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Introducing Apples new release set to debut at your local dealer...
Plug in to your addiction

I don't know what the hell I was thinking of when I did addiction to music...a satire of stupidmindlessbuymebecauseimcoollemminge sque commercialism...boredom

No real technical skill, just playing with my macro lens. not really a manip, just added the apple logo and the iDrug font to photo and adjusted brightness and contrast, I know it's a little hot in some areas but hey, f-off I'm a novice...input would be appreciated though :)

for the lawyers...Apple is a registered trade mark, and this photo is in no way being used for profit
no real drugs where harmed in making of this photograph, it's a calcium pill...i know, i know i just totally lost my street cred

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I'm a novice too but... I feel to say that this is a great concept (!!!)... It's looks very "real"... Without reading the description I won't be able to undestand that it's a (fucking cool) manipulation....
Take a look at my gallery plz
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No real were harmed in the making of this photograph... haha thats great. I like the picture, the world really is adicted to every thing mac makes (me included)
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Neat! Wrong typeface, though <-- My only criticism ;P
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Yes! It is such a good concept. Beautiful manip! Love the legalese. :)
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Haha this is funny! Music addiction... I totally understand. :)
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lol, glad u get it :D
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I gave my I-Drug to my mom..... I couldn't figure out why I got it in the first place....... <3 love it
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lol, i can't put mine down
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:lmao: That's awesome! Great manip! :D
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for a novice, you rock.

i want to say something memorable here, but whoa. Theres nothin to say.
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thanks for the comment it makes me feel good :hug:
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Oh oh ohh!

i got it.

"Stupid clever person."
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