an ongoing story, and if you would like to read and understand where this image comes from please feel free to check it out!

More Characters and Images to come! <3
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