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Soul To Bleed

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The soul intent to breathe...

Escape is bleeding, so let me bleed...

...Let me bleed, escape is bleeding...


This is Lydia, an OC from the RPG Vampire: The Masquerade... She's a REALLY REALLY old OC :) 

I needed to make a comic for my character design classes, so I've made this double splash page at the end of the comic :)

She is a malkavian, prisioner of the Black Hand during the WWII... She was forced to eat the heart of one of her friends there in the concentration camp... :/

Lydia Litviak (c) deathcoke
Vampire: The Masquerade (c) White Wolf
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Poor girl, that must have been very uncomfortable. I love how you drew the heart! 

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Oh thank you for the compliment ^^
Yes, I believe it was very incomfortable for her :/
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You're welcome!

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Yup, I can totally see how'd she end up a Malkavian.  Very cool!  Creepy and gross yet one can feel sympathetic and sorry for her.
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Yees, that's what I was trying to achieve with the paiting :) I'm glad you could feel that way while looking at the image... And yeah, pretty much this is how she became a Malkavian in the end.