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Plasma sculpture filled with rare gases and connected to a 20kV driver. Based on microbial organism
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Sony Ericsson
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Jun 17, 2008, 7:36:14 PM
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There are things in this universe that remind us of what real magic is - and this is one of them; filled with rare gases, powered by electricity, sculpted with imagination.

Thank you for making this and reminding me, that there is still some beauty and magic left in this weary world. :)
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ooh exciting!! is plasma bombardment similar to bombarding the glass w neon?? i am gunna try glass scultpure and neon and maybe argon bombardment. so nice!
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hi, yes it's exciting stuff. About bombardment, it can be part of the process, I don't do it though. It's when you bombard a vessel with very high current to clear it of any organics before filling. Any impurities on the electrodes are removed by an induction heating coil and then I flush my vessels several times before the final evacuation instead.This wastes a little of the gas, but it also means I am in no danger of actually electrocuting myself! I suggest when you get around to playing with plasma not to bombard your vessels, it's very dangerous, a lot of professional neon sign guys go to another room to flick the switch!
Hope you get around to doing it, it's a lot of fun.
Be safe!
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i dont know if i have access to bombard something with plasma, although my teacher, fred tschida ( i dont know if you have heard of him), has told me he knows how to do it. the bombarding process sounds similar to neon. my school has a neon setup for bombarding so if i cant do plasma i will definately try and bombard my blown glass w neon.

i want to see more of these blown glass bombardments they are really cool!!
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There are also nice organisms from Ctenophora, have a look: [link]
I very much like their colours
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hi, thank you for the links, those are the kind of creatures I'm very inspired by. I'm a keen scuba diver and we saw a lot of those kinds of jellies in the water off the coast of Borneo earlier this year, they're amazing!
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Sea creatures are amazing, no doubt :) I was very inspired by Hamburg Zoo, they have a really huge aquarium there
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hi, thank you for all the kind words, I have some more plasma sculptures in my gallery. I submitted this one to steampunk, because I thought it looked organic, yet industrial, maybe the kind of curves you would see in a steel and glass building. It's related in a bit of an abstract way, but I do feel like a mad professor when I'm in my lab filling these.
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woah, that's awesome!
Heck of a talent you got there! You should do a series of microbial sculptures. Would make an amazing display
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Way too cool. Everything about it looks so organic, yet masterfully crafted at the same time. Excuse me, I have to go look at everything else by wickedglass.
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Words fail me. I like this.
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It's actually the core to my new doomsday machine, mwahahahaha.
Thank you for your comment :)
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It's absolutely the best doomsday machine core I've ever seen. How large is it?
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thanks, it's about 45cm long
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Do you sell these?
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hi Don, I do sell them, but at the moment this line of work lays dormant as we have our hands full getting our studio up and running again after recent unhappy events. In the meantime work is piling up, I've got an exhibition happening in a couple of months and I probably won't have time/resources until at least the end of the year. The plasma work is more of a labour of love for me, it's something I love doing and developing within my medium and it's quite expensive, so money work must come first, unfortunately. I wish it wasn't so :/
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Well, maybe someday. :)
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