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Evil Grell

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Oh hi xD

This is me wearing Grell's cosplay again... This time I've made it with my own hair xD... That's sad, it rained very hard this day, and my fringes went not right because of the water, but I liked the pirctures anyway... The teeth are also real made x) No photoshops on them.

Character: Grell Sutcliff
Serie: Kuroshitsuji @Yana Toboso
Con: Anime Dreams 2010
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You look so... evil, but that's the point I guess, haha. But this is brilliant, I really like it! You don't really see Grell's bad side, not even in the 5&6th episodes (the Jack the Ripper case). So this is a (nice?) change... I like it!
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Thanks! ^^ I love when people say what they think about my pictures! Yes, maybe this was my evil side with grell`s evil side.. I don't know xD
Thanks a lot! ^^
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Now that. Is an awesome cosplay. ^^

I LOVE the fact that you dyed your hair. =3

My hair's very similar to yours in terms of length and style. Or... it used to be. I had to cut it D:

BUT~!! I shall certainly use your idea of cosplaying as inspiration for if I ever choose to do my own 8D
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Yay! ^^ That was really dificult do dye the hair, even because it rained this day... So my hair was destroyed D8...

But thanks a lot! ^^ Be careful with your hair and it will look beautiful!
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I'll be sure to carry an umbrella if I do~!!! =3

I love Grelle. ^^ <3
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what hair dye do you use? does it last long?
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Oh well... It's called Matrix o.o.. And yes, it's a very good dye, I recomend!
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uau kuase nunca se ve cosplays feitos com o proprio cabelo (que e muito vermelho, btw=P), awesome. e os dentes devem ter sido dificeis de fazer
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Hahaha poxa muito obrigada x)
Pena que choveu no dia u.u
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uia, ficou bem legal, os dentes e olhos principalmente *-*
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Brigads xD haisduhouashoiasd eu gosto dos dentes *-*
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são um pouco tentadores :icondanadinhoplz:
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dhaoudhoiudhoiuasd xD vc acha?
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I have so many cosplays that I just keep my hair cut like a boy. :P
Makes it easier to switch in and out of wigs.
But I custom style all of my wigs.
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Oh yeah, I have many cosplays too and a lot of problems to switch in and out of wigs, but I can't cut my hair off ._.
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Yea. At one point a lot of characters I cosplayed had short black hair. So I just cut it short. (Lelouch, Ritsuka, Sasuke)
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Ahhhh I love Lelouch ^^ is there some picture on your profile?
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Unfortunately no. I'll have to bring out my cosplay again just for the sake of a picture. ;)
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Ahahaha i know how you feel xD
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I still have the contact lens. ;)
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Nice job! I'm using my real hair next time I cosplay Grell, too. <333 I love doing that. Lends a little something extra, in my opinion.
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Ah this is the very truth! I also feel like doing something extra. Pitty that rained in this day and ruined my hair... -.-' I'll make it better next time.
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wow.... this is great! How did you make the teeth?
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