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I would like to start the Blog with a sorry for all who look foreword and read the spell and info I post on this Blogs. D.A has just start working on my computer again. I dislike the fact that I could not post for some time.  

Now let get to the meat for the post. Spring is here Ostara and Beltane have past. I would like to know what you all did to welcome in the spring. I did know much. I did a small little spell for my self welcoming my favorite time of year. I watching new life grow. My little spell was also for the new gowning relationship. I have fond my self a mate and hope it grows in to a life time of joy and happiness.

Okay that all from me on my life. let do handfasting. For all that do not know what that is is a wedding Ritual. it can be as small or a big as you want it. You can write you own or you can use a per-made one. I fallow you heart when it come to this.


Long ribbon or soft rope (~ 3 feet)
Vows to exchange (written by the couple)
Small gifts (or rings) to be exchanged by the couple.
5 rose candles (Quarter and god candle (god candle can be
1 white candle (Goddess candle)
Gifts from the coveners/guests for the couple.

Cast the circle normally.

Invoke the Goddess and God normally, or as below.

Priest: We call upon you in the guise of Eros,
Kindler of desire,
Bringer of love,
to join us here and witness the bonding
of  and .

Priestess: We call upon you in the guise of Aphrodite,
Always desirous one,
Sensual lover,
to join us here and witness the joining
of  and .
Grounding meditation.

The Priest and Priestess motion the two people to be handfasted to join them before the altar.

Couple faces the altar.

Priest: (to one of the couple, the female if the couple are of
opposite gender)  Do you _name_ join us here
of your own free will, to acknowledge before
the Lord and Lady the bond that is shared
between yourself and _other_name_.

Person1: (responds (hopefully this will be a yes :) if not,
go to closing).
Priestess asks the other the same thing and gets response.

Couple turn to face each other and join their left hands.

Each now recites the vows they have prepared.

Priest: (taking the joined left hands, and the rope)
Here before witnesses,  and  have
sworn vows to each other.  With this cord, I bind
them to the vows that they each have made. (wrap
the cord loosely around both arms)  However this
binding is not tied, so that neither is restricted by
the other, and the binding is only enforced by both
their wills.

Couple: (turning to face each other, in unison)
Heart to thee,
Soul to thee,
Body to thee,
Forever and always,
So mote it be.

Coven or family: So mote it be.
Couple unbind thier left arms.

Couple exchange the gifts they have brought for each other. Coven members and guests give couple good wishes and/or gifts.

Great rite and Cakes and Ale.

Bid farewell to God and Goddess as usual, or as below.

Priestess: We thank you, Aphrodite, for your presence among us,
And as you take your leave, we ask that
you leave among us, in each of us, the
ability to each be Sensual Lover, and
desirous one.
Hail and farewell.

Priest: We thank you Eros, for your presence here this day,
And ask, as you take your leave, that you
leave in each of us, the ability to be
a Bringer of desire, and kindler of love.
Hail and farewell.

Dismiss the Quarters, and open the circle. Relax, talk, and party!
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Is this group active? I'm searching for an active Wiccan group.
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yes and no
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Oh. Rip.
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I had a beautiful Samhain ritual and a peaceful night after I had blessed my circle and the goddess and lord I called them to me asked of them their blessing feasted and drank with them then called all those who have gone beyond the veil before me back for that night to partake in the feasting and the drinking then after a small prayer of parting I closed the circle thanking all the spirits and my goddess and lord then came back in the house and the night was mine with a sense of contentment
fares002 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014
Sounds like you had a very spiritual night. 
single-for-life Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I did indeed and I have Yule to look forward to
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hello my name is kraven my witch name and am looking for a goddess in wicca i been a wiccan for about 2006 and trying to find a good place to be myself and that is hard if u have an info that i can use it be great thank you so much for the help
ryotigergirl Featured By Owner Edited Oct 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
your welcome to join the group. we post spell and other thing when we have time. there is info in the journals and in Featured. if you have something you wist to ask about just ask me. If I don't know I will find it and get back to you.  Also If your looking for a Goddess you need to look with you heart follow the one the fell right to you. We as wiccan follow every god and goddess if we want to. 
goddess that I can thank of that are good to follow and I play my respect are:
The mother goddess
But it up to you
ladykraven Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank you for the info
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