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Tree Of Pain

Tree Of Pain

Copyright © Adam Wicinski. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my permission.
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I love the photo but I really loved your poem.
the emotion in the poem I could feel your pain.
I once was in so much pain mentally, I tired so much
to run an sleep it away. But never could out run it the pain
went to deep inside me mentally, emotionally it controled
every bit of my life till one day an God blessed me to
get my life back. If you would like to know how I found my life
without the pain. Just let me know..
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''as i stay under this tree of pain
i think at all the blame..
i try to forget it but it wont go away.
i think ill sleep away this night..
away from the place called ''home''
from where ill run at midnight..
ill run forever till ill find my tree of pain.
i cant stay..
ill find my way.''
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has depth to it. I can almost feel the emotion behind this. I love the ground and the sky it gives a smooth yet rocky edge to it.
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Great photo :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
so beautiful....
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it seems like it holds a mystery.. beautiful. i love it
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i used this picture for an earth day deviation

here's a link:
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Your wonderful photo has been included in my little feature here [link] :rose:
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i love it, I like the title too :)
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:iconballoonplz: Hello!
You have been featured in my article
:star: Best Of: Rainbow Nature Squares:star:
Please use the heart button on the left of the article page to show your support for this feature and help the article (and your featured work) get more exposure! :love:

Thank you!!! :blowkiss: :iconflowerdanceplz:
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This is awesome!
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Swietne zdjecie!
Kurde 200 sekund naswietlania x.x niezle;p
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200 sec i zdjecie nie przeswietlone?
gdzie tkwi sekret?
probowalem ostatnio zrobic zdjecie starego drzewa za dnia i juz przy 5 sec obraz byla caly przeswietlony:(
czy to zasluga najciemniejszego z filtrow ND?
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Tak, Heliopan Gray ND 3,0 :)
paweldomaradzki's avatar
ach....kolejny wydatek:(
dzieki za szybka odpowiedz!
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I'm featuring your artwork as an expression of what patients of Fibromyalgia might feel like at the public site [link] The feature lasts until the end of this month. I AM creditting each artist with their names in the subtitle, and the note of where you can be found (here in DeviantArt) follows. If it's not okay, just message me, and I'll remove the artwork. As a patient of FMS, myself, I appreciate if you let us admire your expression for a while :) Feel free to join us there as either a member or supporter, if you'd like.

For awareness,
Sarah C.
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