Traditional Art Favorites of 2008!
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Another year is over and it's time for my annual art feature of works submitted in 2008!
This is both my favorite and the most difficult art feature to make. After
going through thousands and thousands of works you can imagine how hard
it was to pick just some.

Artworks were chosen by different combinations of the following "criteria":
general impression • emotion conveying • meaning of the artwork • pure
awesomeness • idea/concept • originality • complexity • technique •
quality • subject • incredible realism • great style • everything else I
forgot to write

Rest my love by Zindy Phelps - Impossible is nothing by akaLilith the brooklyn bridge by aramismarron
logan pt.3 by aramismarron the thump thump by aramismarron World Of Warcraft - Night Elf by D17rulez
Hidden fear-FULL by LunaPlina Butt effect by eileenirma 2nd time draw BB by paullung
The Beauty Of a Smile I by D17rulez :thumb102166194: Paul Newman by Hongmin Self Portrait of the soul by WJLACEY
Kiss for a Mermaid by Snow-Owl Drawn Lips by Per-Svanstrom Friendship 2 by Acacia13 Wentworth Miller by Svera
:thumb74943181: :thumb78377745: Jack - Until death greets me.. by Cataclysm-X Requiem II by arminmersmann
cyclops by aramismarron Spidey by DonieQ UNMASKED - The Final Lair by akaLilith Still land by shimoda7
Naked beauty by WitchiArt happy xtina by aramismarron Scarlett Johansson II by anna15 Captain Jack Sparrow by AndyBuck
Julia Roberts by Hongmin Ashley Olsen by Hongmin Gregory House by DonieQ Sweet Lullaby by Cataclysm-X
Bring me the Horizon by mcr-raven :thumb97797174: Ziyi Zhang: Blossoming Phoenix by hedspace77
Topography by IleanaHunter :thumb97083962: Roar by Scott56 
First Born by Sabis Tiger Cub Taking A Break by chandito Alan Rickman Portrait by Blacleria
Cr3ate by Snow-Owl Here and Somewhere by Snow-Owl

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Kosuke-kunStudent Interface Designer
wonderful works, amazing collection.
Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
Glorious collection of so much talent. Inspiring stuff.
mcr-raven's avatar
mcr-ravenProfessional Traditional Artist
Wow thank you so much for the feature!
And to be in the middle of all those great drawings, it's such an honor!!
thank you! :glomp:
hedspace77's avatar
hedspace77 Traditional Artist
Aww, thank you sooooo much for featuring my drawing alongside the masters! It makes me feel very happy, and I should keep continuing with drawing.
:heart: :heart: :heart:
Snow-Owl's avatar
Snow-OwlHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks you so much for such an honorable feature, I appreciate it very much!! :hug:
xBluepearlx's avatar
You're welcome and you definitely deserve it
Brane23's avatar
Ni sam ne bih mogao bolje...:clap:
tHe-FOrger's avatar
tHe-FOrger Traditional Artist
Nice feature! The artworks you featured are awesome! as well as the artists.. :aww: I appreciate great art..
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
WickedIllusionArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
aramismarron's avatar
aramismarronHobbyist Traditional Artist
yeay!!thanks a lot for putting some of my works favorite from other artist is the 2nd from the top..phelps..i faved it and i collected it also :rofl:
Adolin-of-Light's avatar
Great features! Amazing!!! Thank you so much for including me. It is a real honour :hug:
Svera's avatar
Thank you for including me in this wonderful collection! :hug:
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
WickedIllusionArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Evelijn's avatar
EvelijnHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a gorgeous collection! :D
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
WickedIllusionArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
zoharskarth's avatar
zoharskarth Artisan Crafter
WHy is there absolutely no 3D artwork in a best "traditional" artwork of 2008 news bulletin? None? None of it was apealing? None of it was artistic enough, or worhty of mention? A whole dimension of reality has just been spurned! No matter, everyone goes over the 3D art and ignbores it. Digital art? Everybody is on board and ooglin it. 3D art? People jumped ship long ago for photoshopped hyper-popularized under-deserving computer art. I geuss it is true then, the only people looking out fo rsculptors are sculptors. How sad. How absolutely astonishingly catastrophic that an entire enormous part of art is unacknowledged and lies forgotten in the ashes of the golden renaissance era.
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
WickedIllusionArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting comment.I like the last part the best .I have this strange feeling that you leave your angry comments on all articles not just mine.I thought 3D art belongs to digital art and not traditional but if you think about sculptures,yes,I browse them sometimes and I found many of them just amazing,fantastic and wonder how did they make such detailed figures.So,no,not only sculptors browse that galleries.Thank you for giving me idea of making a news article about sculptures.
I've seen many amazing 3D (made with computer)pieces but 3D art is just not the type of art that interests me.This pieces I've featured are type of art that interest me the most of all especially because I draw too and I hope that someday I'll be as good as these artists I really don't understand what's the point of leaving your comment about 3D art on my article
If I were sculptor maybe you'd find some traditional 3D pieces in this article but I'm not.
To me traditional art is so much harder thank digital except digital paintings&airbrushing.
zoharskarth's avatar
zoharskarth Artisan Crafter
I am sorry, I snapped at you. Simply put it is my absolute frustration at the DA community for ostrasizing sculpture. I live, breathe, and obssess on metal and clay sculptures, and yet on such a huge art site it is widely ignored. I regret my hasty gripe, but you were kind enough to see from my perspevtive and for that I thank you. When I say 3D I mean more towards the traditionally fine art fo sculpture. I just am so exasperated thatthe subject is unpopluar and yet there are such amazing sculptors on DA. Once, again, I am sorry I snapped at you. It is not your fault. I personally am just bitter at the predicament of our online art community, and that is not your doing. I am sorry. It was uncalled for. The fact that you said "Traditional Art" though drove me over th eedge. I hope my apology reaches open ears. thank you.
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
WickedIllusionArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't worry,apology accepted :hug:
You know what? Now I'm even glad you gave me this comment because I really do like sculpture(ok,this is not sculpture but I make jewelry from polymer clay) and ,as I said, browse it sometimes but I'm totally focused on traditional drawings and photo manipulation because that are types of art I do so I usually forget about other types of art.I'm even planning to make a features on my journal tomorrow about sculptures I like because I already featured other work on my other account(I just love featuring someone :D )
I really don't know why the sculpture is underrated here.Maybe a few more news articles and journal features would help.One of the reasons is that maybe there are not as many sculptors as digital artists and people who draw,paint
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