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Bubble Bubble...

EDIT: I've colored it now! Aint it spiffing? Still have to do shading and highlights, and maybe a background, but I'm happy with what I have so far.

EDIT2: Minor technical issues. Aparently the only way to view the image right now is to download it. I'll try to fix this...

EDIT3: FIXED! bet you guys reaaalllllyyy hate seeing this thing in your inbox by now.

For [link] 's Halloween contest. And I know, it stinks as of now, but hopefully I'll get to color it eh?

It's Namah, one of my favorites from the dreamkeepers ( [link] ) series, dressed in her witchy best.

Hope I didn't kill her design! ;P

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Bubble Bubble looks like trouble! Aha! I made a rhyme XD
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Heh, thanks for visiting.
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I know! Veeeerrry pretty!
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Hi! I saw yours on DK, and wanted to say congratulations for placing! I love all the little rings and bangles on her, and the outfit is really cute. ^_^

Plus, purple skies are awesome.
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Purple skies pwn.

TANK YOU! I am so super-hyper-happy that I got and award! AND that pre-orders are up. Must. Have. BOOK TWO.


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I know, I'm soooo excited for the second book!! I really, really can't wait! But, it's only about a month away now, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! *bounces*
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*giggle* It makes me hyper just thinkng about it! Plus, the cover! SO SPARKLY!

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there are so many typos in that comment...
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!! it's a psd file ! :omg:....why isnt it a jpg?...he asked confusedly ...( that's why it will only download and not full view ) ..


i think i'm addicted to electricity . i use it everyday...i like to be around it night i always use lights. i think i need help ~Fangfingers
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Because it won't save as a jpg file. Every time I try an error message goes up:

"Could not complete your request because of a programing error."

What programing error!? TT.TT I search my hard-drive for problems, but it says nothing's wrong. Heck, I even re-downloaded Photoshop. No go.

Wicked459... might be addicted to electricity too
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Do you use the "SAVE FOR WEB" command off the file menu?...Try that if you dont save that way normally.

Do you have other art programs?...Can you save ( anything ) in those as a jpg ?
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And lo and behold, the computer-savvy and all powerful FangFingers fixes my problems for me.


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:).... :highfive:....

i'm glad it got resolved ...and that's not true do a lot right :manhug:
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Pfft. Are you insinuating that I can do things right?


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my momma said i had audacity once i kept it ! :bucktooth:
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Oooohhh!! That is realllly cool! I love how it's coming out - the costuming is so awesome! Thanks for sharing such a neat piece of artwork!

(Runs away and hoards art)...
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*giggle* Thanks! I worked hard on the costume (you should have seen the first few versions) so that means alot!

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