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I wasn't able to upload this earlier.
This is Balian, another character I did for Enfabled. Done around November last year.

・ ・ ・ ・

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This reminds me of the phantoms from legend of Zelda spirit tracks.
very nice, I especially like the helmet!
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Sorry, from a distance I thought this was Mewtwo inspired, with his helmet from the first movie and spikes from his shadow form. 
Awesome design though. 
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cooooool , feel like DK3 +naruto
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Dude your art is sooo dammm good that hurt my eyes and I like it.

Keep on working =) 
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Do you come up with the designs for these characters? Looks amazing! *o*
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Thanks! Yes I come up with the designs but my client guides me with what he expects the character to have~
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You're welcome! I like the attention to detail in your designs, keep it up! C:
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took me a while to notice the serpets byt oooh boy, that's a cool detail!
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What a wonderful looking design! 

Crusading gorgon though, interesting mix of ideas to apply to a design and see the result of. 
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Amazing job!
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Up hope this is a women, although it is hard to tell we need more female warriors!
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I can see you being with Studio Ghibli, Square Enix, or something of that nature. Marvelous job :).
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I have no clue if this is a man or woman.
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That is amazing. I like the snakes coming out of the back of the helmet. Can't tell if you have a gorgon theme happening here or just a snake motif, but either one makes the warrior work well.
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