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"Hel he cast into Niflheim, and gave to her power over nine worlds, to apportion all abodes among those that were sent to her: that is, men dead of sickness or of old age. She has great possessions there; her walls are exceeding high and her gates great. Her hall is called Sleet-Cold; her dish, Hunger; Famine is her knife; Idler, her thrall; Sloven, her maidservant; Pit of Stumbling, her threshold, by which one enters; Disease, her bed; Gleaming Bale, her bed-hangings." - "Prose Edda"
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She's gorgeous.

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This is amazing and badass!!!!!😱😱😱:love:

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My favorite Norse goddess.
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Hope she appears in the sequel of God of War (2018).
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Love this interpretation of the character
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She's so cute aaaaaaaaaaa
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Awesome depiction of her :O
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Isnt she described as half "blue" ? 
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Different translations depict her differently, for example "blue" in one translation could be "dead" in another. Besides, I tried different colours and this one seemed better to me.
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I am currently editing a video on the Goddess of Hel and was wondering if I could use your picture in it? I will, of course, add your information in the description of the video and in it, and I will also provide you a link to the video as well after its up.
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Thank you so much! I just finished the video but it will be up Tuesday at 2 PM. It's my normal Schedule for my channel. Here is the link if you want to check it out! It is called "Hel | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" Like I said, it won't appear until Tuesday though!…
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CoolI am a dummy! ! Thank you greatly!!
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It's really awesome! :omg:
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this is too incredible for words!
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It's always so goooood to see your portrait works :la: I love her, I think it's one of my favourite. You did an amazing job, the expression and the atmosphere it's just great!
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Thank you for the feedback!:happybounce:  I really think its my best work so far. I'm even afraid of drawing something else, because it won't be as good as this one =) So I'm on full practicing mode.
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