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Beatles Segway

this is a chop I did for a worth1000 competition, it won a judges choice in the competition.
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Purpledog16's avatar
do you know if this awesome photo is
protected by copyright??
piggyjo's avatar
Love this! Have you seen the video using this on youtube. Hope they got your permission because it's really hilarious. Please don't have it removed, it's great!
QuantumInnovator's avatar
Nice work. It's fun to revise history, isn't it?
narutosei's avatar
lazy little fuckers dont you think? lol
bookwyrm235's avatar
Not gonna lie. This is the most awesome thing I've seen in a very long while.
animebeliever2007's avatar
They should do this for the next tour. Segway style
Xrift's avatar
I find this funny and somewhat cool
Some parts are choppy, but not bad :XD:
Anshky's avatar
Brilliant ^^
ZiizV's avatar
HA HA! This came realy unexpected! wow!
Halo2007111's avatar
mrhyde88's avatar
HAHA! That's awesome!!
WolverFox's avatar
This Would What Abbey Road Would Look Lik, If The BGeatles Were A Band Of Our Generation :giggle: Nice Job Bud :hug:
Kazuya-Valdez's avatar
"nobodys gonna kill paul now!" HAHHAHHAHAHAHA that is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile
PearlHeart's avatar
Hahaha thats so blooming funny... :D
TheBalloonMan's avatar
that is so funny!
great idea!!!
wolfbeaver's avatar
HAHAHA!!! That's really funny! :giggle:
octicat's avatar
damn it thats good !!!!!
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